Is pTron a Chinese company? Is pTron made in china?

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The pTron brand has rapidly become famous and has made a name for itself in the market. But is pTron a Chinese company? This question is frequently asked.

Such questions are being asked these days as consumers unfortunately consider every brand Chinese. There is a similar misconception about pTron Company.

You consider each brand as Chinese based on misinformation and avoid it. As a result, small and large Indian companies are deprived of growth.

An Indian company like pTron which used to make all the products in China is now making products in India as well.

Despite being small Indian companies, they focus on manufacturing in India.

But we are trolling them by saying negative things and just taking old things from companies.

Tell me in the comments, when will you support an Indian brand in the country instead of only blaming it?.

We will talk about this later but first, we will look at the information about pTron company.

Let us know all the information like pTron manufacturing, pTron origin country, and pTron company owner country.

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1. Is pTron a Chinese company?.

Is pTron a chinese company
Image source – pTron

pTron is an Indian mobile accessories brand launched in 2014. It is a Hyderabad based brand started by Ameen Khwaja.

The pTron brand is owned by palred retail private limited.

pTron company owner Ameen Khwaja is the CEO of palred electronics.

Initially, in 2015, pTron decided to open an office in China and bring product manufacturing from there.

pTron company was importing all the product range of their company to India by completely manufacturing in China. Why? I will clear this in next point.

Even if all this is true, in 2021, the company has now started manufacturing in Kurnool, India and launched Made in India products.

Prior to 2019, the company had said that it would continue to work on the assembly arrangement in China for the next 1-2 years. But when the unit in India becomes operational, it will do the assembly.

In 2019, pTron established an assembly unit in Hyderabad where 60-70% of the total required products were assembled.

This means that the company took the first step and at least started the assembly in India and reduced its dependence on China.

Recently, pTron launched its first made in India smart essential collection. Most importantly, this company has become the first TWS manufacturer in India.

Now we can say that pTron Company manufactures in India and china.

PTron’s products are designed in-house in India and their R&D team Continue launches new innovative product range.

1.1 PTron product sales and presence in global market:

By 2019, the company had sold 5 million products like headphones, power bank and Bluetooth audio devices.

So far, the company has made over 7 million products since its inception and has made these products available in high-quality to affordable prices. You can read whole update at technospot.

Therefore, these figures show that the company’s product sales have increased in the last two years.

PTron’s business is not limited to the Indian market but extends to the United States, Israel, Canada, Italy and Hong Kong.

The company has received the following global certifications: BIS for India, FCC for USA and CE for Europe.

Due to all these certifications, the company has reached the global market. At the same time, the company set up distribution arrangements for other countries.

In short, the global presence of pTron has increased and the company is growing fast in India.

So pTron is an Indian company and not a Chinese one.

Many of you don’t know about Palred electronics origin.

Let’s take some info about it,

Palred electronics origin:

Palred electronics is a subsidiary of palred technologies limited, a public listed company Bombay stock exchange and national stock exchange, since 2004.

The Palred technologies ltd earlier know as four soft technologies Ltd, a publicly owned company that established was in 1999.

The next important question is, why PTron Made in China? Or Does PTron make products in India?

The reason for asking this question is whether your information is lacking or not updated. You only do negative things based on the history of the company that they make in China.

2. Is pTron made in china or india?.

pTron manufactures products in India and China. Recently, pTron started manufacturing its truly wireless stereo and other product range in India.

Therefore, now pTron products are not only made in china but also made in India.

For this, they are building a manufacturing facility at its 1st make in india unit set up at Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.

As I mentioned earlier, in 2015, pTron company was importing products from China. Most importantly, the owner of the company has mentioned this to the consumer in every interview and documentary.

The company did not hide product information from the consumer anywhere.

Many Indians say that companies hide what is manufactured in China. But I think you are the one who fails to get the information.

The ptron company has now expanded its manufacturing of fully flagged accessories collection on home ground.

Also, pTron wants to upgrade its R&D facility for expansion of manufacturing in India.

In 2021, pTron launches its Made in India Smart Essentials Collection and launches the country’s very first ‘made in India’ TWS (truly wireless stereo).

2.1 The pTron company on manufacturing in India:

The owner of the company has something to say about this new launch.

