Indian tv brands: list and details of made in India TVs

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I will give complete information about Indian tv brands and made in India TVs, such as manufacturing and origin of Indian tv companies.

Many of you may also know that Indian tv brands also use some Chinese parts in making tv.

Because of this, some Indians do not buy them. But then why buy a Chinese brand products instead if you really want to avoid China.

Many companies in the world import parts from China. Likewise, China also imports parts from other countries.

Companies cannot always manufacture all the parts, be it Indian or Foreign Company.

The reasons behind this can be many such as financial, skilled labor, land, and so on. So, don’t avoid any Indian brands on some boycott Chinese sentiments only.

I personally believe supporting Indian brands must be the first priority for every Indian.

We will talk about this later, but for now, let’s take a look at the Indian TV brands list and Indian tv Company Brands.

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1. Indian tv brands list made in India:

  • Onida
  • Videocon
  • Lloyd
  • Micromax
  • Intex
  • Cloudwalker
  • BPL 
  • T-series

2. Manufacturing and origin details of Indian tv brands:


  • Onida:

Indian tv brands: list and details of made in India TVs
Indian tv company Onida

Onida is an Indian TV company also known as MIRC Electronics. The two people G.L Mirchandani and Vijay Mansukhani started the company in 1981 in Mumbai.

The company specializes in home electronics applications such as air conditioners, televisions and washing machines, etc.

Onida currently has manufacturing units in Maharashtra and Uttarakhand with a capacity of 4.4 million TVs and 2.4 lakh washing machines.

The company started the assembly plant in 1982, shortly after one year of the launch. Going forward, Onida became a trusted and home-grown brand in India.

Also, some units are imported from China, but there is nothing wrong with that. Because not only Indian companies but also companies in the world are taking material from other countries.

It takes a lot of things and parts to make any device. Not every company has them, so companies import from another country.

Every company can’t manufacture all the parts, so not only the companies of Foreign but also the companies of China import parts from other countries.


  • Videocon:

Indian tv brands: list and details of made in India TVs
Indian TV company Videocon

Videocon is an Indian company who has headquarters in Mumbai. In 1985, Aurangabad based Nandlal Madhavlal Dhoot founded and incorporated Videocon International.

Videocon is a company that supplies its products all over the world. Along with consumer electronics, the company has made inroads in other sectors such as power, oil, and DTH.

Videocon is the largest Indian TV company brand with 17 manufacturing plants worldwide. All these units are in five countries – India, China, Italy, Mexico, and Poland.

Videocon already has an Internet TV manufacturing unit in Indian factories in Aurangabad. They also have a manufacturing plant in Tamil Nadu to manufacture home appliances.

Videocon has a total of 11 manufacturing plants in India. After acquiring the Thomson CPT business, Videocon has become one of the largest brands in the world for manufacturing color picture tube (CPT).

Similarly, Videocon who manufactures CRT is considered to be one of the major brands in the world.

The company was initially set up for the business of trading in paper tubes. Then in 1987, the company introduced black and white tv, color tv, and washing machine.

Most importantly, the company decided in 1988 to do high purchase and investment activities.

From 1988-90, the company started manufacturing home appliances, electronic motors, and air conditioners under Videocon.

In 2004, Videocon Leasing and Industrial Finance Ltd. renamed to Videocon Industries Ltd.

It’s made in India tv company with largest manufacturing hub in India and foreign countries. 

  • Lloyd:

Indian tv brands
LLOYD by Havells

Is Lloyd an Indian company?

Llyod has been acquired by Havells, an Indian company, in 2017.

In fact, Llyod’s arrived in India in 1956 as a joint venture under Federer Lloyd’s. Going forward, however, the brand became solo as it was acquired by BR Punj Group in 2007.

Then in 2017 Lloyds became an Indian brand because it was owned by an Indian company called Havells.

The specialty of Lloyds is to provide advanced and highly innovative products along with standard quality.

It has a manufacturing plant in ghiloth, Rajasthan. Lloyds’ consumer electronics products are manufactured at the Giloth plant.

The havells has manufacturing plants in India located at Neemrana, Haridwar, Baddi, Sahibabad, Assam, Alwar, and Faridabad. 

Almost all of Llyods’ parts were imported from China before Havells acquired Lloyds. After acquired by Havells India Limited, the company decided to do local manufacturing.

After 2017, the company started manufacturing components required for consumer electronics at the Giloth plant. Since then, Lloyds’ products have used about 60% Indian components and 40% Chinese materials. This means that the company began to reduce its dependence on China.

Of the 40% of Chinese goods imported, only compressors and controllers were included.

At present, the company has also started manufacturing controllers, so 70-80% of Lloyds’ parts are from India.

So the company has completely reduced its dependence on China and whatever 20-30 % uses it may be completely discontinued in the future.

Most importantly, the company has built a base of 3 million happy users in a short span of time.

  • Micromax:

Indian brand Micromax

Micromax is an Indian company which is based in Haryana, India. Rahul Sharma is the co-founder of this company and he has done a lot of development in last few years.

