Is portronics an Indian company? Portronics company details

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After the bad behavior of China, now Indian people interested in taking an Indian brand instead of China. Most importantly, nowadays people want detailed information about Indian companies. Hence, these people are always asking questions about Indian brands. Is Portronics an Indian company? This is a question one of them.

Portronics is a leading and emerging brand of electronic devices in India. As a customer, people want to know more about this company, such as the Portronics manufacturing country and the Portronics owner country.

Therefore, I will tell you all about the details of the portronics company. Also, the answers to the following questions related to it.

Portronics indian or Chinese?

Portronics company is from which country?


Let’s move to our main topic,

1) Is portronics an Indian company? 

is portronics an indian company?
Image source – Portronics india

Portronics is an Indian leading electronic brand that manufactures headphones and other electronic devices like a speaker, charger, etc.

The company was started in 2010 and it’s headquartered in Delhi. Portronics products are manufactured in India and China. Jasmeet Singh Sethi is the portronics company owner.

The name of the company indicates what their purpose is because the name of the company is made up of the two words ‘portable’ and ‘electronics’.

The first emphasis of this company was on making portable devices. Most importantly, it has worked perfectly so far and is still sticking to the main goal.

The company has been making a wide range of wireless headphones, speakers, and other sound devices for the last 10 years, so it has a good reputation in the market.

The main reason for their growing popularity and revenue in the market is an excellent cost-effective product and attractive design.

They strive to create new high-end features and high-quality sound devices with an affordable price range.

I believe that in the future they will come to be known as the ‘Pure Indian Brand’ and will never depend on China.

2) Where portronics products are manufactured?


As I said above, portronics products are manufactured in China and India. Well, it’s not like China manufactures 100% product of them. But mostly their products are manufactured in china.

Now you will say, this is an Indian company, then why do they make products in China, the reason behind it I have already given at the beginning.

For example, many companies may have financial, lack of land, government support, skilled labor, and many other problems.

Because of all these problems, whether it is an Indian or a foreign company, it seeks nearby countries to produce at low cost.

So, China is a country where all the resources are available for manufacturing at a low cost as we all know.

Lots of companies have been manufacturing in China. Don’t worry, Things are changing and many companies are shifting from China since the corona spread.

3) Portronics company products: Indian or Chinese? 

Why portronics products made in china?

is portronics an indian company?

When people buy some portronics speakers or headphones, they find them made in China.

So because of that, some people don’t buy them thinking they are Chinese products.

Let me clear you three different concepts, Made in India, Made in China, and Country of Origin.

Made in china – if any Indian or foreign country manufacture product in china at that time it’s mandatory to write ‘made in china’ on the product as per rule. But that company cannot be considered a Chinese brand.

Made in India – if any Chinese or foreign country manufacture product in India at that time its mandatory to write made in india on the product as per rule. But that company cannot be considered an Indian brand.

Country of origin – it indicates where a product is manufactured, produced and processed.

According to GEM (government e-marketplace), “It is mandatory for seller to enter the ‘country of origin’ while registering all new products on GEM”.

One thing you have to understand is that ‘Made in China’ means the product is only manufactured in China. So that does not mean portronics a Chinese company.

Also, other work like design, style, features, research, and development is not done by China but by the portronics brand itself.

Don’t always give credit for the work of all Indian companies to China. As an Indian company, you should realize that India will also get money. 

I think that’s enough for you to understand the answer to this question. But if you still have any doubts, ask in the comments.


4) Best portronics wireless speaker / headphones to buy:


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5) Conclusion on portronics Indian company: 


I hope your doubt is clear now about protronics company.

You need to decide that you want to buy Indian company products as many as possible. We Indians do not buy Indian brands thinking that they belong to China.

Many Indian companies are new and make products in both India and China. 

According to me, you should not avoid any Indian company.

However, if you are very keen to avoid Chinese companies, first avoid all Chinese brands completely, whether they are made in India or made in China.

When you buy a Chinese brand with ‘Made in India’ written on it, remember that you pay direct money to China.

For example, Xiaomi Chinese smartphone company – made in India (don’t buy such a brand).

Support all the Indian companies that make products in China only if they are trying to start manufacturing in India with the money they get from it.

For example – Mivi indian company.

But it was necessary to know the country of the brand and then decide whether to buy it or not.

Don’t make India loss in the wake of sentiments to avoid China with any wrong or half information.

Support India and Indian companies.

Jai hind.

2 thoughts on “Is portronics an Indian company? Portronics company details”

  1. As you explained, it is clear that portronics is actually marketing the Chinese product. I don’t think that labour in china is cheaper than India. Why don’t you think that manufacturing your products as per your design and specifications in India only will save indian revenue and generate employment also. You are indirectly creating employment avenue for china which can be for India. Is it not a crime for indian skill and labour

    • Hey, thanks for comment. I m not employee or worker from Portronics. I have written this article for consumers and Indian people.
      But I Can understand exactly what you are saying. Yes, Indian companies need to start manufacturing in india rather than chin as it will help our Indian ecosystem.
      currently, labor cost in china increasing continuously. So India is now best option for manufacturing.
      But we also have to understand that every company at its initial stage faces so many problem like financial, raw material, land and skilled labors. So that’s why these companies may preferred china for manufacturing.
      You can take example boat and mivi brand. They also did the same but now started manufacturing in India to some extent.

      So lets hope these all companies will make products in India to help Indian economy.


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