Is vivo a Chinese company? Vivo company origin & details

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Is vivo a Chinese Company? This question arises because many Chinese brands are available in the market under different names. The buyer does not know which country the brand belongs to.

Also, people do not know the manufacturing and owner country of vivo brand.

At the same time, despite being a Chinese brand, people also wanted to know why their smartphones have the ‘Made in India’ tag on them.

I will answer all these questions in this article. I will try to inform you in a way that removes all doubts about Vivo Company.


Lets start with our main topic,

1. Is vivo Chinese company?

Vivo Company belongs to which country?

Is vivo a chinese company?
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Vivo is a Chinese company. It was launched in 2009 and headquartered in Dongguan, China. Further, the company entered India’s smartphone market in 2012 with the launch Vivo X1.

It is a subsidiary brand of BBK electronics group. The founder of BBK electronics is Duan Yongping, a billionaire entrepreneur and electrical engineer.

Not only Vivo but also companies like Oppo and One Plus come under the ownership of BBK Group. you can check it on Wikipedia.

BBK is a group that provides smartphones as well as other things like Smartphone accessories, software, and online services.

The company has made a strong entry into the Smartphone market in India through the government’s ‘Make in India’ program in 2014. Vivo also started a manufacturing unit in Greater Noida.

The company gained growth and popularity in the market within a year.

Vivo previously had a manufacturing capacity of 25 million units in Noida. It was to increase to 33.4 million by 2019, according to Economictimes-News.

Another important point is that the Made in India tag on Vivo Smartphone.

In fact, Vivo imports all the parts from China and assembles them in India. Or you can say that smartphones are assembled or manufactured in India using Chinese parts.

From all this, you may have understood that Vivo company belongs to China. Secondly, vivo smartphones are manufactured in India.

Now see the next point,

2. Is vivo made in India? 

Is vivo made in india?

Yes, Vivo smartphones are made in India but not a completely. As i said before, mostly vivo phones manufactured means assembled in India.

In India we don’t have chip and many other parts of mobile. So these all Chinese companies import parts from china to India. 

2.1 why we found made in India on a Chinese Smartphone?

First clear the concept of ‘made in India’,

Made in India – If a company of any country is manufacturing a product in India, they are required to mention ‘Made in India’ on their product. But you can’t call that company or product Indian.  

In fact, Chinese products are benefiting greatly from the ‘Made in India’ tag. In contrast, the ‘Made in China’ tag on some Indian products is making a loss for Indian companies.

People look at Made in China and they think the product should be from China but not every time, because it can also be an Indian brand.

On the other hand, people look at ‘Made in India’ on products and buy Chinese products thinking that they are Indian brands.

One thing to keep in mind, not all products labeled with ‘Made in India’ belong to Indian companies. Because they can be foreign or Chinese brands.

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3. Vivo mobile company history (basic) and new investments in India:


When the brand was launched under the ‘Make in India’ policy in 2014, there was no strong Android Indian brand available in the market.

At the same time, Vivo benefited from the fact that many Chinese brands had entered the market.

Vivo gained a lot of growth in the offline market. After Samsung and Xiaomi, Vivo is making a name for itself in the smartphone industry in India.

Vivo initially had a manufacturing unit in India with a capacity to produce 25 million units and had 7,500 employees.

According to Economictimes news, in 2019 Vivo announced that it will increase investment from Rs 4,000 crore to Rs 7,500 crore over a few years. In the first set of expansion, the production capacity of the plant will increase by 8.4 million units. Also, the number of working employees will increase by 2500.

So, the total plant capacity will be 33.4 million units and employees almost 10000.

Vivo’s investment will increase its capacity from 30 million to 120 million in the next few years. Mainly, no doubt the employment will be around 50000.

4. Conclusion on Vivo is a Chinese company:

You must have understood that we cannot consider vivo Company as an Indian mobile company.

Secondly, you may have noticed that this is a Chinese company.

At the same time, I have already explained why there is Made in India on these Chinese brands.

Many people nowadays are eager to boycott China products but don’t buy products of Indian and foreign companies with the misinformation that they are Chinese.

Not all products labeled ‘Made in China’ are Chinese, but they may be Indian or foreign company products. Similarly, not all products labeled ‘Made in India’ are Indian, but they may be Chinese or foreign company products.

I always think that how much you support our Indian products is more important than boycotting Chinese products.

If we want to make India’s economy better, we can achieve that by buying Indian products as many as possible.

Take all the information and then buy the brand products. The most important thing is to know exactly which country any brand belongs to.

Don’t boycott any brand based on misinformation. Because, this often leads to the loss of our country.

Well, if you want to know more about anything or have any doubts, please leave a comment. I will try to give you the right information.

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