Is iQOO a Chinese company? where iQOO smartphones made?

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Is iQOO a Chinese company? It is natural for consumers to have this question. Having such question is not a big deal as there are many brands.

In that, if there is a new brand in the market like iQOO, then such questions will arise.

iQOO Company belongs to which country? And where iQOO smartphones made? I have given the answers to all such questions below.

Also, I will inform you about the manufacturing of iQOO company’s smartphones as well as how iQOO became a Separate brand.

You will get the information you need, but still, if you have any doubts or questions while reading, please comment. I will definitely try to resolve them.

iQOO origin countryChina
Launched date2019
iQOO parent companyBBK electronics
iQOO productsMainly Smartphones

Lets start with our main topic,

1. iQOO – Chinese company?

Is iQOO a chinese company?
Image source – iQOO

iQOO is a Chinese Smartphone company. The company was launched in 2019 as a sub-brand of Vivo. 

The iQOO brand, launched in China as a sub-brand of Vivo, spun off from Vivo while entering India and launched as a separate brand.

Like other Vivo, One Plus, Oppo and Realme, the IQOO brand also added to the BBK Electronics brands.

BBK Group is a Chinese multinational electronics group with subsidiaries OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, and Vivo.

Just as Realme became a separate subsidiary after separation from ‘Oppo’ company and ‘Poco’ become a Separate Company with an independent subsidiary after Spin-off from Xiaomi. So In the same way IQOO becomes a separate subsidiary Chinese company after the spin-off from the Vivo brand.

Therefore, OnePlus, Vivo, OPPO, Realme, and iQOO are the five brands in India operating under the parent organization of BBK electronics group. 

The founder of BBK electronics is Duan Yongping, a billionaire entrepreneur and electrical engineer.

Currently, iQOO smartphones manufactured with sharing at Vivo’s manufacturing facility in Noida. The company has its office in Bangalore and the company says it will have separate service centers.

The company had launched its first 5g phone IQOO3 in India in 2020 and the market response to this phone has been good.

Recently in 2021, iQOO 7 launched as a high-end featured premium phone. IQOO is gearing up in the market by launching its flagship smartphone in India.

Currently, the company has launched the IQOO 7 legend Made in India phone.

Importantly, the company’s new IQOO 7 smartphone has received the Red Dot Award for product design.

This is information about the company and the current phone launching updates.

Therefore, iQOO is a Chinese company and not an Indian company.


2. iQOO mobile company belongs to which country?

iQOO mobile company Belongs to China. But smartphones launched in India are manufactured in India.

According to the company, their smartphones are currently being manufactured in Vivo’s manufacturing units.

Talking about manufacturing, Arora said iQOO will share Vivo’s facilities in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

2.1 iQOO 3 belongs to which company?

iQOO 3 Smartphone launched by Chinese Smartphone maker iQOO. 

iQOO is launched as a separate brand in India that operated as a sub-brand of Vivo in china.

Now, IQOO another Separate Brand like Realme that operates under the parent organization BBK a Chinese multinational electronics group.

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3. Is iQOO made in India?

Yes, but we cant say its completely made in India as most of the iQOO smartphones parts are imported from china.

You have read above that iQOO manufacturing currently done in vivo facility. In India chip and other some parts are not manufactured which is used for making smartphones.

These components will be made or maybe available later but at present in 2021 chip and motherboard etc. are not made in India.  So such components imported from China.

Therefore, like Vivo, iQOO smartphones are manufactured or assembled in India.

You may have seen Made in India written on the iQOO Smartphone.

Hence, many people are wondering,

Why Made in India is written on Smartphones of iQOO Chinese company?

You need to understand basic information about ‘made in India’ and country of origin first.

Made in India – If any foreign or Chinese company manufactures or assembles its products in India then that company needs to mention ‘made in India’ on a product.

No matter how many Indian Components or materials you use but if products assembled or manufactured in India then you need to write ‘made in India’ on the product.

Country of origin: It indicates where a product – produced, processed, or grown.

Therefore, you will see ‘country of origin’ India on some iQOO Smartphones because a company makes those smartphones in India. 

To understand more you can take Samsung Company as an example.

Samsung is a South Korean company that manufactures smartphones in India.

That is why Samsung’s smartphones called made in India and you see a country of origin ‘India’ on Samsung smartphones.

So, I hope you have understood about the country of origin.

However, if you still have doubts or questions, be sure to comment and I will try to reduce them.

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4. Is iQOO good company?

Definitely, IQOO is a good brand in the premium smartphone category. IQOO’s brand design, style, and advanced features give a different experience.

By now you have seen Chinese smartphone’s lower and mid-price mobiles. But iQOO company have launched their smartphones to fill the gap in the Chinese Smartphone price segment.

These phones provide you with a good gaming experience, 5G network, and higher processor as well as strong battery.

Overall, iQOO smartphones seem to be achieving the phrase “value for money” right now.

5. Conclusion on iQOO:

After reading all the above information, you must have understood that iQOO is a Chinese company.

I provided the necessary information about iQOO’s Country of Origin and manufacturing.

I always think that the consumer should get the product they want to buy.

If a person does not want to buy a product of a particular country or a company and they buy it by mistake due to lack of information, it is not right.

Not every product labeled ‘Made in China’ belongs to a Chinese company and similarly, not every product labeled ‘made in india’ belongs to an Indian company.

For that, you need to recognize the brands and that is why I am trying to give such information.

Let me know exactly how you feel about the information by commenting because the reader is very important to me.

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