Which headphones are not made in china? and their details?

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Which headphones are not made in China? There are many doubts about this question. Similarly, people have doubts about Made in India Headphone Companies and their manufacturing.

I have experienced many times that the right answer to this question is not given which will satisfy the people.

Headphones not made in China? especially in this question People have a lot of doubts about manufacturing country.

That is why I have decided to help India by providing information about Indian products.

So, I will give real and unequivocal answers to these questions so that you will not be confused again.

If you want ask or say something, feel free to make a comment.

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Lets start with our main topic,

1) Basic information about headphones not made in china:

Following headphones are not made in china like signature acoustics, Evidson, Portronics, beats, Nokia, Sony, Mivi, Jbl, Samsung, iBall, Zebronics, Bose, Sennheiser, etc.

These are all non-Chinese headphones brand, but if you bought some of these headphone brands, it would have Country of Origin China written on it. So people get confused about where exactly this brand is made.

So the main questions left here why a country of origin china written on it and they really made in china?

Most of the companies start manufacturing in China because it costs less to produce there.

When the manufacturing takes place in China, the country of origin China is written on it.

Hence, writing Country of Origin China does not mean that it is Chinese. For instance, just because Xiaomi (redmi) and Vivo mobiles are manufactured in India does not mean that they are Indian.

From this, you can clearly understand why China was written.

Now the second question, are they Chinese headphones?

No, they are not made in China only and will never be in the future. You just need to understand the difference that they are a brand of another country but sometimes the manufacturing is done only in China.

Please do understand one company can have products range made in India, made in china or made in Vietnam, etc. as per their presence of manufacturing units in different countries.

You should not avoid all the products of such a company. As a buyer, you should responsibly look at the information when buying products and choose the right product that you want.

Let us take the Sony Headphones as an example to understand better.

Sony has manufacturing plants in Japan, China, Singapore, the United States, and Europe. Sony is actually a Japanese company but for their convenience, they are manufacturing in different countries.

As you can see, Sony’s make their headphones in US as well, so you can’t call it an American brand. 

Even if all this is true, manufacturing alone is not everything. Likewise, the rest of the things like design, production planning, and R&D are also important which they do in their own country.

It shows that Sony make products around world. So you need buy products by looking at products information.  

Therefore, I always say, don’t give credit to China in everything. Admittedly, there is a lot of production going on but that does not mean they are the owner of that brand.

2) Made in India Headphones company (headphones not made in china):


which headphones are not made in china
Made in India headphones

# Evidson headphones:

Manufacturing information:

Is Evidson an Indian company?

Evidson is an Cochin based Indian brand that manufactures headphones in India

Evidson came into existence in 2015 as a subsidiary to JLawrence Pro Audio Equipments.

About Evidson company:

Evidson company established in the year 2015 just after the launching of ‘Make in India’ program in our country.

If you want headphones manufactured in India then “Evidson” is the only company for you. It’s the only pure made in India headphone company that rapidly gaining the trust of the people of India. Not only this, but they also provide value to their customers.

The Evidson brand always strives to provide such advanced features keeping in mind the demands of the customers.

Additionally, it is available to the Indian people in a reasonable price range as the price is the main segment of selling here. 

Mainly they focus on providing quality and durable headphones. Among all headphones, Evidson is truly the Indian-origin earphone company. Also, the evidson brand truly fits into the Made in India earphones category.

What I personally love about the Evidson brand?

I am a person who loves India just like you and I also try to buy things made in India. But sometimes you don’t get pure Indian product and you get frustrated.

In headphones though, the Evidson Company did its best to create an Indian brand for you. Unlike others, they did not rely solely on China. This is what I really love about Evidson.

So I’m not saying don’t take the rest of the Indian brand. Because, well, they may be using a little bit of Chinese material today, but in the future, they will develop and make their own Indian brand.

# Boat headphones:

Manufacturing information:

Where are Boat headphones manufactured? 

The boat is an Indian company that was started in Delhi. So far, they design headphones in India but do their manufacturing in China. 

In 2020, boat raised $100 million funds from new York based Warburg Pincus firm and from that funds boat will develop R&D and manufacturing unit in India.  

Unlike other brands, they don’t do everything in China; at least they do design in India and now it look likes soon boat will start manufacturing its products in India.

About BOAT company:

Aman Gupta is the co-founder and CEO of the company. The company started in the year 2015 and received good response.

Are Boat headphones a Chinese company?

As I explained above, they manufacture their headphones in China. That is why a country of origin china written on it. 

It means the boat is a brand of India and not of China.

Not only Boat, but most of the companies in the world are also manufacturing in China. Because there are a lot of facilities available for manufacturing at a low cost. 

