list of made in India trimmers and Chinese trimmers brand

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It is important to know about Indian brands so that people will buy Indian brands and our country’s brands will benefit. That is why I have given below the list of Made in India trimmers so that you should have basic information.

People don’t know which is the Chinese trimmer brand and which is the Indian trimmer brand, so I have provided this information.

If you have any further questions or doubts, feel free to make comment.

Following are the list of made in India trimmers:

# Made in India trimmers:

1) LetsShave (Indian)

2) Syska

  • Origin: India
  • Trimmers: Uses parts from china.

3) Havells:

  • Origin: India
  • Trimmers: imported trimmers from china.

Above all are the made in India trimmer brands.

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4) made in india trimmer brands


Also, take a look at the Chinese trimmers brand list in India. Because, brand awareness one of the most important thing for supporting Indian brands. 

I am always dedicated to provide information about Indian brands. so you can easily decide whether it’s Chinese or Indian.


# List of Chinese made trimmers in India (boycott Chinese):

1) Kubra:

  • Kubra Company belongs to which country?
  • Purely made in china brand and trimmers available in India in the various price range.  

2) Xmate:

  • Is xmate a Chinese company?
  • Made in china brand. Most of the Chinese brand misinterpret People with made in India tag, please aware of it.

3) Kemie:

  • Kemie trimmer made in which country?
  • The Chinese brand, location: Zhejiang, China.

4) Lifelong trimmers:

  • Lifelong trimmers made by which country?
  • Origin: made in china brand, lifelong made their trimmers in china.

5) Mi:

  • Is mi made in India brand?
  • No, Mi is a completely Chinese brand that uses made in India identity which confuses Indian people more.

6) Groomiist

7) Vega

# List of Non-Chinese trimmer brands in India:

1) Gadgetronics

  • Trimmers of gadgetronics made by china. but on amazon so many times consumers get failed to recognize as company use tag of Vietnam manufacturing and origin.

2) Philips

3) seven days

4) Wahl

  • Not Chinese brand but trimmers are made by china.

5) Braun

  • Germany design trimmers of braun company. also, imports some parts from china.

6) Panasonic

7) Lifelong

8) Nova

Nova trimmers company origin country?

Company Origin: made in Japan.

Nova trimmers: Trimmers manufactured in China and imported. Then sold all over the world.

# Main important things about made in India products:

On the internet, everyone answers negatively about Indian products. Yes, Indians are using some of the parts from china everybody knows it.

How they will make their products without our support? At least try to change your mind and habits first, then talk about India.

“Buying made in India products (who uses some of the parts from china) is always a better option rather than buying 100% Chinese products “. So it will help the Indian economy in future.

Why support an Indian company that uses some part from china?

I will explain to you with one example,


Past of the company:

Micromax Company in 2014 was king in Indian market. Moreover, The growth of company had been increasing exponentially day by day till 2014.

Suddenly, after android 4G up-gradation Micromax falling in the market as they couldn’t make instant changes. At that time Micromax using 70-80 % parts of china and manufacture it in India.

Present condition of company:

Micromax in the year 2020 announced about new launching of Indian made mobiles. These mobiles will be budget-friendly and fully packed with new features.

Additionally, the company co-finder Sharma said,we are going to use 50-60% Indian material for parts. further, looking forward to being “Atmanirbhar”.

On other hand, Our government’s new PLI scheme will be more helpful to us as we can able to compete for china on pricing front.

What do we learn from above example?

Firstly, Change your attitude of saying anything about Indian products.

Yes, Indian companies have been importing some of the parts from china but give them some time for being self-dependent.

List of made in India trimmers and Chinese trimmers brand list
Supporting Nature of people


Initially, we need to support our Indian brands even if they uses some Chinese material.

Hence in the future, those brands will be financially strong to stand on their own base. As a result of this, Indian company replace their material from Chinese to Indian.

Most importantly, Be patient for change as they don’t happen overnight. Changes will be made only if we all come together for our country.

What is the way to make Indian companies self-dependent?

The only way is try to support Indian products always. hence, those companies in the future stand strongly in business.

what do you think about this? let me know in the comment.

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  1. I really impressed by your thoughts . And I am really thankful to your feel about our country and information given by you , be proud to be an Indian , fill and feel India in hearts

    • Thank you sir. I am happy that you read my article. Actually if someone read about our country products and aware about brands it will help our brands to grow. When our brands will grow then our India will grow no matter how big or Small.
      JAI HIND.

      • Sir, you are correct but I want to show your tiny mistake. The letsShave says that their products are made in India but I noticed that they also added the word ‘imported by’ with which my doubt started and when I checked the pictures sent by the consumers, I noticed a tag where I clearly saw ‘ made in p.r.c’ .

        • Yes, you are right letshave is indian company but trimmers origin is china but i have added it because currently we dont have single made in india trimmer from any indian company. In future if any company will make i will surely add. I just added information about indian companies because most of us don’t know about it.

          Thanks for comment

  2. Hi you have tried your best but going through this found that major of these are manufactured out of India, specially Syska etc.even i tried looking for hair clippers and trimmers but Not able to find even a single one properly specified Made In India products.

    • Thank you very much for appreciation. I agree with you. Yes, currently there is no single trimmer ‘made in India’ from Indian brand. But companies like havells and syska will soon start manufacturing personal care products like trimmer and clippers in India. I have already written updates about havells and syska trimmer manufacturing in other articles.
      In this article i have mentioned all Indian brands because many people don’t know about it.
      See I am here to create some positive vibes about Indian brands rather than only negative things. Today lots of Indian brands are trying to manufacturing in india and i want to support Indian brands.
      I personally believe if you support indian brands today then tomorrow you will get ‘made in India’ products more.
      JAI HIND.

  3. Hi, Nice information .
    But Letshave also not having manufacturing India or getting spare parts from China and assembling in India.

    Its just importing and Marketing the Packed China Product .
    Please check onceagain

    • Thanks for making comment and Also for apriciation.
      Yes definitely you are right and i already know it that letshave company imports from China. But i think you must read conclusion of this article again to understand my exact point.
      I will tell you again that i always believe in buying indian brand products first.
      If we don’t have good option in Indian brands then only go for other country brands.
      See if we want to turn our made in china products to made in india category then supporting indian companies through buying is the only option.

      • Yes. Got your point sir.
        Absolutely you are doing great job by pointing out Chineese Companies.
        And am very clear i dont want to buy any Chineese Branded Product.
        But what you told is totally acceptable that if we support Indian companies like Havells, there may be chance of doing make in India products.
        But sad thing is still some companies are misleading the public by keeping Made in india stamp which is manufactured in China and not only companies even Online marketing companies like Flipkart and Amazon also misleading the Public.
        Even Central has given mandate to keep Country of Origin still companies not following.
        Its very difficult to search for each company Origin while doing onlineshopping.

        • Happy that you understood my point.
          Yes, transparency must be needed from product making to origin country. Every company must provide information behind made in India tag. Keeping transparency will keep customer happy as they will get what they want.
          Now government made a law for country of origin and that making some difference while identifying products. But as you said still its difficult to find the right product information.
          Therefore here I am to stand with my country products by providing information.

  4. Really thankful to giving useful information.
    To be an Indian, everyone should take from Indian company
    Hopefully. In future also giving such information to take savdeshi items. 👌🏼👍🙏✌🏼

  5. I bought letsshave trimmer believing it is made in india. But after buying I found it is made in People Republic of China. Kindly update your site. This is misleading.


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