Is boult a chinese company? boult made in china or India?

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I have read and heard many times that a lot of people understand Boult Company to be Chinese. So, Is Boult a Chinese Company? Many people ask such a question.

The reason why people understand Indian company as Chinese is because they do not know the concept of ‘Country of Origin’ and assembly product.

Such a thing causes loss to many Indian companies. Sales of small companies like Boult Audio are having a huge impact.

So I decided to write about Boult audio so that misinformation about this brand would not spread again.

In this article, I will give you all the following information you need about Boult audio.

  • Boult company origin country
  • Boult audio company owner

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Let’s move towards our main topic,

1. Is boult a Chinese company? Boult company belongs to which country?

Boult audio is an Indian company which is based in Delhi. Varun Gupta started Boult Company in 2017. Before starting the Boult, Varun Gupta has worked in the business fields, marketing and advertising field and also as a business consultant. So Boult audio is not a Chinese brand but an electronic and audio device maker from New Delhi, India. Currently, The Varun Gupta and Vinod Kumar Gupta hold the position of directors.

Although it is a small company, it designs, develops and manufactures/assembles products from the very beginning.

Is boult a Chinese company?
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Boult products are made in which country? 

Boult company’s headphones are mostly made in China, but some are also made in India. The Boult audio private limited is manufacturer of electrical equipments. However, Boult Audio does not yet have a fully developed manufacturing facility that can produce audio or fitness devices that are entirely manufactured in India. Every business needs time to build fully manufactured in India items, and no company can achieve this in the early going. Similarly, it applies for Bould audio.

Boult Audio’s products are well designed and stylish with premium quality. Especially this company is launching many products at affordable prices and you will get to see many variants of headphones and earbuds.

Boult products consist of headphones, speakers, wireless devices and smartwatches, etc. So all such products are either imported or made or assembled by Boult audio. 

Following question is also covered in the same above topic, Boult bluetooth earphones made in which country?

Who owns Boult audio? Who is the owner of the Boult company?

The degree holder and business expert, Varun Gupta, is the owner of Boult Audio Company. Varun Gupta is a computer science and B-tech degree holder and has also completed a business education from IMI (International Management Institute), Delhi. In 2012, varan Gupta started Brand hawkers – E- retail management consultancy – E- commerce solutions, marketing and advertisement service providers.

Prior to founding Boult Audio, Varun Gupta had experience holding manager roles and working for businesses, which aided him in laying the Boults’ foundation very well.

Boult audio company owner–Varun Gupta founder and CEO of Boult company.

Summarized information of Boult audio:

The founder and owner of Boult – Varun Gupta 

Boult company origin country – India

Established year of Boult – 2017

Boult company products – Neckband, True Wireless, Headphones, Wired, Speakers, Smart Watches

This is all about the company. Next, we will clear the concept of ‘Country of Origin and Made in China’.

If you have any more questions or concerns, be sure to comment.

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2. Why is ‘made in china’ written on boult headphones despite being Non – Chinese company?

First let us know the basics about the concepts of ‘Made in China and Country of Origin’ so that you can understand quickly.

Country of origin – It indicates where a product is produced, processed and grown.

Made in china – If any Indian or foreign company manufacture or assemble products in china then its mandatory for company to mention the name of that country on the product.

For example –

Sony a Japanese company manufacture or assemble some of its headphones in china so that headphones labeled with made in china tag.

I think from this you can understand why ‘Made in China’ and ‘Country of Origin’ China is written on Boult’s product even though the Boult Company is not Chinese.

Hence, do not consider Indian company as Chinese based on any misinformation as it will cause loss to Indian company.

3. Boult vs boat which one better? Is boult and boat the same company?

Both Boult and Boat are Indian companies. Both the companies have created different positions in the market. Boult and Boat thus belong to the same country, India, but they are not the same organizations. Of course, Boult and Boat operate in the same market sector—the electronic, audio and fitness device business—but they are two separate companies.

Boult vs boat 

Boult Audio offers headphones, speakers and earbuds with premium quality at a very low and medium price. On the other hand, the Boat offers high-quality headphones, speakers, earbuds and sound bars with medium and high price. Both brands offer quality headphones but Boult bluetooth earphones are currently price sensitive, better sound quality and long battery life. Although, it depends on a particular consumer choice because every consumer has different selection criteria like design, sound quality, features and price. 

Take example of boat – One who selects headphones on design criteria will select boat because they design headphones with advanced and comfortable shapes.

The products of both the companies provide the right products according to the price. I have read Boult Company Review as well as Boat Company and people are always saying good things about it.

Who is the brand ambassador of boult audio?

Actor Vicky Kaushal is currently the on board brand ambassador of Boult Company. Being a young and energetic actor, Vicky Kaushal made a quick connection with an audience. He has a huge fan following, especially among the youth, and that’s why Vicky Kaushal immediately connected with this audience after becoming an ambassador.

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5. Conclusion on Boult is a Chinese company or not:

It is now clear to you that BOULT audio is not a Chinese company.

You always avoid Indian companies on the basis of ‘boycott Chinese products’ that import parts from China or assemble products in China. But it’s not the right thing always.

If you want Fully Made in India products in the future, you need to buy products from Indian brands.

I have tried my best to tell you all possible information regarding the Boult audio company. 

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