Over the last few years, the Indian government has come up with endless new schemes to increase manufacturing in India. Besides, they are helping a lot of manufacturers in the field of electronics.

Aman Gupta said, “covid-19 taught us that we can be working closely with manufacturers in Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia and reduce the dependence on China”. 

For some reason, Indian companies manufacturing in China will be expected to shift to India in the future. Otherwise, they will have to deal with the same bad situation that companies like Micromax and Lava faced from 2016 to 2019. Further, you know how much such a brand suffers in the future.

# Signature acoustics headphones:

Manufacturing information:

Signature acoustics is an Indian brand that is based in Navi Mumbai. Most importantly, it has manufacturing units in china and India.

About SA company:

The company was launched by Gautam Banerjee, who is also a music lover. The company, which started from Navi Mumbai in 2010, has now become a big brand.

Most importantly, the reputation of this brand is not only in India but all over the world. 

Signature acoustics has especially known for quality and perfection. Hence, the brand has demand even in foreign countries.

They have a very wide variety of headphones and have received a great response from the customer. 

So people now look at it as a reliable and trustworthy brand.

# Portronics headphones :

Manufacturing information:

Where is partronics headphone manufactured?

Partronics is an Indian leading brand that makes not only headphones but also other gadgets like speakers, earphones, etc. It has headquarter in Delhi. Likewise, Only a few parts are imported from Chinese while their headphones are being manufactured in India.

About portronics company:

Partronics is not a new brand but it has been working well in this field for the last 10 years. Jasmeet Singh Sethi is the owner of this brand.

The growth of this brand is increasing every year and they are bringing new advanced things for the customer every time. One of the specialties of this brand is to provide a variety of products to the people.

Hence, this company has quickly captured the Indian market. If such progress continues, Partronics Company will one day become a pure Made in India brand.

We should also understand that these Indian companies use only some parts of China so they should not be avoided. We will give them some time so that they can stand as a pure Indian brand.

# MiVi headphones:

Manufacturing information:

Mivi is another Indian brand that was born with Make in India. It’s a Hyderabad based brand that currently manufacturing earphones in South Korea and China.

The designs of these products done through their main headquarter in Hyderabad.

According to the news, they will soon be manufacturing in India.

About Mivi company:

Viswanadh Kandula and his wife started the brand in 2015.

They wanted to make inexpensive and quality products available to people as a replacement for Chinese and foreign expensive brands.

This brand also manufactures accessories like chargers, earphones, and Bluetooth devices with headphones. 

The main goal of this brand is to make professional products available to people at affordable prices.

So far, they have only sold products online. To increase sales further, they are planning to enter the offline market soon.

Recently, Mivi company launched completely made in india Bluetooth speaker in December 2020. This speaker does not content any Chinese part.

So I am confident that it will become a pure made in India brand like Evidson.

# iBall headphones:

Manufacturing information:

iBall is India’s homegrown brand which headquartered in Mumbai. They have only 25% of their own parts and they import the rest from China.

Even after making a profit for so many years, they did not think of doing full manufacturing in India. As a result, they are still manufacturing in China.

About iBall company:

The iball brand started in the year 2001 and Anil Parasrampuria is the owner of this company.

iball company makes headphones and other computer accessories like mouse and keyboard. It has over 100 million user base with trust of many users.

So I always think, with such a large user base, why didn’t they start manufacturing 100% in India.

# Zebronics headphones:

Manufacturing information:

Is zebronics a Chinese company?

Zebronics is an Indian brand similar to iball and their headquarter is in Chennai.

As usual, Chinese manufacture their headphones.

They never thought yet about completely manufacturing in India.

About zebronics company:

Zebronics brand launched in the year 1997. Despite being such an old company, still their products yet to become an pure ‘made in India’.

It is a well-known and leading brand that makes headphones, speakers, computer accessories, and peripherals.

They do not import all the parts from China, but they are mostly dependent on them.

3) Headphones made other than china (Non-Chinese headphones brand):

Non-Chinese headphones also include foreign brands such as Philips, Samsung, Sennheiser, Bose, Sony, Skullcandy, Blaupunkt, JBL, Grado, etc.

Further, let us know the complete information about their manufacturing and Country of Origin.


which headphones are not made in china?
Non-Chinese headphone brands


# Samsung (headphones not made in china):

Samsung is a south Korean brand. It has headphones manufacturing units in India and Vietnam.

I like the Samsung brand in the electronics sector because they are constantly investing and developing new things. In particular, they do not depend on any single country for manufacturing. 

Not only that, but their manufacturing is in almost every country in the mobile industry as well.

