Is noise a chinese company? Are noise products made in china?

Noise is currently one of the leading brands in the Indian market. But most of the consumers ask, Is Noise a Chinese company?

Many people are wondering the noise company is Chinese or not and why we see made in china tag on the product of Noise company.

Not many people know that Noise Earphone Company, Gonoise, and Noise are all the same.

I will give answers to many such questions and complete information about the Indian company here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment.

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1. Is noise a Chinese company?

Is noise a Chinese company?
Images source – Gonoise/ noise company

Noise is an Indian consumer electronics brand that started in 2014. The company founded by Amit Khatri and Gaurav Khatri and headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana.

Initially, the company started selling Smartphone cases. But seeing the market demand for mobile accessories and wearable brands in India, they started making them.

The company began to focus more on wireless headphones and smart wearable.

The noise became the first brand in India to offer truly wireless earbuds.

According to an International data report (IDC), ‘Noise’ reached as no1 wearable watch brand in India.

In 2020, Noise became one of the top 5 wearable brands in India.

This means that Noise has been making advanced products by recognizing the market and the needs of the people, and so they have met early growth.

Further, I will explain fully in the article about the manufacturing of Noise Company in India. But mostly manufacturing of Noise’s products done along with ODMs in China.

Noise Company has been making products in China so far. 

I have read a lot of interviews, articles, and news about this company.

Overall, the company may not be able to turn to manufacture in India right now due to several reasons, such as ecosystem and sources, but the company is expected to start assembly of some products in India in 2021.

It’s all about the company. Also, people don’t know about the relationship between Nexxbase Marketing Pvt. Ltd. and Noise.

The domain name is a website which is operated by Nexxbase Marketing Pvt. Ltd. a Delhi- based company. If you want more information regarding this then you can check on the official site.

Gonoise Company:

Some further questions also asked. Many people think that Gonoise and Noise are different companies but they are not. 

  • Is gonoise a Chinese company.
  • Gonoise Company belongs to which country.
  • Gonoise company origin country.

As I said above, noise and gonoise are the same. I have already answered all the above questions.

2. Are noise products made in China?.

The noise started making Wearable & Bluetooth wireless products in 2018.

When the company launched these products, its main focus was to provide advance and affordable quality products.

Overall, Noise had a lot of work to do on the cost because the low-cost device with advanced features was not widely available in the market.

That is, the company wanted to work on a value for money strategy.

The Noise Company, which has an in-house R&D center, manufactures products from Original Design Manufactures in China.

Once the product is ready, it is brought to India and after that, all the margins, etc. are cut and made available to the market after final check under the name noise.

The company decided to work with original design manufacturers in China for several reasons, including cost reduction, material supply, and large-scale production. 

“Our ODM partners have decades of experience in developing and delivering quality products for world-renowned brands. We work together with our ODMs to provide the best features possible across price points for our products. This way of working backwards played a vital role in keeping costs down,” Gaurav explains at yourstory.

What does ODM mean?

An original design manufacturer (ODM) is a company that designs and manufactures a product which is specified and eventually rebranded by another firm for sale.

The company’s plans, services, and feedback look very good. We expect the company to start manufacturing in India as soon as possible.

“We are expecting some amount of assembling to start in 2021 for our industry, but it will take much longer for the entire ecosystem to be shifted to India. Even when it starts we will partner with bigger manufacturers first as it is not a core focus area for use,” said Khatri at livemint.

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3. Why we found ‘made in china’ on noise products despite being Non-Chinese Company?

Before explaining anything, two concepts need to be cleared. First of all, clear the two concepts of ‘Country of Origin’ and ‘Made in China.

Country of origin – It indicates where a product – processed, produced, or grown.

Made in china – If any foreign or Indian company manufactures products in another country, it is mandatory for the company to state that the product is made in that country.

For example –

Sony a Japanese company that manufactured some of their products in china so that particular product is labeled with a tag ‘made in china.

In a similar way, noise products labeled with the tag ‘made in china’ as the company manufactures in china.

3.1 Noise Company India:

Noise launches a wide variety of products in India such as earphones, Bluetooth earphones, and smartwatches.

People ask different questions, name each product and think of a single company as a brand of a different country.

The next question is the same but my job is to dispel doubts about Indian products so your every question is important to me.

  • Is noise earphones a Chinese company?

No, a noise earphone is not a Chinese company. If a company makes a product in China, then that company does not become Chinese.

Similarly, We cant consider Noise as Chinese company as they manufactures earphones in China. Only the thing is product can be called ‘Made in China’ which I have already explained.

4. Is noise a good brand?

I personally came across noise brand and I found it as one of the great smart wearable and wireless earphone brands.

Noise is one of the most affordable and quality providing brands in wireless and smart wearable.

If you check noise brand reviews on online seller platforms, Amazon and Flipkart then you will find most of them are positive and good.

Ever since Noise started, they have made customer demand and feedback their top priority.

Noise Company always caters to their product services, after-sales services, and customer needs.

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5. Conclusion on noise is Chinese company or not:

It must have been clear to you that Noise Company belongs to India.

Many people do not understand the difference between a Chinese and an Indian company as well as a Made in China and an Indian company.

As a result, if people see Made in China on product, people think it is a Chinese company.

In the name of Boycott Chinese Product Campaign, people do not buy Indian company’s products and bring Indian brands out of the market.

On the other hand, people buy Chinese parts and products based on the Made in India marketing of Chinese products.

Due to this misinformation, the loss of Chinese products in Boycott China products is less and the loss of Indian products is more.

So keep in mind that you need complete information about the brand. More importantly, when buying, it is important to know whether the brand is Chinese or Indian.

Important changes:

In the end, it is up to you to decide whether or not to buy an Indian brand product called ‘Made in China’. But if you are going to buy Chinese products, I would say buy an Indian company’s ‘Made in China’ product instead.

By buying the product of a Chinese company, we increase the value of the Chinese brand by reducing the value of our Indian brand, position, market, user and many more.

As an Indian, I only support Indian brands and if there are no Indian brand products available in a category, I buy non-Chinese branded products.

As always, I think we should support the Indian brand today with long term thinking and we should not loss our Indian company with so many negative thoughts like they make products in China, use Chinese parts and many more.

Today, if we give more growth to the Indian companies in the market by buying products, it is certain that these same companies will set up manufacturing plants in India with the money they get.

My job is to tell and do for the development of the country. Finally you can take your decision.


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  1. Good Explanation.

    But what if a product is labeled as `Country of origin: China`? And for Noise products what it should be?

    • Thanks. Almost in every article i have explained about country of origin. Country of origin indicates where products is produced, processed or grown. For ‘noise products’ you can apply same concept. This rule is applied for all companies in India.
      If noise assemble or make products in china then that particular product will have ‘country of origin’ china.
      But this does not mean that the ‘noise’ company is Chinese, it simply means that the particular product is manufactured or assembled in China.
      This is all about country of origin. If you have further question or doubts, feel free to reply.

  2. Great article! Thanks! But one question – what about the NoiseFit app? Is that Chinese app which will store data on Chinese Servers?


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