Is HCL an Indian company? HCL Company belongs to which country?

HCL – Indian company or Chinese? It is natural for you to ask this question because there are so many companies in the market.

We didn’t know about many Indian companies which is why we neglect many Indian brands.

It’s same in case of HCL Company and most people do not know about this company and therefore many people are looking for information about it.

We will cover frequently asked questions or quires about HCL like hcl founder, hcl full form, hcl products and many more.

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1. Is HCl an Indian company? Or Is HCl a Chinese company?

Is HCL an Indian company
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HCL technologies is an Indian software company that started in Noida. HCl Group, started in 1976, formed HCl Technologies, a company providing IT and consulting services. It’s headquartered in noida. Shiv nadir and Arjun malhotra are the founders of HCL technologies.

HCL Enterprises initially operated exclusively in Hardware Business. Further, HCL came into software services in 1991 through HCL technologies.

Shiv Nadar founded HCL. He started the company with six engineers with the aim of making personal computers. Later in 1991, it also started providing services for IT companies and expanded their IT services globally.

The company has offices in almost 50 countries. Along with that company expanded its research and development network globally. Now it’s working in almost every field with technology solutions.

Basically, its software company that provides technology solutions built around digital, automation, IoT, cyber security, Engineering, infrastructure and many more.

Clearly, HCl is an Indian company that operating in the IT sector. Therefore, HCl is not a Chinese company.

HCL details:

HCL Established date1976
Founder of HCLShiv Nadar,  Arjun Malhotra.
HCL products / Type of companyIT Company (Global)
HCL full FormHindustan computer limited
Headquarters of HCLDelhi.
The CEO of HCLC Vijaykumar
HCL company belongs to which country?India
In how many countries HCl operated?Operates more than 50 countries
Parent company of HCL HCL enterprise
HCL Entered into software business1991

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