# Philips headphones:

Philips is a brand of Netherlands and has headquartered in Amsterdam. It has manufacturing units in India and China. But Philip headphones are manufactured in China.

It is a leading brand in the field of electronics and has a variety of products.

In India, Philips manufactures some audio products such as soundbars, speakers, and then exports them to nearby countries. but unfortunately, China makes most of their products.

So, you can get an idea here why it says “Country of origin china”.

# JBL headphones:

JBL was an American brand operating under the ownership of Harman International. Later in 2016, Samsung became the owner of Harman International.

However, JBL has manufacturing units in different countries such as China, Hungary, India, Germany, and Mexico.

Mostly JBL manufactures their headphones in China. Therefore, when you purchase JBL headphone you will find ‘country of origin’ china written on it.

Note that JBL does design and research in the US and China only manufacture them.

# Bose (headphones not made in china):

Bose is an American brand that started in 1964. The brand manufactures products from countries such as China, Malaysia and Mexico along with the United States. Bose is the best option among all non-Chinese earphones company.

Their headphones are in a fairly high price range and they provide quality to the customer for that price.

Bose provides high featured and user-based headphones such as noise cancellation, better and pure audio sound.

# Sony headphones: 

Sony is actually a Japanese brand that started in 1946. Countries like China, USA and Europe make them manufactured.

It has manufacturing plants in India but there they manufacture items like TVs, mobiles, etc.


# Sennheiser headphones: 

Sennheiser is a German brand and headquartered in Wedemark. Countries such as Mexico, Ireland, Romania, and Brasov manufacture Sennheiser products. 

At the same time, China also makes some of their products..

They provide headphones to the consumer at different prices with high quality.  

# Skullcandy and Grado headphones:

Both are US companies and provide quality services. They have manufacturing units in America. Mostly they provide a high range of headphones.

4) Conclusion about headphones not made in china:

So now you know that China is not the origin and owner of any brand.

All the companies are manufacturing in different countries for their convenience. But we have to admit that there has always been a lot of manufacturing in China.

But in these two-three years, many things have changed because a lot of companies are shifting from China to India or countries like Vietnam, etc.

In the end, support Indian products even if some of their parts come from China. Because such an Indian brand products will always be more profitable for us than buying a original Chinese brand products.

Some people misinterpret the above sentence. Let me tell you once again, product buying priority should be as follows.

The first priority should be Indian brand Made in India products and then non-Chinese Made in India products. If you do not find the product you want, you can choose the rest of the options.

If you want say anything, feel free to share your though in comment section.

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  1. myindiasupport,
    While I appreciate the effort taken here, I am still not happy with the final end result. Most of the info provided is vague. If I were to ask you for one headphone that isn’t from a Chinese company and which is not made in China, the only option is Evidson. The rest of them while you have beaten about the bush etc., are all made in China. Infact, I would even say companies like
    and etc are just rebrands of Chinese products. Their so called “design” is just where to stick their brand on the products

    • Sir, first of all thanks to reply and little appreciation. I always believe in supporting Indian brands. Yes, you are correct most of the above Indian brands are made mostly products in china. but why i said support such Indian brands?
      see brands like mivi that made products in china now started making made in india speaker as their first step towards manufacturing. secondly, boat company that manufacture in china from 2015 raises funds of $100 million to start R&D and manufacturing initially in India.
      So supporting such brands through buying products is always better than buying original Chinese brand. Yes, definitely they are starting late manufacturing in india. But we must support them because if we want that product made in india then we need give money to them through buying products.
      Providing all information is my first priority So i don’t want to hide ‘made in china’ tag behind the products. Also, I dont want to crate negativity that all people are creating. people who says dont buy indian products that made from chinese parts but unfortunately that same people buy chinese brand products. So, i just say that buying an indian brand products is always better than buying Chinese brand products. Also, if you dont want buy such indian product then go for non-chinese one.
      However, I personally want rest of the indian brands must reduce their dependency on china. I’m not here to debate. I’m just here to support my India in every way. At the end, you can take your own decision.

  2. Ok. What people actually want is no contact with China. There are many companies of America, Europe etc ,as you already stated.
    More refined ? Might be actual requirement will be “Indian company, NOT made in China”.
    So far as per my findings-
    Syska (both india & PRC)

    • Thanks for making comment. you are right people want ‘made in India’ products of Indian company and i want too. but we need to wait and support our brands.
      Today we have limited ‘made in india’ products range and some companies like mivi, boat , havells and many more are trying to focus on manufacturing in india.
      lets hope for better future of india. stand with country products. we need more ‘made in india’ products from Indian companies.
      we also need to support them.


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