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When I search for the term Indian earphone brands and read information related to made in India earphones, I feel like I have read half or dissatisfied information about it.

So, people wanted know many things about India earphone brands given below,

Hence I decided to answer your all questions with full of details that you want. I can assure you that after reading whole article you will not have any doubt and question about made in India earphones/ headphones.

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So let’s start with one by one point,

1. Why do we find ‘made in china’ on some Indian earphone brands?

I think this is the most important question because; almost all Indian consumers are going through this question when buying Indian headphones.

When you buy some of the Indian headphone brand you may find ‘made in china’ written on it.

The reason behind this is that when a company manufactures its products in another country, whether it is an Indian or a foreign company, it is mandatory to write the name of that country on the product.

For example, Boat is an Indian company but its headphones are manufactured in China. That’s why it says ‘Made in China’.

But that does not mean the boat headphones are brand of china. Most importantly, other things like design, style, features, price, R&D are all done by ‘boat company’ itself.

So, don’t give all credit to china and don’t avoid Indian brand without knowing proper information.

If we ignore the Indian brand due to the misconception that these brands belong to China, then we are supporting China and not India.

indian earphone brands


Why mandatory to write the name of a manufacturing country or country of origin?

Actually, it’s a rule of government. According to GEM (government e-marketplace), “It is mandatory for seller to enter the ‘country of origin’ while registering all new products on GEM”.

If any company does not follow this rule then that company products will be removed from the platform.  

2. List of Indian earphone brands made in India (Indian origin):

  • Mivi
  • Evidson
  • Boat
  • Signature acoustics
  • Portronics
  • Zebronics
  • iBall
  • Ubon
  • Leaf
  • Crossbeats

3. ‘Manufacturing’ and ‘country of origin’ of Indian earphone brands:


In this section I will cover three points given below,

Earphones manufacturing companies in India

Made in India Headphone Company

Made in India earphone brands

indian earphone brands
Indian origin earphone brands

# Mivi headphones:

Is mivi a Chinese company?

Mivi is an Indian company that started with make in India program. It was started in 2015 by the couple viswanadh kandula and midhula devbhaktuni.

The MIVI brand name is made up of the first two letters of the couple’s name, (mi)dhula and (vi)swanadh.

Vishwanand Kandula felt that there was a slight shortcoming in the Indian electronics sector in providing affordable and quality products to the common man.

He had worked for an American export company and his wife was working for a software company. So, based on that experience and knowledge, both decided to launch an electronic brand in India.

It is a Hyderabad based company. Mivi does all the work from design to R&D, to make headphones but Mivi headphones/earphones are manufactured in China, India and South Korea.

So when you buy a some Mivi brand products, you may find ‘Country of Origin’ China.

Recently in December 2020, mivi launched its first made in India Bluetooth speaker. This Bluetooth speaker made completely in India. Actually mivi made fully product in India for the first time i.e. from designing to manufacturing.

That means another Indian company stepping towards ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat vision’.

Mivi is one of the Indian earphone brands that is trying to make products fully made in India. This is a good start.

# Evidson headphones:

Evidson is an Indian earphone brand that started in the year 2015. It is a subsidiary of j Lawrence pro audio equipments.

It has the main headquarter in Cochin, Kerala where the brand came into existence.

Evidson has been designing and manufacturing headphones in India from the very beginning. They do not make or import headphones from China.

That means evidson does all the work in India, from design to manufacturing. Therefore, Evidson does not rely on China like other brands.

Most importantly, after the launch of Evidson headphones, people responded well to the company and also appreciated it for being affordable.

So evidson is the made in India Headphone Company. Similarly, India is the ‘country of origin’ of evidson.

# Boat headphones:

Is boat an Indian company? 

Boat is an Indian brand that started in the year 2015. The company was established in delhi and Aman gupta is the CEO of Boat Company  

Boat headphones are designed in India and manufactured in china.

Boat Company makes the quality headphones with reasonable price range and they continuously making advance changes in the headphones to be a better brand.

Hence, boat headphones got well reputation and appreciation from the Indian consumer.

Recently in 2020, the boat company has reached as the fifth largest wearable brand in the world. Not only that, it is the first Indian company to do so.

So, Boat is an Indian headphone company and is currently manufacturing headphones in China. So, you will find China as the country of origin. But don’t worry because they will definitely shift from China to India.

Overall, in interviews and other presentations so far, Aman Gupta has shown some interest in shifting the manufacturing unit from China.

Aman Gupta said, “covid-19 taught us that we can be working closely with manufacturers in Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia and reduce the dependence on China”. 

Out of all the Indian earphone brands, Boat is a well known and leading brand.

# Signature acoustics headphones:

Signature Acoustics is an Indian company based in Navi Mumbai. ‘SA’ company launched by Gautam Banerjee in 2010.

It is a well-known brand in the Indian and foreign market. Signature acoustics manufacture headphones in china and India.

‘SA’ is especially known for perfection and high quality. That is why; ‘SA’ brand has demand in foreign countries also.

