Mivi collar flash: Mivi launched new made in India neckband

Recently Mivi launched another made in India Mivi collar flash Bluetooth earphone.

Mivi Company has been focusing on making more made in India products. The last time Mivi had launched made in India speaker called Roam 2.

Initially Mivi brand used to make all headphones in China, but now they also started making headphones and speakers in India.

Now the company is working on Indian market demand and current market demands for made in India products.

As a result, Mivi creating more made in India products, and this time they came with made in India Mivi collar flash Bluetooth earphones. Mivi collar flash offers fast charging; if you charge the device for 10 min, then you can use it for 10 hours.

It is one of the excellent Bluetooth earphones in terms of price.

I think collar flash is the best option to choose under the 1000 price range.

Let’s know about the Mivi collar flash price, specification, review, key features, and many more.

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Mivi collar flash

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Indian audio electronics brand Mivi has launched a new wireless neckband style earphone — Collar Flash.

Drives: Dynamic drives 10 mm

1. Mivi collar flash launch date:

Mivi launched collar flash wireless made in India neckband on 05 July 2021.

2. Mivi collar flash specifications:

  • Charging: Super fast charging (10 min =10hr run time)
  • Connectivity range: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Pairing: Dual pair (It can connect two devices at a time)
  • Design and quality: Premium and quality built and Not made up of plastic
  • Battery life: 24 hours after full charging
  • Fit comfort: Ergonomically design
  • Sound and bass: HD sound and Deep bass
  • Earbuds: Magnetic earbuds

3. Mivi collar flash price:

Before the Mivi collar flash, Mivi had launched collar two, and its price was less than Rs. 1500. But the price of collar flash is affordable, which is within 1000 rupees.

4. Mivi collar flash review:

In my opinion, this headphone is a great option in terms of price. 

From all the specifications and usage experiences, I would say that this is the best option in this price range. Similarly, review of collar flash on online shopping platform are also above average. So it is good option to buy.

It comes with great sound, compact design, and lightweight with good comfort.

Out of five, 4.4 stars. But if you’re looking for wireless headphones under 1000 rupees, then buy collar flash without any hesitation.

5. Mivi Indian audio brand expanding Indian made products range in market:

Currently, people in India want to buy Made in India products. It all started when china intensified tension on the border. As a result, many Indians don’t give preference to buying Chinese products.

Earlier, Mivi was not manufacturing in India, but in the last few years, they have started manufacturing a number of products by starting a manufacturing unit in India.

Now this brand has launched Collar Flash and added another device to its Made in India products series.

Commenting on the launch, Midhula Devabhaktuni, Co-Founder, Mivi, said, “With the commitment to offer the best audio experience to our consumers, we have announced the latest addition to the array of wireless neckband style headphones. These comfortable, versatile and practical, Collar Flash in-ear headphones will fit seamlessly and stylishly into your life. Collar Flash is engineered impeccably to give you the best possible user experience.” You can read a full report on Zeebusiness.

Overall, the company’s operations over the last few years show that the company has a strong strategy to manufacture many products in India.

So, support our Indian brand Mivi as they are making efforts to build more products in India.

6. Final thought on mivi launches Indian made earphones:

I have mentioned many times in my previous article that even companies like mivi, which initially use some parts or products from China, you should buy these products (when there are no other options).

I mean, the result is in front of you right now in the form of Mivi brand. Indian companies like Mivi are now leaning towards making devices in India from the profits they make.

If you don’t get made in India products in your required category, you can always keep in mind that you can go for such products.

We need to support our Indian companies. So, In the future, we will have more made in India products from an Indian brand.

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