Samsung fridge made in which country? Where are Samsung refrigerators made?

You know Samsung! Right, and I think almost everyone knows it. But when it comes to manufacturing details, everyone will get a big question mark in mind. Hence, you’re here to find information on the question; Samsung fridge/refrigerator made in which country?

Being one of the largest companies, Samsung has developed itself as a leader in the field of electronics. In the electronic sector, Samsung’s product portfolio is vast and not limited to one country. Some of us used many Samsung products, and being users, we found Samsung to be the best brand. However, one who never used it revolves around many questions.

For Samsung refrigeration products, consumers also ask the following questions frequently, are Samsung refrigerators good? Who makes Samsung refrigerators?

They are the first choice for many consumers due to their quality and innovative products. Samsung Company is involved in various product categories and advancing every product with its R&D and technology. They continue to dominate the domestic appliances sector with an expanding consumer base.

The nicest thing about Samsung, in my opinion, is that they provide better after-sales services and customer services, whether you make online or offline purchase.

As you came here to learn about Samsung refrigerators, we will try to explore possible things about Samsung refrigerators.

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Samsung fridge made in which country? Where are Samsung refrigerators made?

Samsung has a global manufacturing presence and is a multinational brand. Thus, Samsung fridges/refrigerators are manufactured/made in multiple countries, such as Germany, South Korea, India, Poland, Sweden, China, South Africa, and Luxemburg. However, parts used for the Samsung refrigerator can be produced anywhere sourced through their plants around the globe. since Samsung refrigerator components are made in countries like South Korea, India, the USA, or any other country. So it’s impossible to recognize the origin of every part of Samsung refrigerators.

Samsung has been putting more emphasis on strengthening manufacturing capabilities since its inception. So far, with the installation of new factories and production facilities worldwide, Samsung has a well-distributed supply chain and management system.

Recently, Samsung reinvested in Indian refrigerators plants and established new component production facilities. It’s not just in India but in countries like Poland as well.

In India, Samsung refrigeration manufacturing began with the Delhi facility and later In 2010, Samsung announced about second refrigerator facility at Sriperumbudur, Chennai. The Chennai facility of Samsung was developed with hi-tech and advanced technologies.

As news reports in 2022, Samsung Electronics announced its new compressor manufacturing plant in India. Samsung has invested Rs. 1,588 crores in that, and it will be able to produce 8 million compressors annually.

Through this compressor production plant, Samsung electronics will have the advantage of providing compressor components to its Indian refrigerator plant. In the future, they want to expand it more and also interested in exporting of a component to other countries.

Samsung fridge made in which country

Apart from India, Samsung launched its new domestic appliance manufacturing plants in America in 2018.

Speaking of other units, the Samsung electronics facility in Poland, which manufactures washing machines and refrigerators, will receive new investment in 2022. According to the news, Samsung will invest 900m zloty in the existing plant in Poland. 

Samsung, in the refrigeration sector, does so many such developments. I kept the information short and straightforward, so it’s all about Samsung refrigerator manufacturing.

Basic history on Samsung refrigerators’ journey and beginning:

1971–Samsung electrics established. After making contact with Casio, Samsung’s export and construction line began. New plant development was initiated between the years 1972 – 1973

1974 – Korea’s first frost-free refrigerator and air conditioners were launched by Samsung 

1995 – Samsung produced a refrigerator containing a separate fridge and freezer. This is the exact turning point for the Samsung refrigerator business. With saving energy and hi-tech cooling system, it has gained quick popularity in the Korean market. 

1997 to 1999 – they began selling other than Korea. 1999, they exported refrigerators to the United Kingdom. Therefore, the Journey taken by Samsung electronics, specifically for refrigeration, went like this.

Who makes Samsung refrigerators? 

Samsung Electronics, a subsidiary of the Samsung group, makes household appliances like Samsung refrigerators. Samsung group is the maker of household appliances and smart devices. Of course, Samsung is quickly recognized as a manufacturer of smartphones, but they have also expanded into other fields.

Samsung Household appliances list consists of an oven, washing machine, ac, fridge/refrigerator, etc. So, Samsung makes all such home appliances and refrigerators.

Samsung’s electronics division was established in 1969. Samsung electronics also played a significant role in the Samsung group from many angles.

It has a well-established overseas network and assembly lines in more than 70 countries, which has been a significant factor in the growth of Samsung Group.

When it first began operating in the refrigeration industry, Samsung was not as well-known as it is today. However, when LG launched the fridge in the Korean market and it became popular in a short period of time. This is where Samsung’s foray into the refrigerator sector began.

So, it’s all about makers of Samsung fridge and Samsung fridge made in which country?

Are Samsung refrigerators good? Is Samsung a good fridge brand?

Along with adopting hi-tech and advanced technologies, Samsung has also invented cooling systems, such as a twin cooling system. Thus, Samsung refrigerators are more than just good because Samsung has always included cutting-edge, innovative, advanced features in their refrigerators.

How is Samsung fridge/refrigerator a good option for Buy? No doubt Samsung has far better technology that fills your refrigeration need, but more than that, they provide proper after-sale services compared to others. Samsung fridges are best to choose as household appliances because of the following three things –

Customer service and After-sale services – After purchasing a Samsung refrigerator, if you found any problem or want to contact customer care, just do the following things: register serial number and just call from your register mobile number to the customer care to show them the details. Further, they will take your details and do the rest of work. On the system, you can get all your details. These all thing shows Samsung has efficient customer service. It’s one of the important points.  

Premium and price-sensitive models – In comparison, Samsung is a good brand in providing more variety of buying options where one can see and buy models of different sizes and prices as per their wish.

Warranty, technology, and features – you will get 10 years warranty on the Samsung fridge compressor. Technologies like changing of zones, inverter technology, twin cooling system, Quatro Cooling System give you 360-degree advantages for your use.

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LG or Samsung refrigerator, which is better in India?

LG and Samsung both are belongs to same country South Korea. Both LG and Samsung refrigerators are loaded with quality and advanced features. You can’t say that either one is far better than the other. Of course, everyone’s preferences and design choices are different, so some may like Samsung, and others may like LG.

I will add some quick comparisons: first, I want clear that choices and selections can vary from person to person. At last, every purchase depends on the buyer’s end.

Design and style: As I said, Lg and Samsung offer fairly similar styles, features, and designs. However, if you want to compare them closely, Samsung’s designs seem slightly better while Lg’s innovations are marginally superior.

Storage and compartments: Every brand provides flexibility in buying options. You must select one that will meet your needs for comfort. Both brands have convenient storage and shelving. Each model can vary in terms of storage and shelving.

Digitalization and Wi-Fi connectivity: You can get both features in a premium range of refrigerators, whether it’s Samsung or LG refrigerator.

Specialty in features: Since both offer many features, I will name only special ones that set them apart. 

For Samsung–flex zone technology–frizzier to fridge and vice versa – you can change it easily 

For LG–Smart diagnostics and Insta view – Insta view door to door technology – Without opening the fridge door, you can see everything within if you knock on the glass door of the fridge twice.

As per the news, In October 2022, Samsung India recorded 32% electronic business growth while LG Electronics expected around 30%. According to reviews and consumers, Samsung and LG are now leading the market in terms of sales.

Conclusion on Samsung fridge – made in which country?

I believe after reading the whole article, the next question won’t come up again; Samsung fridge made in which country?

In this article, I have taken more efforts to share the best possible information with you.  

Although I tried my best, you might still have some questions. Don’t worry; ask me anything in the comment section and share your thoughts.

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