Is ambrane an Indian company? Is Ambrane made in India?

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Ambrane is an emerging and leading brand in India. Ambrane is from which country and is Ambrane an Indian company? These two questions are always asked.

The reason behind asking this is simple, people have become accustomed to seeing things like whether the brand is Indian or not, whether it is manufacturing in India or not.

People are reluctant to use Chinese products because of some wrong things that China has done, as well as the bad effects on people’s lives due to diseases like covid-19.

Sometimes a lot of people avoid Indian brands because they make products using parts from China or other countries.

But one important thing to keep in mind is that small or large companies do not have easy access to manufacturing in India due to lack of money and material resources in the beginning. Now lets come to the point.

People want a lot of information like Ambrane country of origin, Ambrane company owner and many more. So here i am to explain everything about Ambrane brand.

That is why I usually try to write about many such brands. Please do not avoid any Indian brand.

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Let’s move towards our main topic,

1. Is ambrane an Indian company?

Is ambrane an indian company?
Image source – Ambrane India

Ambrane is an Indian electronic company that started in the year 2012. Ambrane a Delhi based company founded by Ashok Rajpal.

At first it was not a company but a mobile accessories shop. This shop went on to become a company.

In 2014, Ambrane launched its first manufacturing unit. Ambrane became the first Indian company to open manufacturing for mobile accessories.

Ambrane currently has three manufacturing units in India. Mainly, it is a company that has been supporting both ‘vocal for Local’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiatives from the very beginning.

Ambrane’s main signature product was the power bank and according to the company, it is now number one in the power bank category.

Power bank is their main product but they have started expanding the product range.

The focus of the Ambrane Company is more on manufacturing in India. The company’s future visions will be beneficial for India and the company.

Ambrane’s power banks are ‘made in India’ and you can buy them without any hesitation.

In the trimmer category in India, you know that there is a lot of room for development.

This company has become admirable as it has many times expressed its desire to include in its products the Made in India trimmer category.

So, Ambrane is an Indian company that seeks to increase manufacturing and make in India products.

Who is the owner of Ambrane?

Ashok Rajpal is the owner of Ambrane India. Ashok Rajpal turned the mobile accessories shop into a big visionary company. In fact, Ashok Rajpal’s journey so far has been very inspiring and challenging.

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2. Ambrane power bank made in which country?

Is ambrane an indian company?
Image source – Ambrane India

Ambrane Power Banks are made in India. It is the only company that has started manufacturing Power Banks in India.

Ambrane manufactures a large number of electronics products in Haryana.

Despite being a small company, it started manufacturing from scratch and is now making its name in the market as ‘Made in India’ Power Banks.

The rest of the products belong to the company but not all of them are manufactured in India and the company does not say so anywhere. So do not spread negativity about the company.

It is clear from the overall interviews and future planning that the company will soon make the rest of the electronics products in India as well.

“We already have three manufacturing facilities in the North. And considering the global anti-China stance, we are looking to ramp up manufacturing further and also add new product categories,” Said by sachin Railhan the director of Ambrane India an interaction with moneycontrol.

A lot of people when buying Indian brands say they are ‘Made in China’, they bring parts from abroad and talk a lot like that.

But making a device was not so easy. Today you just talk but did you know that companies have a lot of needs like Raw Materials, Financial, Components, Skilled Labor, Machines and land.

If an Indian company uses a Chinese part in making a product, you do not buy it. On the other hand, you buy from Chinese companies like Realme and Xiaomi by looking at the ‘Made in India’ tag and taking the company to number one.

Their Made in India tags are just names, they import all the parts from China.

That is why I am saying, why don’t you avoid Chinese companies as you avoid ‘Made in China’ Indian products.

3. Ambrane Indian company future plans for increasing made in India product range.

I have read many interviews, documentaries and stories of Ambrane Company. So, I felt that the overall ambrane company was developing and fulfilling its objectives.

The company actually saw a lot of growth in Lockdown due to the anti-China campaign and the heavy use of mobile internet.

Power banks were not made in India, so the company recognized this opportunity and entered to create a different identity. The company benefited from this and also got the satisfaction of providing ‘Made in India’ product to the consumer.

Similarly, Raihlan, director of Ambrane at moneycontrol, has said that no one is currently manufacturing in the Made in India trimmer category, so completely Made in India trimmers are not available. Hence, this will be a good Opportunity or space.

In short, the company is trying to make the most of its products in India. Ashok Rajpal, managing director and founder of Ambrane, also had a very good experience, market survey and intention and it is often seen in his speech.

Ashok Rajpal says that many small companies are making components and developing. In India, even when there is a shortage of raw material and money, many companies are turning to manufacturing and we all need to support them. Many companies have reduced their imports of Chinese parts and started making them in India, but they need your and the government’s support to grow.

While many companies are manufacturing in China, Ambrane wants to create a distinct position in manufacturing.

4. Conclusion on Ambrane is Indian company or not:

I have clarified that ambrane is an Indian company and also tried to tell about their visions and future planning.

We all talk easily about a company’s product but don’t look at the company’s efforts behind it.

Today, Indian brands need support and we should support them. Because, its the only way from which we can achieve the ‘self-reliant vision’  that we want.

Keep in mind, Indian company can’t make a ‘made in India’ products in one day or one night. This is a very big process and very time consuming. So don’t spread negativity about any Indian product.

Some people just say wrongly about Indian products that don’t buy the Indian product labeled with tag ‘made in China’ and on the other hand they buy the product from Chinese brand.

All I know is that the factors that are bothering the country are bothering me. I am a citizen of this country so whatever benefits India and develops India will always be right for me.

In my opinion, don’t avoid any Indian brand because not everything changes in one day. If you support, an Indian company like Ambrane then company will grow and also the country. 

This is my opinion. However, you can take your own decisions.

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      Not sure About earbuds of ambrane because currently Ambrane makes power banks in india…so ambrane power banks are made in india….

      So apart from ambrane power bank other products of ambrane mostly made in china…


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