Is fire-boltt an Indian company? Know Fire-boltt company origin, owner & other details

Fire-boltt – Indian company or Chinese? Consistently growing brand but people have some questions about the origin of fire-boltt.

Some people think fire boltt is not an Indian brand but that is not true. It commonly happens with every brand because we don’t have the proper information to identify Indian brands. Everyone thinks according to the information they have and decides brand origins.

Therefore wrong detail about brands leads to misunderstanding brand origin. As a result, many of us consider Indian brands as Chinese and Chinese brands as Indian.

So we will discuss every point about fire boltt in the article.

I will try to explain fire boltt origin country, owner, country of origin, manufacturing of products, and many more.

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1. Is fire boltt an Indian company? | Fire boltt company belongs to which country?

Fire-boltt is a Delhi based Indian company that started in 2019. The Arnav Kishore started the fire boltt brand with his sister Aayushi. Arnav & Aayushi are the founders of fire boltt. Globalite retail is the parent company of the fire boltt.

Is fire-boltt an indian company

The journey of launching fire Boltt is very interesting because Globalite Company was making footwear and they diversified the business into the electronic field through fire boltt brand. In 2011, Aayushi completed post-graduation and with the help of her father, she decided to implement the idea of globalite.

On the other hand, Arnav is also passionate to create something new in the field of sport and fitness. In 2015, globalite was a well-known brand in footwear. After that, they want to develop footwear with advanced technology.

Later, Arnav and Aayushi launched the brand fire boltt and today fire boltt is grown well in the field of fitness and sports.

Fire-boltt yet not started whole manufacturing in India as its new company. Most of the parts or products are outsourced from China. But I hope after good sales & profit they will try to develop manufacturing unit for making pure made in India product.

Fire-Boltt company details:

Fire-boltt origin countryIndia
Owner of Fire-Boltt Arnav Kishore and Aayushi Kishore
Fire-Boltt established date2019
Fire-Boltt headquarters Delhi

2. Is fire-boltt made in India? Country of origin concept

Delhi-based company fire boltt manufactures some products in India. So these products are made in india. As boltt never started fully manufacturing in India most of the parts or products of the company were outsourced from China. That’s why products or parts that boltt imports from china are tagged with the label “country of origin – china” as per norms.

Country of origin:

If any company imports products or parts from another country then that company needs to mention the name of the company on imported products.

For example:

Samsung is a South Korean company and it manufactures products globally. Samsung is a well-known brand worldwide and in India also. In India, Samsung has a big manufacturing hub where they manufacture Samsung smartphones. So you will find made in India tag and country of origin-India tag on the Samsung smartphones.

Here we can see a country of origin indicates products making journey means (Where a product is grown, produced, processed).

As I said, the boltt is a sub-brand of Globalite Company. Globalite was selling shoes and after good business, they diversified into fitness brand boltt in 2019.

Recently, Fire-boltt has been the leading brand in the smart-watch category. Boltt games does the work of making products or importing products.

We need to understand such small companies because they are new in the industry and from the start, every company will look to create a network, publicity, sales, finance, infrastructure, etc. Initially, they may didn’t have so much capital and sources for starting the whole manufacturing of products in India. Therefore, not only Indian companies but for companies from other countries also initially look for outsourcing manufacturing of products or parts.

Yes, we are expecting Indian companies to make made-in-India products but this is not going to happen in one day.

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3. Is Fire-boltt a Chinese company? | Are boltt products made in china?

Fire-boltt is an Indian company and not a Chinese one. People misunderstand Boltt Company as Chinese because of the country of origin – china wrote on most of the products. But that is not the case.

I have already explained to you about ‘country of origin’. Every product made in china tag can’t be from a Chinese company. Similarly, every product with made in India tag can’t be from an Indian company.

Suppose any Chinese company makes or assembles products in India by importing parts from china then that product will have a tag made in India. Hence, made in India tag on the product does not indicate the products company origin.

You have to understand this while borrowing any product. So, Don’t get confused about the brand and its origin.

4. Conclusion on Fire-Boltt:

I think you have understood almost everything about fire boltt. I don’t think you have any more doubt about it. If you have any please comment and ask me anything.

I always try exploring Indian brand information because many of us don’t know the story of a brand.

For purchasing a perfect product, you need to have proper details of brands and products. So, after purchase, you don’t need to regret it.

I hope you understood everything. I believe in buying a country product as the priority. You’re also one of them those who always try to buy Indian products. That’s why you are here.

At last, I will say, do let me know your thoughts in the comment section. I am here to listen to you and communicate with you.

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