What is Made in India ? And what is Make in India ?

Last updated on October 10th, 2022 at 10:57 am

What is Made in India? And what is Make in India?

Before understanding the concept of what is made in India and make in India? lets know some basic facts.

Certainly, India suffering from main issues like unemployment and financial growth.

Hence, government started some program such as make in India, PLI scheme, ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ vision etc.

Above all program started to overcome problems in manufacturing sector and unemployment.

lets understand the whole concept first to better knowledge.

# Made in India concept:

In simple words, it is brand under which Indian made product use it as own country identity in all over world.

Primarily aims to support domestic factors in manufacturing of products.

To understand more, take example of “Amul”- taste of India.

So, amul is Indian company with identity tag “made in India”.



# Make in India concept:

Make in India started to encourage foreign countries manufacture their products and invest in india.

Therefore, India will reach into global market and enhance growth in manufacturing sector.

Who started and origin? Prime minister narendra modi launches it on 25 September 2014.

Make in India mainly have three aims like investment in manufacturing sector, enhancing job skill and job creation, increase contribution to GDP to 25% by 2025.

Additionally, India government give opportunity to come up with make in India products by investing into manufacturing sector.

Further, we need to support completely Indian products for growing, enhancing and developing Indian future.

If we decide to buy always India made products despite of Chinese product.Then that day is not far away from us when India will reach as developed country in global design.


  • Purchase Indian products
  • Support local products
  • Start new idea of business
  • Share and publish good products

1) Purchase Indian made products:

Always try to buy Indian or domestic products. If u don’t have perfect option in it then try for other options (Non-Chinese).

For example – Samsung, Nokia etc these are the companies invested in Indian market.

By buying these companies we indirectly support Indian economy and financial condition.

If u need List of non – Chinese companies, you can find here click below:

List of all Non-Chinese mobile phones (smartphones)

2) Support local products:

I have seen many times people buy products without knowing anything about it.

Support local means, let say you are looking for purchasing bulb.

Further, you have two options in it first local and second one Chinese. 

According to price and quality, if Indian bulb reach up to the mark then go for it.

As a result of this, you will encourage and improve the local businesses.

Conversely, helping them to improve financially for future.

It will not happen in one day so be ready for slow changes.

3) Start new business ideas:

Most importantly, supporting is not only done by buying Indian products but you should make your own business.

Implement in your near city could be best option as it will help people for job opportunity, product selling etc.

The simple funda is there if you invest money in surrounding market apart from making fixed deposit.

Consequently, your money spread as business currency from one hand to other hand.

It will help to grow your own business and also the each person that connected to same currency chain.

4) Share and publish good Indian products:

In fact, recently Indian companies focuses on making customer satisfied quality products.

Therefore, as user you find good specification in particular product then don’t hesitate to tell other.

Natural advertisement always makes sharp impact on peoples mind.

I’m not saying to do marketing but at least as born in india our role must be clear.


1) First try to start with you:

Any step taken with our self first could be the best start for any change.

How we can start? Some possible changes for you, always trying to buy country products.

If not available then search for non Chinese products.

similarly, spread good vibes of country made products and invest for local.

Likewise, give information about fraud products if you ever crossed with.

In future, may the dream of India become successful.

2) Find the list of made in India products:

As Indian at least we must have information about companies first.

However, if you are not familiar with Indian brand take a look at list.

Read my another article on list of all Indian companies click here below.

 List of all made in India mobile phones (smartphones)

3) Boycott products of threat country (china):

As looking our surrounding situation and problems china is no more good for us .

Actually, Indian government were banned almost 60 Chinese apps.

On other hand, recently 118 apps banned again.

Let us know which apps are made by china? click below for more.

List of all Chinese made mobile phones (smartphones)

4) Try domestic (local) products:

Make own business ideas and implement it for you better growth.

No matter business is big or small you are providing direct support to economy.

At the last, I suggest you to buy and create country made products.


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