The signature acoustics is made in India Earphone Company. As we know, ‘SA’ makes its headphones in both countries china and india. So, you will find Country of Origin India on some headphones and China on some.

# Portronics headphones:

Portronics is an Indian leading company that makes earphones and other gadgets like sound speakers, chargers, etc. The company launched in delhi by Jasmeet Singh Sethi.

Portronics company makes its headphones in india and china.

They are always striving to provide a variety of advanced features to Indian customers. Therefore, the portronics company has been making steady progress in the Indian market and its revenue has been increasing every year.

Using these earnings, I believe that in the future they will come to be known as the ‘Pure Indian Brand’ and will never depend on China.

Portronics is also one of the Indian earphone brands like Mivi which is trying to make products fully made in India.

# Zebronics headphones:

Zebronics is an Indian company who has headquarters in Chennai. 

Zebronics company is manufacturing its headphones in China.

It was started in the year 1997 but Despite being such an old company, its products are not yet pure made in India.

I think after so many years, they needed development. They need to increase manufacturing in India, but let’s hope that change will happen soon.

# iBall headphones:

iBall is another Indian company similar to zebronics. It has headquarters in Mumbai.

The iBall brand was launched in 2001 and Anil Parasrampuria is the owner of this brand.

It’s an old brand but only 25% of parts are from India and the rest are imported from China.

Even after making a profit for so many years, they did not think of doing full manufacturing in India.

The company said we have more than 100 million user base. 

Hence, I always think with such a large user base, why they didn’t start manufacturing 100% in India.

# Ubon headphones:

Ubon is an Indian company which is based in Delhi. The company launched by om Prakash Arora in 1999 and has become a prefect example for a family bussines.

It has manufacturing units in Delhi and Noida. There are many variants of this brand in electronic products.

It is also one of the biggest brands in the Indian electronics sector.

Ubon was initially importing all the parts from China but now Ubon has stopped importing and currently only a few charger USB pins are taken from China.

Today ubon makes 99 % of its products in India and this is great. They are planning to open a third manufacturing unit for Bluetooth speakers.

I am glad that they are working hard to create and use the material in advance.

That means in a true sense they support our ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ vision.

# Leaf headphones:

Leaf is an Indian brand that started in the year 2015. The leaf brand lunched by IIT student group in Delhi. This brand working for increasing the quality of headphones. According to the company, they have the same high-quality earphones as big brands and even better quality than those brands.

It has manufacturing unit Delhi and also some of the headphones imported from china by leaf Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

# Crossbeats:

Crossbeats is an Indian brand that is based in bengaluru. Mainly, the brand is focused on making wireless earphones and high range headphones. There is not much documentation available about this brand, so I have given information as much as I can.

Manufacturer/ packer/ Importer – Sellbrite digital LLP, Bangalore.

Country of origin – china.

4. Best made in India earphones among Indian earphone brands to buy:

I have picked some made in india earphones (Indian earphone brands) for you. Almost all headphones i used personally, so i am giving following budget friendly earphones and you can choose as per your choice.

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5. Conclusion on made in India earphones and Indian earphone brands:


We must know the following basic concept first,

Made in India

Made in china

Country of origin


Made in India – If any company manufactures its own products in India, even if it is a Chinese or foreign company, it is mandatory to write ‘Made in India’ on those products as per the rules.

For example, chinese companies like Xiaomi and Oppo manufacture mobiles in India. Therefore, these smartphones called ‘Made in India’. But this does not mean that Xiaomi and Oppo are Indian brands.

Made in china – if any company manufacture its own products in china, even if it is an Indian or foreign company, it is mandatory to write ‘Made in china’ on those products as per rules.

For example, boat and iBall company manufacture headphones in china. Therefore, these headphones called ‘made in china’. But this does not mean that boat and iball are Chinese brands.

Country of origin – it indicates the where a products is manufactured, produced and processed.

Let’s come to the main topic Indian earphone brands.

As we all know, it takes a lot to make a device and not every company can make it.

Now the reasons behind this impossibility are different such as financial difficulties, government support, lack of skilled workers and lack of proper lands.

Due to all these problems, many Indian and foreign companies relied on China for cheap production.

But it has become obsolete because there have been a lot of changes made in the manufacturing sector in India right now.

So Indian companies are now expanding manufacturing in India and becoming self-sufficient.

You need to buy Indian products and support them because they can use the same money for their development.

In the end, if any Indian company’s product has ‘Made in China’ written on it, don’t avoid them.

Because they are Indian products and their benefit will be more for India.

We see and avoid products that say ‘Made in China’, but we never see whether the company is Indian or Foreign.

On the other hand, you are avoiding Indian products and buying Chinese products as Indian brands. So China has always benefited from all this.

Instead of buying a 100% headphone brand from a Chinese company, it would be better to buy an Indian headphone brand that makes headphones in China. As it is an Indian brand, the money will stay in India.

By doing all this, I don’t know whether China will be in profit or in loss, but I can confidently say that India will definitely be in profit.

Do share your thoughts on this by making comment. I feel happy when you share your feeling or thoughts through comment.

Support India. Jai hind


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