Is Tagg an Indian company? Where are Tagg products manufactured?

Our Indian market is flooded by many accessories brands. At present, it is challenging for a consumer to identify Indian brands. Therefore, like other companies, people ask the following question about ‘tagg.’ Is tagg an Indian company?

Tagg Digital is a small company but launches a variety of products. Recently, the company has launched wireless TWS earbuds and tagg verve smartwatches in an affordable price range.

It is about products, but now consumers also search for manufacturing information of products.

So along with product features, origin country and product making country is now an essential factor for selling product.

With the same concern, people search for tagg owner, tagg products, and its manufacturing country.

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1. Is Tagg an Indian company?

TAGG Digital is a Delhi-based audio electronics company. Young Computer science degree holders Rohit Dhingra, amitesh Bharadwaj, and Saurav Prakash started an Indian brand called tagg digital in 2016.

While pursuing a degree, they surveyed the technology market, and at the same time, they founded a significant gap in the electronics accessories products category. As a result, to fulfill these gaps and market demands, tagg digital company launched by them.

Even though the company is small, they have raised funds themselves (Bootstrap), and the company is slowly making progress.

Tagg digital offers electronics accessories in a reasonable price range. Recently the company launched much variety of products like smartwatches, earbuds, headphones, etc.

Is tagg an indian company?
Image source – TAGG

The company has not yet picked up any special steps for manufacturing in India. Currently, Tagg’s products are manufactured by a Chinese partner.

So Tagg digital is an Indian company and not a Chinese company.

Meanwhile, I have read from some news that Tag Digital will soon be acquired by Boat, an Indian brand. Let’s see some brief information about it.

1.1 The indian company boat all set to acquire tagg digital:

Boat is one of the leading Indian brands in the field of audio devices/accessories.

According to news, Boat is all set to acquire tagg digital very soon. The final stage of a deal between Boat and tagg digital is underway. You can read the whole news on entrackr.

Tagg ownerRohit dhingra
Tagg company origin countryIndia
Tagg Company belongs to which countryIndia
Tagg company co-foundersRohit Dhingra, amitesh Bharadwaj, and Saurav Prakash

2. Where are Tagg products manufactured?

Tagg digital has been manufacturing products in china from its inception as they partner with Chinese companies for product manufacturing. 

The company designs products in India, but its partner company in china does the whole manufacturing.

For all these reasons, even though the company is from India, you see Made in China on the product, or sometimes you see Country of Origin China.

Many of you may be wondering why these companies do not give priority to manufacturing in India. Sometimes companies can’t do it even if they want to because there is a shortage of funds, infrastructure, skilled labor, and land.

Initially, not everyone has the funds to start a manufacturing unit and make products.

Most importantly, companies like Tagg, working on the product price segment, go-to sources that make products at lower prices like China to maintain the price. 

Let’s hope this brand will soon start manufacturing in India. 

However, tagg started selling their products in some international markets, as Rohit Dhingra said in interviews with Indianexpress in 2018.

 “Three of our products will be available on Amazon USA and Amazon Japan soon,” Rohit Dhingra, CEO & Co-Founder of TAGG, told


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3. Conclusion on Tagg digital is indian company or not:

I think above information is enough to know everything about tagg digital.

I listened to many people/consumers in India or surveyed what they wanted, and I noticed one thing. 

So the thing is that consumers in India don’t expect companies to make a lot of products. On the contrary, they always want companies to create a product in India.

Indian companies should know that Indian consumers will be happy if they provided with a single pure Made in India product. But companies do not do that; on the contrary, all the products are manufactured in China.

I think companies will soon realize this and start manufacturing products on a small scale.

However we need to understand that companies cannot do all of this at once or immediately because some developments takes more time.

Therefore our support to Indian companies is also very important.

Do share your though in the comment section or make comment if you have any doubt or question.

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