Is Hindustan Unilever an Indian company? Hindustan unilever which country brand?

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Hindustan Unilever – an Indian company or not? Anyone who heard this name for the first time will consider it an Indian company because; the name itself has ‘Hindustan’ in it. 

Don’t get confused in names & as consumers find proper information on it.

Most of the time we look at the company name & decide the origin of the company. Hindustan Unilever is one of the largest brands in India. Almost Every home in India uses their products.

Hindustan Unilever has a variety of household products & grocery products under different brand names. Surely, each one of us is a consumer. Why I’m saying this? Because sometimes we use sub-brand of Hindustan Unilever with different name & can’t recognize it. 

Some of our companies also have a partnership with Hindustan Unilever Company. From such partnerships they actually ruling market by making quality products. As a result, consumers express their satisfaction by using HUL products.

Presently, Hindustan Unilever operates in India through its subcategories. Don’t get confused as they have many sub-brands and sub-category products. Providing helpful info is my only intention behind this. 

Therefore, I decided to put the right data in front of you so that next time you don’t need to see anything about it.

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So let’s see the journey of Hindustan Unilever,

1. Is Hindustan Unilever an Indian company? Who is the owner of Hindustan Unilever?

Hindustan Unilever has reached the grassroots level with its products in India. Hindustan Unilever Ltd is a Mumbai-based company but it’s a subsidiary of British company Unilever. The headquarters of HUL is located in Mumbai.

Is Hindustan Unilever an Indian company?
Image – Hindustan Unilever Ltd


Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Company became the first Indian subsidiary company of Unilever, Introduced in the year 1931.

Along with that Lever Brothers India Limited (1933) and United Traders Limited (1935) were started. Later these firms merged to form one single brand HUL.

After HUL Company was formed, they decided to give some equity to Indian people as well. It became the first foreign company to offer 10% equity to the Indian public.

HUL Company started from small in India and now they have entered almost every category in consumer goods. They have made products in more than 20 consumer goods categories, so currently this company has become the market leader in India.

Hindustan Unilever Company’s products category has a plethora of household products. In short, this company has left almost no products that we use daily.

The reason for saying this is that HUL has more than 50 household brands like Lux, Lifebuoy, Surf excel, Rin, Wheel, Glow & Lovely, Pond’s, Vaseline, Lakmé, Dove, Clinic Plus, etc.

The company included numerous brands from the beginning to involve in every consumer goods category. HUL believes in growth but by involving others i.e. they believe in building a business together.

You can understand this from the next statement on the company’s official page. 

“Our 50+ brands in India are on a mission to do good. It’s been our goal – and part of our business. There’s still lots to do, but together, we can make sustainable living commonplace”, Hindustan Unilever limited.

1.1 Hindustan Unilever history:

1888 – The era of marketing branded FMCG products started.

1895 to 1937 – lifebuoy came after the marketing era & then pears, lux, vim, etc launched. Vanaspati launched in 1918 & later in 1937 dalda brand entered the market.

1956 – Hindustan Vanaspati, Lever Brothers India Limited, and United Traders Limited, these Three companies merged together to form HUL.

1900 to 1912 – In 1903, the Red label was launched in the country. Brook band & Co. India limited formed.

1947 – Ponds presence in India.

1972 to 1977 – Unilever acquired Lipton tea & Lipton tea India.

1996 – HUL and Tata company, Lakmé Limited, formed a 50:50 joint venture.

1998 – Lakme limited sold to hul.

2000 to 2002 – The government decided to award 74% equity to HUL. Later in 2002, HUL acquired the government’s remaining stake in Modern Foods.

2003 to 2004 – Direct to home business launch & ‘Pureit’ brand launched.

2008 to 2010- HUL completed 75 years of corporate existence in India & Head office shifted to Andheri, Mumbai.

2015 – HUL acquired Indulekha.

2018 – HUL did an agreement with Vijaykant Dairy and Food Products Limited (VDFPL).

2020 – Announced acquisition of Vwash.

2022 – HUL turnover Crossed INR 50000 crore mark. HUL started a new home care factory in Uttar Pradesh.

I have tried to present the long history of HUL in a short way. Here, I have referred to the official page of the company which contains information about HUL’s history. Therefore, if you want to be read in detail just click here on HUL history, it will direct you to the company page. 

Hindustan unilever ownership structure: Unilever Parent organization – Hindustan Unilever Limited (subsidiary) – Detailed explanation provided above 

1.2 Is Hindustan Unilever a British company?

Unilever is a British company that is the parent company of Hindustan unilever limited. Unilever Launched HUL as its subsidiary brand in India.

Summary of HUL:

Hindustan unilever owner country India but a subsidiary of a British company
Hindustan unilever ownerUnilever, London based British company
Hindustan unilever founderUnilever parent company
Hindustan Unilever headquarters Mumbai
Hindustan unilever CEOSanjiv Mehta 

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2. HUL brands & Hindustan unilever all products list:

HUL has home care, personal care, water purifier & food brands on their list. Recently, Hindustan unilever came up with a full range of cleaning & hygiene chemicals specifically formulated for professional use.

This new range of cleaning & hygiene chemicals used under its homecare categories. In such categories as cleaning & hygiene, HUL wants to expand business in tier 1 & tier 2 cities. 

So they are planning to launch a digital distribution channel. Hence it will be easy for company to reach small operators in India with the help of digitalization. Read more about this on

Hindustan unilever all products list: HUL sub-brands & Products

LuxSurf excelLifebuoy
Glow & LovelyVaselineLakmé
DoveClinic PlusSunsilk
Brooke BondBruKnorr
KissanKwality Wall’sHorlicks and Pureit
SimpleLove Beauty PlanetTRESemmé

 So on..

3. Final thought on Hindustan Unilever Company – Indian or British?

No doubt, Hindustan unilever is doing great work by developing quality products for our people. 

As we know HUL is a popular brand. we have been using their products in our day-to-day life for a long time & still, some of us don’t know whether its Indian or not.

I know there are so many brands in the market that trouble you in recognizing brand origin but HUL is a market leader. Hence, I am surprised, because people have more common questions about such old, popular & market leader brand. That’s why I always try to provide correct information.

As of now, HUL has created many products to satisfy Indian consumers & emphasis more efforts on continuous development. Likewise, HUL provided lots of opportunities through employment. Our people are working there to feed their families which is a great thing. 

I always write articles related to companies & products. Being a blogger, I really enjoy clearing your doubts & providing data regarding your questions. 

So, I will be happy if you respond in the comment section with your thought.

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