Is iPhone 11 mobile made in India? and Which iPhone’s?

Last updated on March 25th, 2021 at 08:58 am

Is iPhone 11 mobile made in India? and Which iPhone’s?

Most commonly asked question,iPhone 11 mobile made in India?  

# Basic Information:

Apple is U.S.A-brand who has its manufacturing units across the world.

Initially, China was playing the main role in assembling parts of apple devices. 

faxcoon plant is a key partner for apple company. apple currently manufacture their phones in Shenzhen, China, and although across world countries like Malaysia, Singapore etc.

Now Apple took an interest in the Indian market and started manufacturing since 2017.

Additionally, the announcement of the new Apple iPhone 11 made in India has done in the year 2020,create big boost for make in India project. 

# Is Apple iPhone 11 mobile made in India?

“Yes” because apple has started making their phones at the faxconn plant near Chennai in year 2020. May create big support for make in India program.

Is Apple iPhone 11 mobile made in India
Image source – Apple india

# Which iPhone models are made in India?

Apple’s manufacturing began in 2017 in India and first model was iPhone SE.

In 2019 Apple started making iPhone XR in India.

And now the key manufacturer of apple’s arriving in India to start iPhone 11 manufacturing.

# How it’s beneficial for Indian manufacturing and employment?

According to News reports,

Apples started shifting some of the assembly lines from china to India.Hence,India will export $5 billion worth of iPhone in India, subsequently catering to the Indian market.

Also, such investment could provide up to 50000 jobs in just one year.

however,company not only looking for making mobiles but also focusing on the manufacturing of iPad, laptops, computers in future development.

so following possible benefits of India such as employment growth, financial growth, Indian branding, new investment etc.most importantly, helping the manufacturing sector in future .

while looking at past,iPhone produced in china under made in china identity and people are purchasing it.

therefore,small loss of china will be there but it will affect them more in the future.

# How is the Indian government supporting made in India manufacturing?

Government Initiatives:

As we all know the Indian government initiated make in India program, under this foreign countries can invest easily. also,manufacture their products using made in India identity.

Therefore today India growing in all the factors to make future better.

In additon,made in India companies like Micromax making comeback with new mobile launching by using PLI scheme (government scheme).

Micromax wants to compete in all the factors of Chinese mobiles.also, passionate to make more budget-friendly high-end feature phones.

Indian government launching new schemes to make India globally strong. but recently, i saw some of the people “so-called technical person” spreading negative thoughts in India,with tag “it’s impossible to avoid china”.

Yes, it’s difficult to avoid but don’t say impossible.I stand for my country, can you?



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