Is jbl a Chinese company? Are jbl headphones made in china?

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JBL is actually a branded company but there is a lot of confusion about jbl branding and manufacturing country. Most of the people ask on the internet, is jbl a Chinese company? 

Even they don’t know who is the owner country of this brand?. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that because when you buy JBL headphones it says made in China.

Also, the second question arises here, Really jbl headphones: made in china?

To dispel all these doubts, I will give you a detailed answer to these questions, so you will no longer have confusion about this.

Let’s move towards the main topic,


1. Is jbl a Chinese company?

Is jbl a chinese company?
Image courtesy – JBL


Jbl is an American (U.S.A) brand or company that manufactures audio equipment like speaker and headphones.

Harman International is the parent organization of the jbl brand. But in 2016, Harman international owned by Samsung (South Korean brand).

Harman international is a subsidiary company of Samsung. In other words, Samsung has been the owner of the JBL brand since 2016.

It has headquarters in three places, the United States, Stamford, and Connecticut.

Hence, jbl is not a Chinese company.


2. Are JBL headphones made in China? 


Harman International has facilities like design, engineering, and research in most of the countries in the world.

They manufacture their products in Mexico, Germany, India, Hungary, and China.

Therefore china is just the same country as other ones that manufacture jbl headphones.

When JBL headphones are manufactured in Chinese factories, at that time we find “Made in China” written on JBL headphones according to the rules.

Therefore, All Jbl headphones are not made in china. but, we must agree that mostly jbl products are manufactured in china.


3. Are JBL headphones made by Samsung Electronics?


As I said before, “Harman international” does every work for producing jbl products.

Harman International does the entire work, from design to manufacturing.

Therefore Samsung only plays the role of owner.

The answer to your question is,

No, jbl headphones are not made by Samsung electronics but the only thing is Samsung has ownership of the jbl brand.




4. Best Jbl headphones and jbl earbuds to buy (non-Chinese):

Is jbl a chinese company?
JBL headphones


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5. Conclusion about jbl: Chinese company or not :

I have always seen that people understand many foreign and Indian brands as Chinese and they say the same to others.

As a result, misinformation spreads and this confusion continues to grow.

So we need to get the right information first.

Hence, I wrote this article and after reading this, I hope you have understood everything about jbl.

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4 thoughts on “Is jbl a Chinese company? Are jbl headphones made in china?”

  1. I enjoy 2 units of portable JBL bluetooth speakers.
    I live in Indonesia and see JBL Brands in Indonesia which are priced at very low prices around 10% of the Original JBL. Sold online.
    1 unit Original JBL price equals 10 unit garbage JBL.

    This really downgrades the image of JBL.

    My question is :
    Why JBL let it happen for years without any action to remind consumers or bring to the law action ??

    • Thanks for making comment.
      JBL is good brand but they don’t do survey on garbage/copied products that sold under name JBL as you said..
      Recently, people only buying that JBL garbage copy devices and unfortunately people blame original JBL.
      I cant understand how can JBL tolerate this fake products That Really downgrading Image of original jbl.
      I really don’t know why jbl allow this products to sell in market rather than taking strict action.

    • See jbl makes most of the products in china or you can say assembles in china so made in china on it, is obvious thing… So product is fake or not i cant say anything about that without looking at product…


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