Is zebronics a Chinese company? Is zebronics made in china?

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People have a lot of questions about the Zebronics Company like Is zebronics a chinese company? and Zebronics ‘Made in China’?.

Due to the bad impact of covid-19 and China’s misbehavior with Indian soldiers, people currently dislike Chinese brands. So, many people want to know about the manufacturing of Indian brands.

Until now, the Indian companies that used to make products in China and their products were made by importing components from china, now such Indian companies do not show the connection with China.

This is because people in the market now react negatively to products that say ‘Made in China’ and are reluctant to buy.

As a result, the eyes of Indian companies and owners have been opened and they have stepped forward to manufacture in India.

Hence, I am going to give you information about where Zebronics company products made and what are their Made in India products.

Also, I will answer the following questions and clear the doubts about Zebronics.

zebronics made in india?.

Why zebronics products made in china?.

Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think about how Indian manufacturing will grow. It is important to know what is on people’s minds.

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Let’s move towards our main topic

1. Is Zebronics a Chinese company?.

Is zebronics a chinese company?
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Zebronics is an Indian company of IT peripherals, audio, accessories products that started in 1997. The company is headquartered in Chennai. Rajesh doshi is the zebronics company founder and CEO.

Zebronics’ products are mostly manufactured in China, as per product details. I m not saying this by my own, you can check product details of Zebronics for it. They have also started making audio products in India.

The company had started making Made in India products. Among them, the company has launched a Made in India speaker.

Zebronics has received the ‘Make in India’ awards from the SMT channels and also the awards for Best Speaker and Headphone Brand. You can check them on the official site.

So, Zebronics is not a Chinese company but an Indian company.

Who is the owner of zebronics?.

zebronics company owner – Rajesh doshi. Rajesh Doshi is the backbone of Zebronics and he has developed this small startup by launching a variety of products in the Indian market.

Next, I will completely clear the questions and doubts you have about Zebronics.

If you want to say or ask something while reading this article, feel free to make comment.

2. Is zebronics made in china?.

If you buy any product from Zebronics you will find all details on box. Some Zebronics products are manufactured in Chinese factories. So, you will find some zebronics products with tag ‘made in china’. 

Zebronics has its own Research & development center. Along with R&D, company has manufacturing unit in Bhiwandi, Mumbai. They also make products in India but not at big scale. Initially, the company was completely manufacturing in China and importing to India.

People think the company is Chinese. In fact, Zebronics has so far shown no attempt at manufacturing in India. But now things are changing related to manufacturing of Zebronics.

Many companies in the world, such as Zebronics, were dependent on China.

But due to the bad condition of covid-19, managing china’s supply chain and products import became very difficult for companies.

As a result, the companies realized that they would not be able to rely entirely on China and many companies decided to start manufacturing in India.  

But one thing to keep in mind, this company now seems to be trying for manufacturing in India.

As I said before, they have launched a Made in India speaker. So, it would be better for India to support Indian companies like Zebronics than the products of a Chinese company.

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3. Why zebronics products are made in china?.

It was not easy for any company to make a product. You know that it takes a lot of components, parts and machines to make a device or a product.

Not only that, but many sources like land, government support, skilled labor, electricity and financial aid are needed.

Companies were facing problems due to shortage of raw material in India from the very beginning.

On the other hand, manufacturing in China was easy and affordable. Due to the technology and large infrastructure they have, they were able to develop many types of products.

When Zebronics started, they may have decided to start manufacturing in China for all these reasons.

But now a lot has happened and is happening in the manufacturing sector in India.

At the same time, the government has gradually launched positive schemes like Make in India, PLI (Productive Linked Incentive), vocal for Local for the manufacturing sector.

I agree that Zebronics, despite being such an old company, did not start manufacturing in India early.

I’m telling you both sides of the story about companies only to know you the negative and positive things about the company.

I do not avoid Indian brands for any reason and I would say you should not avoid either. But in the end, it is up to you to decide.

If you have anything to say, let me know by commenting below.

4. Why made in china written on zebronics (Non-Chinese) company products?.

Let me tell you why an Indian brand would have ‘Made in China’ written on its product.

First understand the basic information about the two concepts ‘Country of Origin’ and ‘Made in China’.

Country of origin – It indicates where a product – processed, produced and grown.

Made in china – If any company manufacture products in other country, then its mandatory for company to mention the name of that country as ‘country of origin’ and made from that country.

For example,

1. Samsung a South Korean company manufacture Smartphones in India so it says made in India.

2. Xiaomi a Chinese company manufactures or assembles smartphones in India so it says made in India.

After reading all the above, you may have got the answer to your question. Remember, you don’t know many concepts and so don’t do anything based on less information.

5. Conclusion about zebronics is a Chinese company?

There are many more such companies in India like Zebronics.

Everyone is always talking negatively about the company, the shortage of raw material and the manufacturing sector in India.

Although this is true and acknowledges that there really should be some changes in manufacturing in India. But do all these people who talk about India really support India?.

Many people avoid Indian brand products which are Made in China and on the other hand buy a product of a Chinese brand.

Today we all want to buy Made in India products but we have to ask ourselves that we are really making any effort to do so.

If you really want to promote Made in India products and Indian manufacturing, buy an Indian brand.

I am not here to debate with you. Even if one person changes his mind after reading my article, it is enough for me.

Indian brands need us and as we need them.

I’m not promotor of anything & not asking you to do anything against or side of any company or country. 

I am an Indian. So, I see and will see how India can be supported. And yes, you are able to make your own decision.

Jai Hind.

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