Is Crossbeats an Indian company? Crossbeats made in India or China?

Crossbeats – Indian company or Chinese company? many people have this question because of confusion between brands and their origin country.

Crossbeats is one of the strong emerging brands in India but does not have so much recognition in the market. As a result, consumers don’t have proper information about it.

We see many brands in India but it has become very difficult to identify the exact Indian brand. Difficultly means that customers get confused while choosing brand because market filled with numerous brands who troubles them more in identifying brand origin country.

On the other hand, consumers get very confused between the place where the product was made and the country where the brand was started.

That is, they do not know the difference between ‘Origin Country of Brand’ and ‘Country of Origin’.

They generally consider the country of origin as a brand origin. Therefore, we have to take information about brands. For that the clear idea about any brand is very important.

Accordingly, we will see about Crossbeats origin country, Indian manufacturing, and country of origin, etc.

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1. Is Crossbeats an Indian company? Or Is Crossbeats a Chinese company?

Crossbeats is a Bangalore-based Indian company that makes smart wearables, speakers, and headphones.

The company was started in 2015 and is headquartered in Bangalore. The founders of Crossbeats are Archit and Abhinav Agrawal.

The Crossbeats brand is starting from a small level and reaching a new height and it is all due to ‘abhinav’ who has become the driving force for this brand.

Abhinav Agrawal himself is a music lover and he is very fond of music. He has been playing the tabla since childhood and he has also got a Prabhakar degree in it.

Is crossbeats an indian company?
Image – Crossbeats

Before this brand, Abhinav had set up Anahad Foundation. In it, he went to many new villages across India to learn about music.

The brand came to the market in 2015 with wireless headphones. Currently, they have entered the smart wearable segment. Crossbeats always ensure about style, design, quality, technology, unmatched features and built making them reach brand for enthusiasts and active lifestyle people.

Both the brothers saw the demand for wireless headphones in the market. Wired headphones are not comfortable for people living fitness, physical maintain and active lifestyle.

That’s why Crossbeats is trying to bring wireless headphones to the market so that there is no sacrifice in listening to music even while doing fitness or other activities. So both the brothers started an Indian brand called Crossbeats for this active world.

“The idea here is to not just provide some earphones but to give individuals music that motivates and inspires them to elevate their active lifestyle,” mentions Archit Agarwal, Co-founder, Crossbeats, as per startup siliconindia report.

In 2020, they launched other three products and smartwatches with BP monitors, heart rate trackers, and Spo2 analyzers.

Therefore, Crossbeats is an Indian company based in Bangalore and started in 2015 and is growing day by day.

2. Is Crossbeats made in china? | Is Crossbeats made in India?

Bangalore-based Crossbeats mostly imports parts or products from China to India. Crossbeats has not yet fully developed manufacturing in India. So you mostly see Crossbeats products ‘Made in China ‘. Also, some of the components may be made in India but we can’t say anything because one product is made up of many parts.

2.1 Crossbeats made in India?

Crossbeats designs, styles, and innovative products in India. The Crossbeats team develops products passionately to fulfill healthy lifestyle choices and satisfy consumers. Crossbeats products are designed and developed in India, but the manufacturing is currently done from outside, especially from China. So Crossbeats currently doesn’t have completely made-in-India products but I believe they will start making products in India.

You may have wondered why Indian companies do such manufacturing from China. So one thing to keep in mind is that it is not just the fault of the companies because manufacturing is not so simple, it takes thousands of parts and it is not possible for every new company.

So your question is,

2.1.1 Why do Crossbeats manufacture in China? 

Any company whether it’s Indian or foreign needs to maintain the cost of products with other aspects. Initially, no company can enter the market with all the money or they are not so financially strong.

Therefore, they are increasing the investment by taking the market forecast. Then new small Indian companies like Crossbeats could not start manufacturing in India in the beginning. On the other hand, in a country like China, making products was happening at a very reasonable price in earlier times. That is why companies were started outsourcing products from china. 

At the same time, the companies were benefiting from tax benefits, low-cost products, low labor costs, etc., due to the manufacture of products in China. Manufacturing is very important in India at present, but in the past, companies did not get much support from the government also.

You need to understand that making any product is not an easy part. Therefore, companies like Crossbeats, which are currently manufacturing in China, will be able to increase their products and sales in the future.

After that, they will manufacture in India with the money they get because now there are many benefits of manufacturing in India. India is currently creating a conducive environment for manufacturing.

So this is a brief answer to your question.

Recently, Crossbeats have come into the public eye, and because of this; their expansion is also increasing rapidly. There is no doubt that the company will develop further and become financially strong.

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3. Why did we found made in china on Crossbeats products? | Difference between Origin country and country of origin

If any company makes or assembles products in china then a company must mention the name of china on products as made in china. In similar way, Chinese company need to mention name of India (made in India) on products if that Chinese company does manufacturing or assembly of products in India.

Now let’s look at the concept of country of origin,

Country of origin – It indicates where a product is processed, produced, or grown.

That means country of origin indicates product-related journey. Generally, people fail to understand this and consider the country of origin as a brand origin.

For example –

Oppo smartphones – It has a manufacturing unit in India where oppo smartphones are assembled or made. Therefore those Smartphones will label with made in India tag. Not only that you will find ‘country of origin’ India. But that does not mean oppo is an Indian company.

Similarly, you will see Made in China on some of the products that Crossbeats brings to India from China.

4. Conclusion about Crossbeats – Indian Company or Chinese?

I have tried to clear a lot of things about Crossbeats. Now you know that Crossbeats is not a Chinese company but an Indian company.

At the same time, I have explained both the things that made you confused, such as made in china angle or having ‘country of origin’ china on the product.

Now you know from where it comes on products and how to identify product origin and brand origin. So you need to understand these all things and be aware of products, brands, etc.

I do share all the information for consumers who mistakenly buy products that they don’t want to. After reading the information, if they want buys it then it’s ok because a consumer has their own choices and requirements about buying products.

I think I have provided you with enough information but if you have any more doubts or queries then feel free to comment.

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