Is boat a chinese company? where are boat headphones manufactured?

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People have little confusion about the origin of boat company and manufacturing. Mostly people ask, is boat a Chinese company? So I am going to explain everything about Boat Company origin and its manufacturing.

Similarly, “Made in China” on boat headphones raises a lot of doubts. The country of origin of boat headphones—whether they are made in China or India—confuses many buyers. That’s why people don’t understand where are boat headphones manufactured?

After reading my article, you will no longer be confused about ‘boat’ products and its origin. I will try to cover all points about boat company such as Boat company owner, boat company production details, boat headquarters, Boat company origin, Boat manufacturing updates, etc.

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Now we will move towards main topic,

Is boat a Chinese company? Boat company belongs to which country?

Boat is an Indian company which is based in Delhi. The company was started in 2016 and legal name of the company is Imagine Marketing Pvt. ltd. Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta are the Boat company owners. The founders of Boat, Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta, first established Imagine marketing Pvt ltd in 2013 before introducing the flagship brand Boat in 2014.

Aman Gupta is the CEO and co-founder of the boat and he truly acts as a driving force in the development of the boat company.

Is boat a chinese company?
Indian brand- Boat


After the launch, people responded positively to the boat company products by appreciating its quality from the very beginning.

According to reports, the boat company’s revenue in 2019-20 was around Rs 500 crore. The company plans to double its revenue by 2024.

Recently, in 2020, the boat company has reached as the fifth largest wearable brand in the world. Not only that, it is the first Indian company to do so.

Most importantly, the boat has raised $100 million from the New York-based Pincus firm. The investment will go toward boat manufacturing and research facilities in India.

As a result, you will soon see many of the boat company’s ‘Made in India’ headphones in the market. In the next point, I have given detailed information on this.

Currently, the boat company has launched some Made in India headphones and you can buy them.

Boat all set to Acquire TAGG digital, Indian electronics brand:

Now Boat was in the final stage to acquire the Delhi-based Consumer electronics company Tagg digital, according to some news reports. 

Tagg is an Indian brand that makes products such as wireless earphones, headphones, smartwatches, speakers and Buds.

The boat and Tagg had been discussing this in the last year. Overall, the boat company was taking steps to acquire the ‘Tagg brand’. Regarding this, you can read the whole report on Entrackr.

This is all about the boat and its ongoing development.

So, Boat is an Indian Company and not a Chinese one.

Highlights of boat company details:

Boat company is from which country India
Established year 2015
Boat company owner Aman gupta and Sameer Mehta 
Boat company headquarters Delhi, India
Products of boat Speaker, headphones, smart and fitness   wearables, etc.
Boat company foundersAman Gupta and Sameer Mehta
Parent company of boatImagine marketing Pvt. Ltd

But one question remains here: why do we find ‘Made in China‘ written on ‘boat headphones‘?

Let me clear it in the next question.

Where are boat headphones manufactured?

Boat earphones / headphones are completely designed in India. According news report, currently some products of boat are made in India, but majorly China does the manufacturing of boat headphones. So, 90% of boat headphones or products manufactured in china and Vietnam. They provided almost everything on the boat company’s official website regarding their reliance on Chinese manufacturing. Although it’s true, boat company recently expressed interest in manufacturing in India and plans to produce 30–40% of its products in-house by 2024.

The boat is not the only company that manufactures in Chinese factories, while many companies in the world are manufacturing there.

There are a lot of reasons behind this. One of the reasons is that China has a lot of sources of manufacturing at a reasonable price and this has become an important reason so far because any company looks at its financial situation from the beginning.

The company has decided to make a lot of changes due to the bad impact of disease like covid-19 as they have to bear a lot of losses as they are dependent on China during this period.

Boat stopped taking shipments as soon as China started the lockdown, and India started the lockdown when China started the recovery phase. As a result, the Boat says some of its products were stuck in China in the first half of this year.

The boat realized that it would not be better to completely dependent on China alone. Like other companies, they need to shift manufacturing to Vietnam, Singapore, the Netherlands and India.

Aman gupta said, we will start manufacturing unit of our headphones in India in upcoming years. 

Is Boat made in India? Is boat headphones manufactured in India?

Yes, some products or headphones of boat companies are made in India, but not all. With making joint venture with Indian manufacturer Dixon technologies in 2022, Boat will have 360 Advantages for manufacturing in India. Earlier, they announced first TWS wearable made in India. Also, boat given some idea about future manufacturing development in India and as per news reports, around 30-40 % products of boat will be manufactured in India by 2024. However, the majority of components and products created outside of India are in China, Vietnam, and other countries. Among these countries, china is the major manufacturer of Boat products and currently(2022) around 10% of products made in India. Boat company is definitely doing well, but you need to understand that nothing will produce in India in a single day or night; it takes time. 

Why boat headphones are made in china?

is boat a chinese company

Sometimes a company doesn’t have proper finance, infrastructure, skilled employment and other sources. That’s why they manufacture their products in other countries.

But don’t take it negatively because all foreign brands also manufacture in china.

According to rule, if any company manufactures their products in other country, at that time they have to mention their name as made from that country. Also, it is mandatory to mention the country of origin.

As boat manufacture their headphones in china, as per rule that company needs to mention manufacturer’s name as made in china. 