Micromax entered the electronic manufacturing space in 2000. After that, the company entered the television industry and made good money there.

Micromax had started a production facility for television in Uttarakhand. At that time, it had initially started making televisions with an investment of around Rs 100 crore.

Micromax has also seen growth in consumer electronics since 2015. Their revenue in 2019 was around 4500 crores.

Micromax has also increased its contribution to the sector from 20% to 30%. It was expected to generate revenue of Rs 5,400 crore by 2020.

The company received a good response from the people in the tv segment and in this category the company has good reviews on Amazon.

In fact, in 2020, Micromax launched a new Smartphone series with a new ‘Atmanirbhar Vision’.

Well, Micromax’s goal is to gradually reduce its dependence on China with the help of the government and the people, and soon the entire product will be manufactured in India using Indian materials.

In the Smartphone category, they have already reduced dependency. All the newly made Micromax phones are made in India.

  • Intex:

Indian tv brands
Indian TV company Intex

Intex is an Indian company that started in 1996 in New Delhi. The company initially Famous in the Smartphone category and later started making home appliances, accessories as well.

Narendra Bansal is the founder of Intex Technologies Limited. He also identified the potential and growth in India for IT hardware as there was not much competition in the sector at that time and all were newly emerging industries.

The company started domestic manufacturing in Himachal Pradesh in 2004 when the Make in India program was launched. In Himachal Pradesh, it has two manufacturing units at Jammu and Baddi.

At the same time, the company provided training and employment to many local youths and helped the local vendors to develop as much as possible.

They also have three manufacturing units in Greater Noida for which they have invested Rs 1,500 crore.

Intex has come to be known as a good Indian tv company among other tv brands.

One of the special things about Intex is that its electronic products are affordable along with the quality so that no common man will feel that the price is too high.

After the launch of Chinese smartphones and Jio, the smartphone industry competitors grew and Intex did not get much revenue in this smartphone category. On the other hand, Intex Company saw greater growth in the consumer electronics sector.

Intex investment in consumer electronics,

According to some news reports, the company had made Rs 1,200 crore in business consumer electronics in 2018. In this business, Intex got almost 60% growth.

That’s why the company has shifted its focus from smartphones to consumer electronics. But that doesn’t mean they’ve decided to discontinue Smartphone manufacturing because the company hasn’t said so yet.

The company had also invested Rs 500 crore in Greater Noida for manufacturing air conditioners and washing machines along with mobiles.

That is why I am saying that you must not be always avoided Indian brands thinking that everything is made of Chinese material and Made in China.

The rest of the countries are taking the help of other countries for the supply of some materials and parts. Similarly, India also imports from other countries, so China is one of them.

  • CloudWalker Company:

Indian tv brands
Indian company CloudWalker

Cloudwalker is a home-grown Indian start-up company that established in 2013. The company works related to technology and digital solutions by involving businesses like content marketing and content discovery engine, large screen e-commerce, business to business conferencing platforms, etc.

Cloudwalker Company founded by a team of content producers, technologists, content marketers. Jagdish rajpurohit is the CEO of the clouwalker company.

The focus of this company is to develop solutions on products that interact and engage with the consumer/audience in an advanced way.

Cloudwalker brings the kind of innovation and advanced features to the TV segment that can be used for any purpose, be it home entertainment, office work, education, and much more.

Cloudwalker New TV offers you a multi-tasking screen, Revolutionary BURST TV soundbar, AOSP certified OS system for Android-based TVs, etc.

At present, the company’s net worth is around Rs 150 crore.

  • BPL India:

Indian tv brands

BPL is an Indian electronics company that manufactures televisions, washing machines, microwave and refrigerator along with heath care equipment’s.

The full name of this company is British Physical Laboratories (BPL). This name confuses many people but it is an Indian company.

Initially, the company had a joint venture with a British company, and the name of the company was British Physical Laboratories.

In 1963, this new and independent Indian company came to be known as BPL India. The company started in Kerala and T. P. G. Nambiar is the founder of BPL India.

In 1980, BPL started manufacturing televisions. The company then partnered with Sanyo to develop technology and infrastructure. But later in 2009, the Sanyo partnership broke down because Sanyo was shut down.

This caused a lot of loss to Bpl’s tv business and after that BPL put more emphasis on making medical equipment and other products.

Earlier, the company had a total of 28 factories in operation but now only three of them are operational. These factories are located in Bengaluru and Palakkad.

In 2016, BPL re-entered the market with the online selling platform Flipkart. Again the company started making consumer electronics products. The company used Bangalore and Himachal Pradesh facilities to manufacture or assemble electronics components for televisions.

Since then the company has offered some good models of tv and even today the company is doing well. At the same time, BPL is expanding into other consumer durables and let’s hope it grows further.

  • T-series:


The name of T-series well known to almost everyone. Gulshan Kumar started T-series in 1983. It is a YouTube channel related to music and (songs, videos, trailers) entertainment.

T-Series started making TV and as it is a famous brand, it did not need much marketing. T-Series TVs are manufactured at its own Super Cassettes Industries Pvt Ltd Mumbai.