Commenting at the unveiling event of pTron’s Smart Essentials Collection, Mr. Ameen Khwaja, Founder & CEO, pTron, said, “Being a part of the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative and generating employment in India is an important milestone for us at pTron. At the very core, the brand symbolizes innovation. We want to foster innovation on the home ground and prove to the Indian and global customer that technology does not have to laser beam out your wallet. We have witnessed fantastic reception and feedback on our TWS product – Bassbuds Plus, which is India’s first home-manufactured TWS product clocking sales of over 50,000 units in this short period since its launch.”

Also said, “We aim to enter new markets in the accessories segment through this Made in India product range”.

During covid-19, the company had to endure many challenges. The company has not seen a sale for a couple of months.  Ameen decided to start some manufacturing in India and become self-reliant.

Of course, manufacturing bassbuds wireless in India costs 10-12% extra, but the company still wants to be self-dependent.

In the end, I will say this, don’t avoid all the products of the indian company looking at made in China. 

Indian companies are making efforts, please support them.

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3. Why did Indian company like pTron initially prefer production in Chinese factories?.

Making any device has never been so easy. Earlier, India did not have favorable conditions for manufacturing.

Currently, the situation is a bit better for companies to make devices. But there are many reasons why companies have not turned to manufacture in the past.

Firstly, the shortage of raw materials and parts in India. Secondly, companies were lagging behind due to money investment and inadequate government facilities.

Third and foremost, the company did not have the financial support needed for infrastructure, skilled labor, electricity, water supply, and land.

Then you will say why the company did not make the parts itself. Tell me one thing, if you are starting a new business, will you invest the entire investment without looking at the market demand, profit, and sources immediately?

Of course, your answer would be no.

On the other hand, it was cheaper to make products in China or to imports parts from there.

That is why companies prefer manufacturing in China.

Take an example. If you want to make a power bank, then basically the following parts are required as Charging circuit, Battery Protection circuit, Boost Converter, Controller functions Elements, etc. Do you know all this?

If a company uses parts from China or makes products there, you create a negative atmosphere about the Indian brand.

How can companies improve their situation if you don’t buy their products?

Not only that, you do not support companies that try to manufacture in India instead of China.

Tell us your opinion in the comments and don’t just say something negative, but say something right for India.

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5. Is pTron a good company?.

Yes, pTron is one of the great and affordable brand in india. Surely, pTron provides value for money products. 

The reviews given to the company vary depending on the variety, features, and quality of the product.

The company makes the product keeping in mind the price segment.

Most of the time pTron company also make products according to the price.

Consumer in India is price sensitive and demands extra features for less money. So pTron makes the product available at an affordable price.

pTron company reviews depend on which product you buy and at what price.

Most of the products of this company have positive reviews. I have read comments and reviews on online platforms many times that some products have over price in terms of quality.

But I would call pTron good in terms of the overall price.

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6. Conclusion on pTron is Chinese company or not:

From all the information I have given above, it may be clear to you that ptron is not a Chinese company.

Not only ptron but many Indian brands are turning to manufacturing but they need money.

Despite being small, company like pTron making efforts to switch from Chinese factories to India.

We all avoid Indian brands as ‘Made in China’. If we continue to do so, Chinese brands will eat up the market instead of Indian brands.

I agree that Indian companies were over-dependent on China but they reduce their dependence on the money they earn.

If you don’t know, all the following brands which are dependent on China have started manufacturing in India.

For example – Micromax, lava, mivi, boat, pTron, Portronics, etc.

If you only want ‘Made in India’ products from these Indian brands, you will not be able to achieve it just by saying negative things.

All I can say is buy Indian products that meet your needs.

Therefore, give priority to buying Indian brand ‘Made in India’ product.

Also, it would be better to buy an Indian company’s Made in China brand instead of a Chinese brand.

If you do not get the product you want, then take the foreign brand.

In the end, I will just say that I am an Indian and so I buy Indian brands instead of Chinese.

Of course, you are wise and able to make your own decisions.

Jai hind.

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    • I understand your concern. After sales services are the most important factor for company growth and our many companies failed to provide it.
      But if this company want to gain more customers then they need to change their worst services.


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