Made in India mobile charger: Buy mobile charger Micro USB & Type-c

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Do you want a Best made in India mobile charger? If so, this is the right place for you to get Indian Made Charger from Indian and non-Chinese companies.

Nowadays, chargers are to be bought but consumers search a lot for fast chargers. That is why consumers are looking for the best fast charger in India.

Therefore, I have also given the best 18W fast charger in India below.

Also, micro USB chargers are included as some smartphones have micro USB charging sockets.

The most important thing is that people want a charger but nowadays people are expressing their desire to get ‘Made in India charger’. So here I am trying to give Made in India mobile charger.

In short, I have tried to include all the chargers you need.

Recommended Best made in india mobile charger that you can buy,

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Type-c cable for Ambrane charger (1.5 meter)Click here to buy from amazon

1. Mobile charger manufacturing companies in India:

 1.1  List of Indian mobile charger made in india brands:

  • Portronics
  • Ptron
  • Boat
  • Ambrane
  • iBall
  • Zebronics
  • Stuffcool
  • ERD

1.2 List of Non-Chinese charger companies:

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • Philips

2. Things to consider before buying a mobile charger: How to choose right mobile charger

2.1 Type of connector or socket you need (micro USB or Type –c):

Initially micro USB was seen to be used more for charging sockets for mobile charging but now type – C sockets are used more.

Many smartphones still use a micro USB socket, so you need to look at the connector or socket in the specification.

Also, some companies like Apple have used special sockets for charging, so it is necessary to check this.

2.2 Output voltage and Charger current / mAh:

It’s most important factor while buying mobile charger.

Output current rating: Always choose output current rating of your charger more than your device. If you select lower rating then it will take more time to charge or damage your device battery.

For example: If your device has 5v – 1A current rating then you can take charger rating 5v – 2A.

Input voltage rating: it’s appropriate choose input voltage rating 100 – 240V. There are some mobile charger which has input voltage rating 200-240 v, 240v and 100-240v.

Output voltage rating:  While buying mobile charger choose same voltage rating that your device has. Most of the mobile devices come with the 5V Dc output voltage. Therefore, choose output voltage rating 5V DC.

Lastly, if you’re mobile device has different voltage ratings then choose charger voltage rating according to that.

2.3 Quality of charger and cable length:

We can identify the quality charger by voltage regulation, insulation, low heating, output etc.

There are some standards and certifications for this, you can see in the specifications from which the quality of the charger can be determined. To see this, CE, MFI, ROHS Symbols are mentioned on the mobile charger.

If the cable is too short, charging the mobile becomes a bit difficult as the mobile cannot be kept in a proper or safe place.

So if you are taking adapter and separate cable, then take a good quality cable with a little longer length.

2.4 Types of charger and your requirement

Mainly three types: Wall charger, Car chargers, Portable chargers.

Select the mobile charger considering all the areas you are using such as home, office or car. You can also use a portable charger where there is no plug or no charging area.

2.5 Budget:

You may have noticed everything, but you also need to look at the budget. Don’t buy a charger that is too high or too low in price.

You can get the charger you want at a moderate price. If your budget is a bit high, you can get a high-quality charger.

3. Best 18W fast made in India mobile charger to buy: (Type – C)

3.1 Boat WCD QC3A 18W

Note: you can choose C type or micro USB cable while buying.

Made in india mobile chargerClick here to buy from amazon


3.2 pTron Volta Plus 17W USB Smart Charger 

Made in india mobile charger

Click here to buy from amazon


3.3 ERD TC-45 18W Mobile Phone Wall Charger

Click here to buy from amazon


3.4 Ambrane 18W 3A Charger  

Made in india mobile charger

Click here to buy from amazon

Note – Actually c type cable is not included so you need buy separate cable.

Ambrane C type cableClick here to buy from amazon.


3.5 ZEBRONICS Zeb-MA5311Q 18W  

Click here to buy from amazon


3.6 Portronics Adapto ONE POR-1104 3A

Made in india mobile charger

Click here to buy from amazon


3.7 iBall USB Wall Charger (5V 2.4 A)


Click here to buy from amazon 

Suggestion: You can chose from Boat, Portronics and Ambrane. So these are best made in india mobile charger companies. Therefore, you can choose according to your budget and needs.

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4. Micro USB made in India mobile charger:

ERD TC-50 5V Wall ChargerClick here to buy from amazon
PTron Volta Evo 12WClick here to buy from amazon
Ambrane 18W 3A ChargerClick here to buy from amazon
Syska WC-3AD 2-Port ChargerClick here to buy from amazon
Stuffcool Charge it 2.4A Dual USBClick here to buy from amazon

5. Best non Chinese charger made in india or made outside china:

5.1 Charger for Apple:

Apple 12W USB Power Adapter

Note: It has three option of 12W, 20W, 30W and also has C type adopter. So you can choose according your need while buying.

 Click here to buy from Amazon


5.2 Samsung EP-TA20JBEUGUS Fast Charge

 Click here to buy from Amazon


5.3 Lg g5 & nexus 5x usb type c 

Click here to buy from Amazon

6. Conclusion:

You can buy any of the Made in India mobile chargers I have given you.

Many Indian companies are now making ‘Made in India Products’ on a smaller scale. In fact, it is very important that they are making it and we should encourage them.

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