Complete list of Chinese apps banned in India: Permanent ban on 59 Chinese apps

Last updated on October 2nd, 2022 at 12:34 pm

China’s behavior has become the biggest issue in India in recent years. When the government turns the phrase ‘Chinese apps banned in India‘ into a decision, there were many reactions in the country.

First of all, a lot of people wanted a list of Chinese apps banned in India.

Some people consequently feel that the decision to ban Chinese apps was a wise one. On the other hand, some people did not like this decision. So I’m going to explain all that.

Similarly, people wanted to know all the reasons behind banning these Chinese apps.

After reading the article, you have to decide for yourself what is right for the country.

You know why the anti-China sentiment has started. Rising tensions between China and India, the Galwan valley clash, and many more things are responsible for this.

Initially, government did not completely ban Chinese apps but gave them some time to work within the rules and regulations. But that didn’t happen, so the government banned 59 Chinese apps and gradually added some permanent bans. For your kind information, Its not ended yet.

In 2022, the government citing (national security) banned more 54 Chinese apps. So i also provided the list of Chinese apps banned in India 2022.

This very vast article so you can use table of content if you want reach directly to your query. 

Let’s move towards our main topic,

1. List of 59 Chinese apps banned in India:


2. UC Browser


4.Baidu map



7. Clash of Kings

8. Shein

9. DU battery saver

10. Likee

11. Mi Community

12. YouCam makeup

13. CM Browers

14. Virus Cleaner


16. APUS Browser

17. Club Factory

18. Xender

19. Beutry Plus

20. Newsdog

21. UC News

22. WeChat

23. Weibo

24. QQ Mail

25. QQ Music

26. Bigo Live

27. QQ Newsfeed

28. SelfieCity

29. Mail Master

30. Parallel Space

31. Mi Video Call – Xiaomi

32. Meitu

33. ES File Explorer

34. Viva Video – QU Video Inc

35. WeSync 

36. Vigo Video

37. New Video Status

38. DU Cleaner

39. Vault- Hide

40. Cache Cleaner DU App studio

41. DU Recorder

42. DU Browser

43. Hago Play With New Friends

44. Cam Scanner

45. Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile

46. Wonder Camera

47. Photo Wonder

48. Vmate

49. We meet

50. Sweet selfie

51. Baidu translate

52. QQ Player 

53. QQ International

54. QQ Security Center

55. QQ Launcher

56. U Video

57. V fly Status Video

58. DU Privacy

59. Mobile Legends

Chinese apps banned in india
List of 59 apps banned

2. List of 118 Chinese apps banned in India:

  1. APUS Launcher Pro- Theme, Live Wallpapers, Smart.    
  2. APUS Launcher -Theme, Call Show, Wallpaper, HideApps.
  3. APUS Security -Antivirus, Phone security, Cleaner.          
  4. APUS Turbo Cleaner 2020- Junk Cleaner, Anti-Virus.
  5. APUS Flashlight-Free & Bright.
  6. Cut Cut – Cut Out & Photo Background Editor.
  7. Baidu.                                                                
  8. Baidu Express Edition.
  9. FaceU – Inspire your Beauty.               
  10. ShareSave by Xiaomi: Latest gadgets, amazing deals.
  11. CamCard – Business Card Reader. 
  12. CamCard Business.
  13. CamCard for Salesforce.                        
  14. CamOCR.
  15. InNote.                                                              
  16. VooV Meeting – Tencent Video Conferencing.
  17.  Super Clean – Master of Cleaner, Phone Booster.
  18. WeChat reading.
  19. Government WeChat.                               
  20. Small Q brush.
  21. Tencent Weiyun                                          
  22. Pitu
  23. WeChat Work                                              
  24.  Cyber Hunter
  25. Cyber Hunter Lite                                        
  26. Knives Out-No rules, just fight!
  27. Super Mecha Champions                      
  28. Super Mecha Champions
  29. LifeAfter                                                           
  30. Dawn of Isles
  31. Ludo World-Ludo Superstar                  
  32. Chess Rush
  33. PUBG MOBILE Nordic Map: Livik      
  35. Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade        
  36. Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon
  37. Dank Tanks                                                    
  38. Warpath
  39. Game of Sultans                                         
  40. Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures And Videos
  41. Smart AppLock (App Protect)         
