Is Mivi a Chinese company? Are Mivi products made in India?

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Mivi is India’s fastest growing electronics brand in a short span of time. From the beginning, China and South Korea have been the two countries that make Mivi products. So, is Mivi a Chinese company? This question is always on the minds of the people. Don’t worry i will explain everything about mivi company. Now, you may ask why they manufacture in China and south Korea.

The reason behind this could be anything because every company faces lots of problems at the beginning. So that problem could be anything like financial, lack of component, skilled labors, and so on.

But now the situation of mivi Company has changed and it is working in the Indian market with more strength than before.

The mivi has done a lot of good things and these are in support of India’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ vision.

Now in 2020, mivi has started manufacturing in India. Therefore, the brand has a manufacturing plant in India along with China and South Korea.

As you read the article, you will fully understand how and what products they are going to make in India.

Let’s learn all about our Indian brand.

1. Is mivi a Chinese company?

is mivi a chinese company?
Image sourceMivi company

Mivi is an Indian company which is based in Hyderabad. The company was started in 2015 by a couple named Midhula and Viswanadh.

Viswanadh was working in an electronic export company in the US so he knew the electronic field. He also got help from his wife as she worked for a software company.

Viswanadh was aware of the shortcomings in the electronic sector in India. At the same time, he realized that more and more Chinese brands are available in the Indian market.

So, he started the brand by deciding to make affordable and high-quality electronic products available in India for Indian people.

In terms of manufacturing, they initially had manufacturing units in China and South Korea only.

Its products are manufactured in these two countries. The growth of this brand has been good as it has met the expectations of the people.

Hence, the mivi company has got a lot of revenue in the last 5 years and is now doing development with the same money.

They have now started manufacturing in India. Currently, they have a Bluetooth speaker made entirely in India.

Let’s hope that in the future, mivi will gradually make all the products in India.

2. Where are mivi products manufactured?

As I mentioned above, the mivi company has been making and still making its products in China and South Korea. But most importantly, they have started a manufacturing unit in India.

This is a really big thing because many Indian brands have made a lot of money over the years. Yet the products are not made entirely in India and no such effort has been made from them.

On the other hand, despite the launch of mivi in 2015, they started making products in India in just 5 years.

Mivi has taken a good step and launched its first Made in India product in December 2020.

So the answer to your question is, Mivi products are manufactured in India, China and South Korea.

3. Are mivi headphones made in china?

The reason why the above question arises in people’s minds is that when we buy some mivi headphones, we find ‘Made in China’ on them. So, I will clear this doubt.

Understand the next concept first, when a company manufactures its products in another country and imports them back to India, then they have to write the name of that country on the product as per the rules of the government.

Government e-Marketplace has imposed this rule on all companies.

For example, even though mivi is an Indian brand, they have to write ‘Made in South Korea’ if they manufacture their product in South Korea and import it to India.

Similarly, mivi also manufactures in China and India. If company does manufacturing in China, you will see Made in China.

This is the answer to your question and I think there is no doubt left in your mind.

If you want to know more, be free to make a comment.

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4. Mivi company launched first fully made in India product in 2020:

is mivi a chinese company
Image sourcemivi made in India Bluetooth speaker roam 2

In December 2020, they launched the first ‘Made in India’ Bluetooth speaker ROAM 2.

As mentioned above, Mivi Company was doing design and development in India and getting products manufactured from other countries.

Due to the success in the market and the good response from the people, the mivi company decided to enter the manufacturing space in India.

This decision supports Vocal for Local in our current situation and will definitely achieve Atmanirbhar Bharat Vision.

Midhula Devbhaktuni, Co-founder Mivi, shared, “Within a short span of time Mivi has become a most sought out brand in the Audio technology space. The market response and the success of our products have propelled us to take the plunge into manufacturing space and we have set up fully integrated manufacturing unit in India and soon we will be making all the products completely in India. We are sure that this product will become even bigger and successful than its predecessor Roam 1.0 and will soon become the most sought-after Bluetooth speaker.”

There is no doubt that the roam 2 Bluetooth speaker will get huge success in the market.

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5. Conclusion on Mivi Company: Chinese or Indian?

I always see that credit for every brand and product goes to China in the wrong way.

We Indians do not buy Indian brands thinking that they belong to China.

Keep in mind that when you buy any product, look at the country of the brand, because that country also gets the money. You look at the products that say ‘Made in China’ and don’t buy them and some of these products are Indian brands.

Well, I understand that you don’t want to buy ‘Made in China’ but then why do you buy a Chinese brand which is not Indian due to lack of information.

I always say that instead of buying 100% Chinese brand, it would be better to buy an Indian brand which uses some parts of China.

Take mivi as an example. Initially, the company was also making products in other countries but later it got a lot of support from the market. That is why today the company has been able to manufacture in India. Then in the same way we should support all Indian brands.

We are Indians and we need to support India.

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