The Government of India has made this rule so that the customer should get complete information about the product and after that there should be no problem in buying them.

The Government E-Marketplace imposed this rule on all companies.

Understand a concept, if ‘Boat’ did assembly or manufacturing in China, so that doesn’t mean boat company is Chinese.

Secondly, the design and most of the rest done by the boat company itself and since it is an Indian brand, you need to buy them.

Mainly, we need more made in India products to strengthen the Indian supply chain. Let’s hope for the better future.

Is Boat made in china? 

Yes, the majority of boat devices, speakers or headphones are manufactured or assembled by its Chinese partners. Boat is significantly dependent on China in order to maintain the price of product, supply chain, and product efficiency, according company’s report. Similar to this, major suppliers for boat product components include China, Vietnam, and other nations. Meanwhile, manufacturing in India is now being emphasized by them and they are heading towards making strong production capabilities in home country.

Boat Company to start manufacturing in India (Reducing Chinese dependency) :

As I told you earlier, the boat company realized that it would not be able to rely solely on China due to the supply chain disturbance caused by China in covid-19.

Therefore, they have considered manufacturing in the rest of the country as well. Recently, they have raised funds to invest money in India 2021. Let’s know more about that.

The boat company has raised $ 100 million from Warburg Pincus, a New York-based private firm.

The company will use the capital to invest in R&D and to set up local manufacturing, said Aman Gupta, co-founder, and CMO, boAt.

The company also said that the government production linked incentive PLI scheme will also help in manufacturing. This PLI scheme will help in making Made in India products.

“The PLI scheme will create a level playing field for Indian producers and players for some time with the Chinese. We have taken some baby steps. In the next two-three quarters, we will see some products coming out of India, but the combination of outsourcing and in-house manufacturing is expected to account for about 50-60 per cent of manufacturing in India, ” said, Mehta, co-founder of the boat, TOI report.

They will now make a solid start to manufacturing in India with the aid of a new joint venture with Dixon Technologies. Dixon technologies is an India’s leading manufacturer of electronic products. By 2024, the boat company wants to increase more manufacturing in India and produce 30 to 40% of products in-house.

From this info, we understand that the future plans of the boat are very strong for manufacturing in India. It will take some time to start completely in India, but there is no doubt about to happen.

The company has taken the first step, so there will be a gradual growth in manufacturing.

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Conclusion about boat company: Indian or Chinese?

You may have understood that a boat is an Indian brand. So don’t waste your time on deciding whether the “boat” is a Chinese company or not.

Now many things have changed. Indian companies are investing heavily in the manufacturing sector. At the same time, many companies shifted from china to India.

They are currently manufacturing in China, but we should still support this Indian brand. Because only if you support them today, they will start manufacturing plants in India from the same profit in the future.

As a consumer, you can choose the product you want. Always check the availability of Indian brands made in India products first and try to buy them. 

Other Indian brands besides boats, like Mivi and fireboltt, also started manufacturing in India to some extent.

So it’s all about boat company. Do share your thought in the comment section.

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    • thanks for making comment. I got your point. I’m happy that Indians like you are very positive about Indian companies. Yes, boat will start manufacturing soon in india and also raised some funds for it that i mentioned in article….
      Also boat recently launched some made in India earphones. You can check it in the article best made in india headphones to buy, on my site.
      Definitely with time they will bring all made in india product range.
      But we must support them through buying their products because it will not happen in one day or night. Any company needs lots of things to manufacture any device and money is one of the most important factor among them. So we can provide simple contribution just by buying their products.
      Jai hind.

  1. It is Chinese product which is bought to india and by applying tag of company they sell it in india .. many companies do this and says it is indian company but actually it is not . It is Chinese product by changing brand name

    • Thanks for asking your question. one thing i want to correct in your sentence. First of all, boat is Indian company but products they manufacture in china have country of origin-china but that does not mean boat is Chinese company.
      Secondly, boat products are made in china but now company raised funds to start R&D center and setting up manufacturing in india. lets hope they will start manufacturing as soon as possible.

  2. Oh my god I changed my mind set because I bought boat sound bar in filpcart recently when I see manufacturers in China I am very disappointed know I search on Google boat company it’s Indian🇮🇳 company am so happy

    • Thats great.

      Thanks for making comment and understanding my point..

      Most important thing, now you know that boat is not Chinese company.

      Second thing currently boat have some range of headphones which are made in india but not so many…

      Currently, most of the boat products are designed in india and manufactured in china but they are trying make changes in manufacturing. That is why we need to support thier products.

      It will be good for boat company if they start manufacturing in india and other countries.

      Actually we need our own strong supply chain and for that indian companies need to start manufacturing more products in india. Because made in india products from indian companies is always best option to buy.

      According company, they will start manufacturing in other countries like singapur, veitnam and india in next 2-3 years. Already company made steps for it by raising some funds for r&d center and manufacturing unit in india.

      we all need do understand that It’s is not going happen in one day or night as it requires heavy investment.

      Let’s hope they will make more made in india products.

  3. Thank you for such an amazing article! You cleared all my doubts regarding BoAt brand.
    Hope to see more articles like these!
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  4. There are not many sources about ‘BoAt starting manufacturing plants in India’.
    I was able to refer only one article which is the TOI report provided in the article.

    Can you please share the list of sources for the same?


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