  42. Message Lock (SMS Lock)-Gallery Vault Developer Team
  43. Hide App-Hide Application Icon          
  44. AppLock
  45. AppLock Lite                                                
  46. Dual Space – Multiple Accounts & App Cloner
  47. ZAKZAK Pro – Live chat & video chat online           
  48. ZAKZAK LIVE: live-streaming & video chat app
  49. Music – Mp3 Player                                  
  50. Music Player – Audio Player & 10 Bands Equalizer
  51. HD Camera Selfie Beauty Camera   
  52. Cleaner – Phone Booster
  53. Web Browser & Fast Explorer              
  54. Video Player All Format for Android
  55. Photo Gallery HD & Editor                      
  56. Photo Gallery & Album
  57. Music Player – Bass Booster – Free Download       
  58. HD Camera – Beauty Cam with Filters & Panorama
  59. HD Camera Pro & Selfie Camera       
  60. Music Player – MP3 Player & 10 Bands Equalizer
  61. Gallery HD                                                     
  62. Web Browser – Fast, Privacy & Light Web Explorer
  63. Web Browser – Secure Explorer         
  64. Music player – Audio Player
  65. Video Player – All Format HD Video Player    
  66. Lamour Love All Over The World
  67. Amour- video chat & call all over the world.    
  68. MV Master – Make Your Status Video & Community
  69. MV Master – Best Video Maker & Photo Video Editor       
  70. APUS Message Center-Intelligent management
  71. LivU Meet new people & Video chat with strangers           
  72. Carrom Friends : Carrom Board & Pool Game-
  73. Ludo All Star- Play Online Ludo Game & Board Games  
  74. Bike Racing : Moto Traffic Rider Bike Racing Games
  75. Rangers Of Oblivion : Online Action MMO RPG Game    
  76. Z Camera – Photo Editor, Beauty Selfie, Collage
  77. GO SMS Pro – Messenger, Free Themes, Emoji    
  78. U-Dictionary: Oxford Dictionary Free Now Translate
  79. Ulike – Define your selfie in trendy style           
  80. Tantan – Date For Real
  81. MICO Chat: New Friends Banaen aur Live Chat karen   
  82. Kitty Live – Live Streaming & Video Live Chat
  83. Malay Social Dating App to Date & Meet Singles    
  84. Alipay
  85. AlipayHK                                                        
  86. Mobile Taobao
  87. Youku                                                              
  88. Road of Kings- Endless Glory
  89. Sina News                                                     
  90. Netease News
  91. Penguin FM                                                   
  92. Murderous Pursuits
  93. Tencent Watchlist (Tencent Technology)        
  94. Learn Chinese AI-Super Chinese
  95. HUYA LIVE – Game Live Stream       
  96. Little Q Album
  97. Fighting Landlords – Free and happy Fighting Landlords          
  98. Hi Meitu
  99. Mobile Legends:
  100. Pocket VPN for TikTok                             
  101. penguin E-sports Live assistant
  102. Buy Cars-offer everything you need, special offers and low prices   
  103. iPick
  104. Beauty Camera Plus – Sweet Camera & Face Selfie       
  105. Parallel Space Lite – Dual App
  106. Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC       
  107. MARVEL Super War NetEase Games
  108. AFK Arena                                                       
  109. Creative Destruction NetEase Games
  110. Crusaders of Light NetEase Games  
  111. Mafia City Yotta Games
  112. Onmyoji NetEase Games                        
  113. Ride Out Heroes NetEase Games
  114. Yimeng Jianghu-Chu Liuxiang has been fully upgraded 
  115. Legend: Rising Empire NetEase Games
  116. Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Games      
  117. Soul Hunters
  118. Rules of Survival

3. India imposed a permanent ban on 59 Chinese apps in jane 2021:

No new Chinese apps have been banned in India in 2021, but the government has permanently banned the 59 apps that were temporarily banned last June.

At present, the government has banned these 59 Chinese apps permanently and has not said anything about the rest of the apps.

Recently in 2022, government citing (national security) decide to ban 54 more Chinese apps in India.

4. Why are Chinese apps banned in India?

Reasons behind chinese apps ban:

First of all, let me tell you the basic information about cyber attacks and hacking in India.

“India is ranked third among list of countries globally where most of the threats were detected and it is second in terms of targeted attacks,” Tarun Kaura, Director, Enterprise Security Product Management, Asia Pacific and Japan, Symantec said.

