Made in India diapers: Indian-made diaper brands

Are you searching for diaper brands made in India? Do you want to buy made in India diapers? Then you have come to the right place where you will get the exact information & right option to buy as well.

As we know, taking care of newborn babies is one of the important things for any mother. In fact, every mother tries her best to take care of her child.

In that, cleaning & hygiene is more important for babies. It’s because, when children urinate or do the latrine, the wetness and germs infect the child’s skin.

Newborn or 1-3-year-old babies have a high chance of getting skin infections. To avoid such skin problems or infections, we need to use diapers/cloth diapers for our babies.

Now the thing is which diaper should we buy?

I know you want to buy diapers but you want choose from made in India diapers. Right!

There are two possibilities: 1. Made in India diapers by Indian brands 2. Made in India diapers by foreign brands.

I’m sure that you are looking for made in India diapers made by Indian brands. After reading the article you will get all answers to queries & questions.

Although, if you want to ask me anything, feel free to make comment.

Best diapers made in India to buy:

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So let’s go to main topic,

1. Indian diaper brands: Made in India diapers:

Which diaper brands are manufactured in India?

1. little angel diapers

2. Baby diapers Himalaya

3. Champs diapers

4. Littles diapers 

5. Snuggy diapers


1.1 Little angel diaper brand –

Made in india diapers

The little angel is an Indian baby care product brand launched by a mother & baby care company.

Mother & baby care inc. is the parent organization of little angel brand. Mother & baby care inc was started in Rajkot in the year 2016.

Having worked in this field for 3 decades and researching medical & health problems of the babies, the team has put their best efforts to provide complete care for the baby and the mother through the little angel brand.

I think it’s one of the best Indian diaper brands. They continuously work on a product to make it better by doing research & developments as per customer demands & needs.

You can understand little angel vision from the next statement,

Providing “Best Possible Care to each and every Mother and Baby” forms one of our most important core values.

The little angel was conceptualized as taking care of every mother & baby by providing possible hygiene & safety.

Now they have launched a ‘Baby grooming kit’ also. 


1.2 Champs diaper brand –

Champs Diaper Company is a brand of an Indian company, safilo healthcare. Safilo healthcare was started by man of vision Mr. Narshibhai Harjibhai Adroja.

Man of vision – Yes, it’s an appropriate & exact name for them because Mr. adroja was born in a middle-class family, he built a business out of life experiences, disciplines, and principles that are an inspiration to us today.

Now the founder’s values, principles & disciplines are carried out by their family. Certainly the work of strengthening the foundation of the company is done by his grandsons and sons.

The company diversified into multiple businesses & healthcare is one of them. With the help of state of art technology & research, the company provides quality products & satisfies its consumers.

1.3 Snuggy diaper brand –

Made in india diapers

Snuggy is an Indian diaper brand that started in the year 1987. Snuggy is the country’s first Indian diaper brand.

The film producer R ‘GoodKnight’ Mohan launched the snuggy diaper brand & later it was acquired by the Godrej group. In 2018, Nobel hygiene, the largest Indian manufacturer of disposal products, re-launched snuggy with a takeover from Godrej.

Now currently snuggy is operating through the ownership of Nobel hygiene. After the acquisition by Nobel hygiene, snuggy has grown tremendously.

Nobel hygiene Pvt ltd incorporated in the year 2000. It included several products that consist of Adult Diapers, Baby Diapers, Wet Wipes, under pads, Maternity Pads & nappy pads.

The company has achieved a remarkable position & leading in the market with the incomparable guidance of Mr. kamal Johari (CEO & director).

1.4 Himalaya baby diaper –

Made in india diapers

Baby diaper is a sub-brand of Himalaya, an Indian company. Baby care is one of the many product categories of Himalaya. In 1930, Himalaya started its brand journey from Bengaluru. The Muhammad minal is the founder of Himalaya.

This company has been improving the quality of products day by day by emphasizing Ayurveda from the beginning and bringing Ayurveda to people is the main goal of the company.

Himalaya diapers are made with a combination of natural ingredients, so they will protect the baby from getting infected with harmful enzymes, Skin rashes & growth of microbes.

They always believe in delivering health benefits to the customer through their quality products. As a result, the company has a large consumer base in India.

I know Himalaya is a well known brand for us, so no need to tell more about such a multinational Indian brand.

1.5 Little’s diapers – Piramal enterprises

Made in india diapers

Little’s diaper is an Indian diaper brand whose parent organization is Piramal group. The journey of the Piramal group was started in 1980.

In early days, the company manufactured glass packaging used for cosmetic & pharma products. Now we know Piramal as a multinational group.

Piramal group diversified into multiple businesses such as Finance, healthcare, drug discovery & healthcare info, etc.

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2. Some basic things to look for while buying diapers made in India:

Mainly, there are three types of diapers – Cloth diapers, disposal diapers & flushable diapers.

Every child has different physic; body & skin, so choosing diapers for them is vary from child to child.

If you have more concerns about an ingredient used in disposal diapers, then you can choose cloth diapers as safer option.

Among these three, Cloth diapers are rash-free, chemicals free (disposal diapers – gel, dyes, chemical), and are economical to use for babies.

Some Factors to see while buying:

  • Softness and Breathability
  • Good Absorbency
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Stretchability 
  • Size & fit comfort
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Pee & pooping habits
  • Brand & budget

3. Final thought on made in India diapers:

Well, i have provided enough information & options in front of you. Most of the time people shows interest in buying Indian company products or Indian made products.

Our market has multiple brands in multiple field, but not all of them have separate manufacturing facilities. That’s why we cant get  every product made in India. Still some of our companies trying very hard to do development in manufacturing sector & i believe they will do it.

At least, in some categories, we have made in india products. I am sure, in coming years, india will develop, make & create everything that our consumer needs.

lets hope for the best. I tried my best to present, possible data in front of you. Further, If you have any more doubt, ask in the comment section. 

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