Is Panasonic a Chinese company? Where does Panasonic manufacture their products?

These days it is commonly observed that most consumers have either used a Panasonic appliance or may have seen the TV advertisements for a wide range of appliances that are made by the company. But is Panasonic a Chinese company? The answer is a simple NO.

In recent times, why do people ask such frequent questions about companies? The only reason is consumer intention to use country products instead of Chinese.

The last few years’ ongoing indo-china tension, Corona disease, and many other things refreshed boycott Chinese products campaign again.

With similar concerns, consumers want to know about Panasonic origin country and its manufacturing details.

In this article, you will find the brief and exact information that you want.

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1. Panasonic – Japanese brand (Not a Chinese company):

Panasonic is a Japanese multinational electronic products manufacturing company.

Contrary to popular belief, Panasonic Corporation is Japan’s most popular multinational giant that was the largest manufacturer of electronic goods in the final decades of the 20th century. The headquarters of the company are located in Kadoma, Japan. The company’s motto is, “A Better Life, A Better World”.

Is Panasonic a chinese company
Image source – Panasonic

Formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial, Panasonic was the brainchild of Kōnosuke Matsushita who founded the company a century ago in 1918.

From a humble beginning, Panasonic went from selling just light bulb sockets to dominating the markets in the fields of durable consumer electronic goods.

Corporated in the mid-1930s, Panasonic achieved a monumental feat by expanding the production scale to manufacture a large variety of electronic products.

From selling radios, irons, and phonographs in the 1930s, the company later went on a journey from producing radios, tape recorders, and television sets to finding its popularity in manufacturing large household appliances such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, LED TVs, and refrigerators.

A large number of its products are sold under different brand names such as Panasonic, JVC, Quasar, and National. Surprisingly all these brands come under the same corporation.

So, Panasonic is not a Chinese company.

1.2 Panasonic India:

Is Panasonic an India company?

Panasonic India Pvt Ltd is a sub-brand of Panasonic, a Japanese company. In 1975, Panasonic commenced its operations in India and further enlarged it to make a manufacturing hub.

Due to India’s growing development, Panasonic India may seem like an Indian company, but it has its roots in Japan. Manish Sharma is the CEO of Panasonic India.

So Panasonic is not an Indian company also.

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2. Where does Panasonic manufacture their products?

Panasonic manufactures its products in many countries around the world as it has a global manufacturing presence.

Mainly, Panasonic makes products in Countries such as China, India, Japan and Africa, etc.

Most of the company’s parts are made in Japan. In the last few years, Panasonic used to be manufactured extensively in China, but recently it has been reduced and expanded in India.

In fact, India is now becoming a manufacturing hub for Panasonic. The company has recently launched a new facility in India. Let us know about Panasonic’s Indian manufacturing.

2.1 Does Panasonic manufacture in India?

Panasonic expanding manufacturing in India:

Panasonic has a mega manufacturing factory (famously set up in 2012). This factory produces appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, and even welding machines.

Following the Make in India vision of the government, Panasonic makes sure that roughly 80 percent of what it sells in India comes from local production.

Panasonic also has a factory set up in Noida, UP for manufacturing televisions. Many other plants are located in the middle states and southern regions of India as well.

According to Panasonic, the demand for electrical switches, sockets, and switchgear in India continues to grow, so Panasonic has decided to launch a new facility. The company selected Andhra Pradesh as the area for this manufacturing plant. 

In the next three years, Panasonic aims to double its AC production by investing more in manufacturing. You can read the whole report on business standard.

2.2 Are Panasonic products made in china? Or Panasonic company products Chinese?

Panasonic makes some of its products in China, but not all products are made in china. China is a similar country like Japan, India, etc., that manufacture product for Panasonic Company.

So there is no big deal because Panasonic and many companies worldwide manufacture their products in different countries to fulfill consumer needs.

Of course, I agree that Panasonic was heavily dependent on China for manufacturing, but now the company expanded its manufacturing operation in other countries.

As I said above, Panasonic has manufacturing units in many countries such as China, India and Japan etc.

So China is just another country for Panasonic who does the manufacturing of their products.

3. Panasonic products range and its development in manufacturing:

Panasonic has special recognition for the massive investment that it has made in Research and Development over the years. And, this has been one of the success mantras of the company.

Today, Panasonic offers an amazing range and variety of products like personal computers, audio equipment, smartphones, lighting, cameras, projectors, broadcasting equipment, semiconductors, and automotive electronics. The company also offers aircraft in-flight entertainment systems.

Apart from all this, Panasonic is also popular for its cheap and durable lithium batteries, optical devices, and photovoltaic modules. The company also sells bicycles in many markets across the world.

The company also manufactures electric fans under KDK but further, it rebrands these fans and sells them as Panasonic appliances.

For many decades, Panasonic has been maintaining an excellent record of manufacturing the most durable, energy-efficient; and affordable consumer goods that have a wide reach across the globe. Apart from appliances, Panasonic also identifies itself as a Life Solutions company.

The business segments of the company are split into 6 priority sectors namely Manufacturing, Distribution, Entertainment, Logistics, Avionics, and Public.

4. Final thought on Panasonic: Chinese company or not?

After reading the entire article, you must have understood that Panasonic is not a Chinese company but a company from Japan.

Not only you but other consumers also have such questions about brands because our market is flooded with multiple brands.

Now people want to be aware of brands on their own and select products by looking at the manufacturing country, Origin country and component apart from specification and quality.

I have tried my best to answer your questions concisely. Although, If you have any doubt, then feel free to comment.

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