What Is the Difference Between Paytm And Paytm Mall? Paytm & Paytm mall

Everyone knows the famous app Paytm, developed by the Paytm group. But Paytm group has multiple products of it, like Paytm mall. Both products are from the same origin but work in different segments & with additional features. Then what is the difference between Paytm & Paytm mall?

With the launch of Paytm, the revolution of online payments happened in India. Currently, we have other apps also but Paytm still maintains its position. In the soundbox notifications system, Paytm remains the leader.

To diversify its business, Paytm also launched other ecommerce services. Paytm mall was established to generate business by shopping groceries, fashions & other things.

From start this Mall has had many ups and downs, and the business has not been very profitable in the past few years. However, the company kept an eye on it & developing new business strategies.

Let’s go to our main topic,

What Is Difference Between Paytm And Paytm Mall?

Paytm is an online payment app that allows you to purchase e-commerce products, merchandise & other transactions, fund transfers, ticket booking, recharge, bill payments, etc. At the same time, Paytm mall is nothing but an e-commerce shopping platform like amazon, Flipkart & snap deal. Vijay Shankar Sharma is the founder of one 97 communications, the parent company of Paytm & Paytm mall.

There is not much difference between Paytm & Paytm mall, but both developed with different purposes. Paytm mainly focus on financial transactions & bill payments, etc. On the other hand, Paytm mall is designed as an e-commerce platform so that you can buy or purchase products.

Paytm mall: In 2016, Paytm launched its e-commerce shopping app, Paytm mall. The main objective of launching was to bring flexibility to shop grocery, fashion, and consumer products, do other shopping and attract more customers. It is operated by the parent entity Paytm E-commerce Private Limited (PEPL).

It was invested by multiple investors, including ant financial & Alibaba, Chinese firms. Recently, ant financial & Alibaba stepped down from Paytm mall by offloading stakes.

As a result, valuation of Paytm mall crashed from $3 to $13 mn. According to company officials, the Paytm mall business will be built on ONDC. You can read detailed information on Forbesindia.com

Paytm: Paytm is an online payment app that launched in 2010. It mainly consists of features that make easy & secure bill payments, recharge, money transfers, etc. After significant growth, Paytm entered into other eCommerce businesses.

From the beginning, Paytm had a separate fan base. Paytm provides more flexibility in payments than other apps. Paytm app also has an advanced feature in paying expenses like credit card payment options.

Now they have launched a digital screen QR code that gives you digital SMS with voice-based notification. They named it sound box 2.0.

Before soundbox 2.0, they had a soundbox that featured with voice-based notifications only. This soundbox is still the first choice for retail shops, marts, and other businesses.

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