According to Nasscom’s Data Security Council of India (DSCI) report 2019, India witnessed the second-highest number of cyber attacks in the world between 2016 and 2018.

You may have heard from news that according to the reports received in 2021, 3.17 lakhs of cyber crimes in India have taken place in these 18 months, the government has said.

According to some reports, Chinese cyber attackers alone have attempted to carry out about 50,000 cyber attacks on personal data, informative and banking sites in India.

But when tensions start on our border between India and China in June, there have been a lot of cyber attacks.

In short, these cyber attacks are already happening, so it was necessary to take some steps to stop them.

Indian government on Chinese apps ban:

Tensions between our Indian and Chinese forces on the Ladakh border escalated, resulting in the casualties of some soldiers from both countries.

At the same time, the Indian government has been told by many organizations and companies that the number of cyber attacks in India has been increasing in the last few years.

During this period of tension, there was an increase in cyber attacks and a lot of attempts to steal data.

Ministry of Electronics and Information said that apps were banned for involved in activities “Prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order,”

These apps blocked or banned under section 69 A of the Information and Technology (IT) Act.

The government first banned 59 Chinese apps and then 118 apps.

The first 59 apps included the most famous app TikTok and the second 118 apps included the pubg game.

Further, in November 2020, 43 new Chinese apps banned in India. You can read full report about all on Indianexpress.

After banning these Chinese apps, they launched clone apps of some Chinese apps. As a result,  47 more Chinese apps has banned by the government.

In 2021, the government permanently banned 59 of these apps due to lack of user data security and transparency.

They provided space for the developers or owners of these apps to present their cases. But because of their lack of clarity and half-baked responses, the government imposed a permanent ban on them.

Is banning apps going to cause us huge economic loss?

If not, then why should apps ban be such a big topic. You always say that all parts, apps, and products should be made in India.

On the other hand, if any company or government takes such a step, you ask a thousand useless questions. If there are good decisions for the country, then everyone needs to support them.

Last but not least, I never write for the benefit of politicians or anyone. But I support any person, company, or government who decides the welfare of the country.

5. Chinese apps banned in India advantages and disadvantages:

In Life, every decision has advantages and disadvantages. But some decisions like the Indian government taken about apps have long-term advantages except ongoing disadvantages. In any case, you need to look at both sides of the coin.

I just tell you everything so that everything is clear in front of you. Many people say that banning Chinese apps is useless.

Some people say that the ban on these apps is a wrong response to the tension between Chinese and Indian soldiers in the Galwan valley.

I read a lot of documentaries, articles and even saw the news & videos, but no one gives a definite opinion. So it would be wrong for us to decide what is true and what is false.

Whatever it may be, when it comes to the country, I prefer to stand by India, and then the rest is not important to me.

If we think for the future by neglecting current issues, then we will reach our vision of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.


1. First and most important – Security of our data and other details.

2. Keeping data safe will help to secure the nation and our soldiers.

3. The profit gained by a company will remain in the Indian market.

4. Boost for local apps maker & developer.

5. With time we will become Atmanirbhar and self-reliant.

6. Reducing cyber attacks.

7. Practical call for a vocal for local – Using Indian apps.

8. Competition for Indian app maker will come down.

9. It will reduce Chinese apps users.

10. Most importantly, Indian security and data will remain secure, which will keep our India safe.


1. Initially, we did not immediately have Indian apps to replace all the Chinese applications. Some apps are designed for replacement only, but they are not as flexible or usable.

2. People who work as developers or employees for apps have lost their source of income or jobs.

3. Loss of Content creators or people who use apps as platforms for showing their talent. Lots of users come from rural or local areas and made big names but now they don’t have such a platform. For example Tiktok and Helo. 

However, other alternative apps are there but building an audience again and regain that same stability was not an easy part.

4. A concern of other non-Chinese companies in India that import parts from china.

5. There are many Indian apps in which Chinese firms provide funds, but the Chinese firms that provide such funds may be affected negatively. So, we cannot say anything about whether these will have any effect or not.

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6. Impact of ban on Chinese apps in India:

Following are the impacts of ban on chinese apps:

1. Apps ban impact on china

  • Impact on Investments to Chinese investors
  • Impact on Chinese import to foreign companies
  • China reaction and response on ban

2. Impact of the ban on India: Positive and negative

  • Positive Impact on Indian app developers to increase local app users
  • Help to Strengthen security of our data and privacy 
  • Strong Security, less Dependency and better digital power

3. Impact of ban on Creators, users and audience 

  • Impact on content creator to the common audience
  • Positive impact on bad content creator youth to creative or carrier oriented youth
  • Impact on working employees to a common user

Of course, Apps ban decision is step to safe the sovereignty and integrity of India. Also, Privacy and infringe personal data of the Indian users are the main concerns behind banning apps.

