Is Nike an Indian company? Is Nike made in India? Nike origin details

Is Nike an Indian company? It’s one of the frequently asked questions. Although, Nike has eight manufacturing factories in India. However, this doesn’t imply in any manner that Nike is an Indian company.

We don’t know a lot about brands and that’s why it happens. Inadequate or lack of information is another thing that causes a lot of confusion about brands.

Similarly, people want to know about Nike. So i am writing this article to resolve your doubts and queries.

The next few questions or information people want know about Nike.

  • Who created Nike?
  • Where does Nike products made or manufactured?
  • Nike history timeline
  • Nike headquarters

I will also try to explain here the reasons why people misunderstand Nike as Indian. We will try to reduce the rest of your doubts.

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1. Is Nike an Indian company? | Nike company belongs to which country?

Nike is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, United States. Although Nike also has 533 factories around the globe in countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Nike (formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964-78) was founded by Bill Bowerman, a track and field coach of the University of Oregon, and his former student Phil Knight. In 1966, they opened their first retail store, where they initially sold Japanese manufactured footwear.

Is nike an indian company?
Image – Nike

In 1972, Bill Bowerman and Phile Knight decided to manufacture their own shoes. So, they made a Nike shoe brand, formally known as Blue Ribbon Sports Shoe brand. However, in 1978, Bill Bowerman and Phile Knight renamed Nike and went public in 1980.

By the turn of the 1900s, Nike had become one of the most famous sportswear brands around the globe. Today, It has retail shops in more than 170 countries around the world.

Nike is worldwide famous for its sportswear, equipment, and accessories. The company was formally known as Blue Ribbon Sport which was renamed Nike, later in 1978.

Over 73,000 employees are working for Nike in 2021, capturing a market value of 30.44 billion dollars. Nike has one of the best footwear globally, worn by many famous athletes like Usain Bolt, Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, etc.

The Nike logo is the curved tick marked, known as swoosh, is very famous around the globe.

Global Services:

As mentioned earlier, Nike is primarily famous for its footwear. However, Nike designs, develop, market, and sells athletic footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services to each consumer individual.

However, Nike sells these services directly to customers at their official outlets, digital platforms, or through the wholesalers. Nike has over 1048 retail stores around the world, providing these services now to the customers.

Nike origin countryAmerica
Nike headquartersBeaverton, Oregon, United States
Products of NikeFashion wearables, shoes and sandal, etc.
Founder of NikeBill Bowerman
Established Year 1964

2. Is Nike made in India?

Nike manufacturing facilities in India

Nike has given a franchise to private company names as SSIPL, managing the Nike brand in India from manufacturing to retail. However, in 2005, over 350 factories of Nike in India, which are now reduced to 150 because of their quality checks.

Nike is only generating only 1% of its total revenue from India. Even though India has 8 factories. In 2021, It made over 150 million dollars in revenue from India. However, Nike is considered a top-notch sportswear brand in India.

Nike is also sponsoring the Indian national cricket team’s kit for five years, beating its rivals. Moreover, many Indian international athletes are also Nike’s brand ambassadors, such as Virat Kholi, etc.

Nike’s shoes are made less in India than in other countries. You can see Made in India written on all the shoes they make in India and from that people think Nike is Indian but it is not.

There is a big difference between Made in India and Indian Company.

When an Indian company manufactures products in India, we call them Made in India. Also, if companies from other countries are manufacturing or assembling products in India, then that product also has the Made in India tag.

So always keep in mind that not every product on which Made in India is written belongs to an Indian company.

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3. Is Nike manufactures in China?

As we all know, China is one of the biggest producers in the world. So, many people wonder that Nike is a Chinese brand or does it manufacture in china. Here’s the answer

Almost all Nike shoes manufacture outside America. With 112 factories of Nike, China has been manufacturing about 36% of Nike shoes which sell around the globe.

From this you may have understood that the Max part of Asia is covered with Chinese made Nike shoes. It is also covered by shoes made in India but to a lesser extent because their manufacturing in India is not so widespread.

So, yes, Nike manufactures shoes in china as same as they manufactures in other countries. There is no big deal in that because all companies need to maintain products cost and supply chain management.

4. Conclusion on Nike – Indian company or not?

I have tried my best to explain you few things about company details. Also, I have discussed about how Nike is not an Indian company.

People get more confused because they don’t get the information they want. So when it comes to shopping, people buy the wrong products and then become dissatisfied.

Now you know about nike and if you have any more question then feel free to make comment. I’m always here to hear you and answer you.

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