3. Best smart TV made in India to buy:

Smart TVs are similar to regular TVs but their smartness can be seen in their features. Smart TV has all kinds of advanced features available such as portable device connectivity, mobile connectivity, internet connectivity, screen resolution features, and Android platform.

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3.2 Made in India led TV list to buy:

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4. Why some parts of Indian TV brands are Chinese?

You all know how far behind the Indian electronics sector was a few years ago. Even now it is lagging behind but to a lesser extent due to good and rapid development in the Indian electronics sector.

The resources required by the companies were not available in India and the companies themselves were not capable of generating those resources.

Companies were not capable which means no company can invest much in the beginning because not all the funds are immediately available so the company invests by generating income slowly.

Now, what exactly are the resources?

Resource means that the company needs a lot of things to build a device, such as finance, raw material, government support, Land or infrastructure, skilled labors, proper electricity, and much more. 

Also, the parts or components needed to make a device is equally and main important resource.

If you have never made a device yourself in your life or don’t know how to make it, it would be easy to just point the finger at companies and say negative things.

Let us take an example of an Indian TV Company.

Suppose a new Indian TV brand is going to start making a TV, it will need the following parts: Picture tube, Antennae input and output device, Display panels, Receivers and sensors, Computer chips, Metals, Plastic components and much more.

Being a brand new company, some companies could not make everything in India, so they import parts from another country.

As we all know, component and manufacturing has been always provided cheaply by China.

Therefore, not only Indian companies but companies from all over the world were importing parts from them.

However, this picture has changed since covid-19. Many companies have been shifting from China since the government started supporting them in India.

So one thing to keep in mind is that many Indian companies are now looking for other alternatives for the material.

These companies are doing well. So keep in mind that you are doing financial loss to the Indian brand by saying only negative things and pretending that you know a lot.

I know that Indian brands should set up material supply chains as soon as possible or be made available by foreign countries rather than china so that we become independent. But it is important to understand that this process does not happen overnight.

The CEO and director of Kodak TV Company Avneet Singh marwaah have given an interview to Financial Express. In this interview, he has told everything about the Indian TV electronics sector.

Super Plastronics private limited Kodak brand has licensee under Eastman Kodak main American company. They have a manufacturing facility in India where complete Made in India TVs manufactured.

“Our country has no alternatives or factories of raw materials, and relies solely on China,” said Avneet Singh Marwah, Director, and CEO, Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd, a Kodak brand licensee, to Financial Express Online.

“We support the government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat vision,” he said. Also, we make completely Made in India, TV.

The government is making strides in the electronics sector due to Scheme like Productive Linked Incentives. If the government launches such business-oriented schemes in the future too, an “Atmanirbhar Bharat vision” will surely come true.

5. Major changes in manufacturing of Indian TV brands 2020-2021 (reducing dependency on china):


The government has taken an aggressive stance because of China’s bad behavior and violence against Indian soldiers in Galwan Valley.

The government banned 49 apps of China initially and 118 apps after a month later.

Gradually, the government wanted to reduce its dependence on China, so the government introduced the PLI scheme, ‘Atmanirbhar vision’, and vocal for local programs.

After that banning, the government also imposed restrictions on color TVs, which were heavily imported into India from China.

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), an arm of the commerce and industry, issued a notification in 2020 amending the import policy of colour television (TV) from free to restricted category.

The only strategy to achieve this is to increase domestic manufacturing.

Until now, 35% of TV imports were from China and Southeast Asia. For this reason, the government has imposed restrictions on imports.

This sudden decision has forced Indian TV companies to start manufacturing in India.

Many Indian companies, such as Lloyds (havells), Intex, Cloudwalker, and Onida, have made changes and additions to domestic manufacturing.

There is no doubt that these changes will bring good employment and transformation in the Indian electronics sector.

6. Conclusion about Indian tv brands :

Indian TV companies are now becoming self-sufficient. All this development in the Indian electronic sector is positive.

Some self-proclaimed technicians misrepresent that some Indian tv companies imports and assemble parts from China so I don’t buy this product.

I mean, if you’re technically strong, you don’t know that not all the parts needed to make a device are maybe not available at that company or in that country.

However, Foreign companies also buy parts from other countries. For your kind information So-called Indian technical people, I would like to tell you that your favorite country China also imports parts from other countries.

I agree that China imports less than India. But India is changing now, so give some time to develop India.

I also agree that some Indian companies, despite being old, do not pay much attention to component manufacturing from the very beginning. Even if this is true, at present Indian companies are correcting such mistakes to some extent.

Of course, everyone wants Indian brands to create material and component sources as soon as possible. Let’s hope they make it soon.

So, don’t spread negative things about Indian companies. Because it is not easy to make a device, so talk only if you have some information.

You say everything must be made in India, then you should support Indian companies first because you don’t do it yourself and blame the country, the government.

If you have any query, feel free to make comment. Also, Don’t comment only to make debate on irrelevant things to this topic because 90% people like to talk only rather than real support.

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