List of Chinese smartphone brands in India | 2021

Last updated on February 1st, 2021 at 11:53 am

Why we need list of Chinese smartphone brands in India 2021? For awareness of Chinese brands and to support Indian brands.

The only reason behind is China no more good for our India. It is very important for you to know the basics information of each brand as you mistakenly consider some Chinese brands as Indian. Hence i am going to provide you list so you will no longer have confusion about Chinese smartphone brands.

Here is list of Chinese smartphone brands,

1) Oppo

2) Vivo

3) Xaiomi (redmi/mi)

4) Realme

5) One plus

6) Huawei (honor)

7) Lenovo


9) Coolpad

10) Meizu

11) Qiku



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Chinese smartphone brands list


Above all are Chinese mobile company list in India. Also, i have given some Non- Chinese mobile brands list. so you can read it by clicking on below link.

List of Non-Chinese mobile brands.

Frequently asked questions on internet:

1) Why do you see made in India written on Chinese smartphone brands?

The manufacturing units of Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo have been around for a long time in India where phones are manufactured or assembled. Therefore, their phones are made in Indian factories and sold here. 

When any company manufactures its products in another country, it is mandatory to write that the product is made in that country.

Since Chinese companies are making smartphones in India, they have the Made in India tag and it benefits in marketing.

Take two examples –

1) Xiaomi is a Chinese company but their smartphones are manufactured or assembled in India for the Indian market, so you can see that the smartphone has Made in India written on it.

2) Samsung is a South Korean company but its smartphones are manufactured or assembled in India so you can see that the smartphone has made in India written on it.


Recently, people have been looking at the country of origin of the product and the Indian government has set up rules to ensure that they get the right information without any problem.

Government E-Marketplace has imposed a rule on all companies. Government E- marketplace has made mandatory for seller to enter ‘country of origin’ while registering new product on Gem.

According to this rule, if companies do not mention ‘Country of Origin’, the company’s product will be removed from the selling platform.

Many people think that if the product has ‘Made in China’ written on it, then they consider product brand as Chinese and similarly Made in India as Indian. But this is not always the case.

So don’t consider any brand as Chinese unless you have the right information. If you still have any doubts, be free to make comment.

2) How to avoid buying Chinese products in India?

Want to Boycott Chinese products? hence, First take list of all brand made by china (list mention above)

Find optional Indian brand for them. Purchase available Indian product.

if not available in Indian brand list , check for Non-Chinese made in India  brands.

Additionally, non-Chinese companies started new investments and product launching under made in India identity.

As citizen of India, our aim must be clear that is to provide full support in any possible way to our country. 

3) How to support Indian products through buying?

Want to support our Indian products? then First know list of all  made in India brands (list given below in box)

So, pick your product and purchase it.

As user experience if you love product, review them and tell other how product is better for purchase?

Change always happen slowly but impact of change may be bigger than we think.

Feel for your country and start steps within you.

click below for all Indian product list:

list of all made in India companies product category wise   

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