Is nova an Indian company? is nova trimmer a chinese brand?

Nova is a great brand. But there is a lot of information about Nova that people don’t know. Therefore, people often ask the question, is Nova an Indian company?

It happens because of a lack of information or wrong information.

Similarly, people have doubts about nova trimmers like nova trimmer company origin country and manufacturing.

So I’m going to give you whole information about nova and nova trimmer company details.

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Now take a look at our main topic,

1. Basic information about nova :


is nova an indian company?
Nova company


Most importantly, there is a difference between Nova and Nova Electrical.

Let us first learn about basic facts of Nova and then the second about Nova Electrical.

A Japanese group called “Nova” was started in 1981 in Osaka, japan.

Nova (japan) is related to Japan’s private education system. It is a subsidiary brand of Nova Holdings Group.

Secondly, nova electrical is not a Japanese brand.  So, let’s know about Nova Electrical.

2. Is nova an Indian company?

Nova electrical is a private limited non-government company based in Delhi, established on November 1, 1992.

This company falls into the category of limited share. 

Nova Home Appliances Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company that imports, manufactures, and supplies.


is nova an indian company?
Image source – Nova home appliances

3. Is nova trimmer Indian company?


Yes, its Indian company but nova trimmers made by “nova manufacturing industries, Hong Kong”.

 “Nova home appliances” import trimmer from china to India.

Is nova trimmer a Chinese company?

No, Nova trimmer is not Chinese company.

4. Is nova trimmer made in china?


Although Nova trimmer Company is an Indian (non-government limited share) company, they manufacture trimmers in China. These trimmers are manufactured in China, that’s why it says “Made in China”.

Understand that there is a difference between assembly and manufacturing.

Many companies in the world manufacture their own products in other countries for their convenience.

Most of the companies manufacture products in China because it is cheaper to make products there.

So, nova company does the same thing.

5. Best nova trimmers to buy under 1000:


Best beard trimmer – Nova NHT 1072.

Hair trimmer by nova – Nova NHT 10.

Best cordless hair clipper – Nova Professional Hair clippers.

6. Conclusion on Nova is Indian company or not:


If a company is manufacturing its products in another country, it does not mean that their products are the brand of that country.

Similarly, just because Nova makes trimmers in China, does not mean that Nova is a Chinese brand. 

Almost all brands are considered as Chinese and the only reason is that the right information is not available.

Due to the lack of proper information, people’s suspicions about many such brands have been growing and China has always benefited.

When buying any brand, buy with the right information.

Many people take insufficient information and tell people that it is a Chinese brand and the same unreasonable credit goes to China.

In the end, all I can say is support India in every way, that will benefit the country and every citizen of the country.




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