Is Phonepe and Google pay same? Google pay vs Phonepe

Phonepe and Google pay- are the same app? which one is better? Just click here and know everything. It’s one of the commonly asked questions.

I think there will be a fewer people who don’t know about these apps. Everyone has an idea about online payment apps, Phonepe & Google pay.

In recent times, we grew the use of online payment apps in such a way that we have reduced cash transactions considerably. Before online payment apps, we majorly prefer cash to make payments.

As per economictimes reports, in 2021, the transactions worth $3 trillion were done by using digital payments platforms. Currently, 40% of all payments are digital in India (2022). Majorly, online payment growth increased during the covid-19 pandemic year 2020.

Almost, 77% increment was seen in online digital transaction in a single year, as per the reports.

As a result, it attracted many companies towards developing digital payment systems to make payments more secure, & safe. To cater to such growing segment, FinTech companies like  phonepe, paytm, Amazon pay, etc. introduced their apps in the market.

All these online platforms are popular but you specially came here to know whether phonepe and google pay is same or not. Also, you want to know which app is a better app.


First, let’s understand basic information on two apps:

Google pay: Google pay is an online payment & digital payment platform which is featured with simple & secure transaction system. Google pay gives magnificent offers such as referral earning, cashback & discounts. Also, it provides features like high security lock, secure transactions & simple user interface.

In 2020, google launched mobile payment app Google pay. Actually, before this they had launched ‘google pay send’ in 2011.

Phonepe: phonepe is an UPI payment & digital payment app developed by Flipkart, an ecommerce shopping platform. Phonepe is one of the popular apps as it allows you to do transactions with simple & easy options. Comparing with other apps, phonepe offers more flexibility, better payment options & discount coupons / cashback.

In 2016, phonepe was acquired by Flipkart. Phonepe actually started in 2015 and became famous in a short period.

Now let’s see go to our main topic,

Is Phonepe and Google pay same? Which is better PhonePe or Google Pay?

Google pay vs phonepe – features, payment option, user interface

Services: Google pay & phonepe has multiple online payment services such as money transfer, investment, insurance, recharge & bill payments, etc. In it, the PhonePe app provides additional service called wallet, which is not available on Google pay. Basically, you can make prepaid payments, i.e. bill payments, and recharge through that wallet. Phonepe wallet allows you to do transactions up to Rs 10000.

Apart from wallet, phonepe have options for investments, payments for mutual funds and insurance. While, google pay launched some services but not all like investments, mutual funds. Google pay recently launched fixed deposit service in 2021 & also started health insurance by making partnership with SBI general insurance.

Payment options: In both apps Google pay & phonepe we can transfer from contact to contact, one bank to another bank, user to user & many more. From both apps, you can send or receive money by using the following methods: UPI, contact number, or QR code scanning. You can also do shopping, booking of tickets & other payments by using both apps.

In case of pending payment, phonepe is more reliable & there is less possibility of higher downtime. In Google, pay sometimes failed payments take more time in processing & slightly high downtime compared to phonepe. It does not create much differences in using experience.

App interface: Phonepe & Google pay app has a user-friendly interface: one can easily do transactions in both apps. No doubt both app provides better interface, but between these two apps Google pay slightly has a better interface or you can say simple interface. As a phonepe has multiple options for payments & other things, it makes the phonepe interface looks little complex but being a user I think it’s negligible.

Features: UPI– Both apps are UPI base but they both create different UPI ID. For phonepe, it’s very easy to remember UPI ID because you just need to add @ybl after your phonepe number.

Security locks: Both apps have screen lock, biometric, pattern & pin.

Money transfer & bill payments: Yes, both app offers easy payment option & rewards when you pay DTH bills, ticket booking, electric bill payments & many more. Initially, Google pay was giving high cashback & referral earnings. Now as per reports, phonepe offers more coupons, rewards & cashback than Google pay.

Basic differences and similarities: Phonepe vs Google pay – which is better?

PhonepeGoogle pay
Phonepe has wallet service: You can also do prepaid payments through a wallet such as mobile, bill & recharge payments.Google pay does not have a wallet. So payments debited from linked bank accounts.
UPI based app owned by FlipkartUPI based app developed by Google
Phonepe offers investments, mutual funds payments and insuranceGoogle pay not offers all of that except insurance by partnership with SBI general insurance & newly launched opening of fixed deposit account service
As per news reports, phonepe owns 47% market share of UPI payments as of December 2021As per news reports, phonepe owns 34% market share of UPI payments as of December 2021
Money transfer, offline payments, UPI payments, recharge, ticket bookings, mutual funds, etc.Money transfer, offline payments, UPI payments, recharge, ticket bookings, etc.
Phonepe interface has more options for payments but seems a little confusing (negligible). Google pay interface is easy & simple for use. While using You can easily feel neat and clean interface of Google pay.
Currently, Phonepe gives more rewards, coupons and cashback on transactions.Google pay also gives rewards and cashback but it’s not up to mark.

Can we use both phonepe and Google pay on the same device or smartphones?

Yes. you can use both phonepe and Google pay on the same device. Not only that, you can link the same bank account to both apps. Both apps are different who work almost for a same purpose of making payments. So you can easily operate these two apps on a single smartphone.

Google pay or phonepe, which is safe?

Being a user of these apps, I can say Google pay and phonepe both are safe. In between these two apps, you cannot select anyone as a safe option than other. Both provide you simple and secure transactions options. Only not having a wallet makes Google pay a little more secure, but that’s not make much difference in securities.

So, from a security or safe point of view, Google pay or phonepe whichever app you choose is best.


I have written everything regarding your question. Lastly, i can say every app has their own advantages and disadvantages. It can vary the selection of any product or app from person to person. There is no such massive difference between the above two apps.

So, you can choose any from two apps, and after experiencing use of it, decide which one is a better option for you.

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