Indian smartwatch brands: List of smartwatch manufacturers in India

A lot of consumers are looking for information about Indian smartwatch brands or the list of smartwatch manufacturers in India.

That is why I have tried to give you brief information about the Indian Smartwatch brands that you want.

In addition, the foreign companies that make smartwatches in India are also included in this information.

Since there are many brands in the market, some consumers need information to identify Chinese brands. So, I have also given a list of them here.

I try my best to get the product that the customer wants. If you have any questions or doubts after reading, do comment and ask.

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1. List of smartwatch manufacturers in India:

2.1 List of Indian smartwatch brands:

  • Titan
  • Fastrack
  • Zebronics
  • Fire – Boltt
  • GOQii
  • Lcare
  • Noise


  • Titan:

Indian smartwatch brands
Image source – Titan

Titan is an Indian company that started in 1984. It is the fifth largest watch manufacturer in the world.

Titan Company Limited manufactures fashion related products such as watches and fashion accessories. Titan Group and TIDCO started a joint venture company called Titan Watches Limited.

Later, the company launched two brands, Tanishq in Jewellery and Titan Eye Plus in Eyewear.

Titan has a manufacturing unit in Hosur and three assembly units in North India.


Its sub-brand of titan company.

Titan parent company FoundedSubsidiaries
Tata group1984Sonata, Tanishq and jewellery

  • Fastrack:

Image source – Fastrack

It is an Indian company. Fastrack was launched as sub-brand of titan but later spun off from it and now working as separate brand. Now it works separately under the ownership of Tata Company.

Mainly, Fastrack targeted youth fashion and growing fashion segment in India.

Fastrack parent companyFoundedHeadquarters
TATA (Titan)1988New Delhi, India

  • GOQii:

Indian smartwatch brands
Image source – GOQii

GOQii is an Indian company that provides Fitness band and fitness coaching as service.

Currently, company only design and develop products in India but manufacture those products in china.

This company also wants to start making products in India. Overall, it looks like they will start manufacturing in India as soon as possible. Actually further statement of vishal gondal who is founder of GOQii shows the clear intention.

“Currently GOQii is designed and developed in India and manufactured in China. However, responding to the clarion call of Honourable PM Narendra Modi’s Atma Nirbhar Bharat, GOQii is committed to move manufacturing to India,” GOQii founder and chief executive Vishal Gondal said. Read whole report on Theprint.

GOQiiFounded FounderHeadquarters
Indian brand2014Vishal GondalCalifornia

  • Zebronics:

Image source – Zebronics

Zebronics is an Indian company that manufactures Mobile accessories, IT peripherals, Audio products and many more. Also, company makes smartwatches but mostly they made them in Chinese factories.

That is why you see country of origin ‘china’ or ‘made in china’ on some Zebronics devices.

Indian brand1997Rajesh DoshiChennai

  • Fire-Boltt:

Indian smartwatch brands
Image source – Boltt

Fire-Boltt is a homegrown Indian leading brand in the fashion, fitness, audio and other electronic segments.

The fire company manufactures variety of products such as audio devices, fashion and fitness products, etc.

Fire Boltt products are incorporated, designed and launched in India. Also, fire research & Development and innovation center is based in India, which designs all the products.

Indian brand2015Ayushi and Arnav kishoreNoida

  • Lcare:

Indian smartwatch brands
Image source – Lcare

Lcare is an Indian consumer electronics brand. Its Mumbai based company established in 2016.

Lcare FoundedFounderHeadquarters
Indian brand2016Mrs. Noopur DhumanMumbai

  • Noise:

Indian smartwatch brands
Image source – Noise

It’s an Indian electronics company. Mostly noise products are designed in India but manufactured in china.

Indian brand 2014Amit and Gaurav KhatriHaryana

  • Ambrane:

Image source – Ambrane

Ambrane is well known Indian brand for making Made in India Power Bank. It also manufactures other Acceserious products but this brand is more famous for Power Bank in India.

But Ambrane smartwatches do not appear to be manufactured in India. We hope that just as they have made power banks, cables and other products in India, they will soon make smartwatches in India.

Indian brand2012Ashok Rajpal

2.2 List of Non-Chinese smartwatch brands – manufacturers in India

  • Samsung – South Korean

Manufacturing of smartwatches: India, Brazil and America, etc.

  • Fossil – America

Manufacturing of smartwatches: Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan, china.

  • Fitbit – USA

Manufacturing of smartwatches: It was manufacturing in china but now started shifting production out of china.

  • Garmin – America

Manufacturing of smartwatches: U.S, China and Taiwan.

  • Timex group – parent company Timex corporation USA

Manufacturing of smartwatches: India, US, Switzerland and China, etc.

  • Apple – America

Manufacturing and assembly of smartwatches: USA, china, etc.

Apple takes or imports parts needed to make its own products from many countries around the world. So you can’t tell exactly where the parts of a particular product came from or where they were manufactured. Note that ‘Apple’ does not depend on one country for manufacturing.

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3. List of Chinese smartwatch brands:

  • Amaze fit smartwatch
  • Realme smartwatch
  • Mobvoi smartwatch (Ticwatch)
  • Oppo smartwatch
  • Oneplus smartwatch
  • Mi (Xiaomi) smartwatch
  • Huawei smartwatch
  • Gionee smartwatch
  • Realme smartwatch

4. Conclusion about Indian smartwatch brands:

I have explained to you about the Indian smartwatch brands. Also, I have tried to give a list of foreign brands that manufacture smartwatches in India or other countries.

The information you need is ‘List of Smartwatch Manufacturers in India‘. So, along with Indian companies, I have also included some foreign companies that have been manufacturing in India.

It is a good idea to look for such information as a consumer and try to buy products made in our country.

The most important thing is that you try to buy Indian brand products by giving first preferences. Many people buy Made in India products of foreign brands (non-Chinese) if they do not find the right or needed product in the Indian category and in fact it is good option in terms of strengthening the Indian supply chain.

Further, if we don’t find right product in above options also then you can go for rest of the options.

I hope you have found the information you need. Do share your thought, in comment section.

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