When the tension was on the border, the government may have taken this decision on data security after considering the privacy and other data security concerns.

We don’t know the ins and outs of it, but some people are giving wrong information to show that they are good writers or very knowledgeable.

Please don’t assume it wrongly that I want to show you positive lights only, but I am trying to explain right things in front of you. 

Next, we will look at some of the impacts that have had on people, users, creators & employees.

1. Apps ban impact on china:

  • Impact on Investments to Chinese investors:

Money business and profits are most important to China.

China has not only invested in Chinese apps but also in some Indian apps for example Paytm.

So it could have a small effect on these investors. Even if it is true, when you want to change, you have to start somewhere.

Some people say that China doesn’t care about this ban, but let me tell you that China doesn’t like profit loss at all. This is because China is a money-loving nation.

Note that the same effect has been felt on China as on India. After all, money is money. 

According to some reports, China’s byte dance organization has seen the negative impact of the app ban on money, which is estimated to be around $6 billion.

In the end, many people consider it a fails decision to ban Chinese apps by showing India-China trade, India’s economy, and India’s economic situation, but this is not true.

Yes, decision made to increase more security of our data and to stop illegal activities but it may affect relations of several Indian sectors that are dependent on Chinese products .

  • Impact on Chinese import to foreign companies:

There are currently Foreign Investors in India, which has started several manufacturing units that import parts from other countries and China.

Due to the ongoing tensions between India and China, these companies are also a little concerned. But I don’t think it would have made much difference.

  • China reaction and response on ban:

China has ambitions to be a global digital superpower of the world in 21 the century. It may get affected to some level because of the banning Chinese apps in India. As per news and other sources, china express that banning apps can be a violation of world trade organization rule.

Our market is growing digitally day by day and for everyone its opportunity. Also, for china its one of the major market for digital expansion but this may be act as little setback for them.  

2. Impact of the ban on India: Positive and negative

  • Positive Impact on Indian app developers to increase local app users:

First of all, the competition and competitor in the market with Indian apps decreased.

Secondly, despite the availability of so many Indian apps, they did not have a user base, which has started to grow due to this ban.

For example, the founder of the Chingari App had said that about one lakh people were downloading Chingari app every hour after the banning of Chinese apps.

All of this is also very important because if we want to be self-sufficient in the future, we have to grow big by doing small things.

Importantly, Indian app makers have got a good opportunity so that they will not allow other countries’ apps to dominate the market by increasing their user base in the future.

  • Strong Security, less Dependency and better digital power

Actually, there are other security issues with other than Chinese apps as well, in addition to those with Chinese apps.  But taking these steps they will move forward to find more data privacy and security harming apps.

Every country want become a supper digital power and India is showing the same goal through this actions. It makes India less dependent to rely on other countries for digital solution apps.

3. Impact of ban on Creators, users and audience 

  • Impact on content creator to the common audience:

Some poor but talented people from small villages and small areas of India got a platform like Tiktok and the opportunity at the same time. They became famous and started generating some income sources.

So all of these creators have lost a lot, but they have talent, so they are expected to grow on another platform.

There are a lot of platforms, like YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, chingari, etc. But finally, with a new platform, they just have to start from scratch.

In the case of audiences, there are only two effects. The first is that people who have been using those apps for entertainment and knowledge for some time have not noticed much difference. Because they turned to platforms like YouTube, FB watch and Instagram, etc.

Secondly, youth without jobs and others who merely pass the time may have suffered lot as a result of the removal of their time-wasting apps. Actually, it looks funny.

Hence, there is no special impact on the audience. Probably, now there is no impact on the creators also because Instagram reels completely replaced the TikTok platform. 

  • Impact on working employees to a common user:

Working employees and app makers or developers, as well as staff in the office, suddenly lost their jobs. Of course, they would have suffered financial losses and a little crisis.

Admittedly, App developers or employees will initially find it difficult to find a job. But since they have experience, it will not be difficult for some of them to join a job or develop an app.

  • Positive impact on bad content creator youth to creative or carrier oriented youth:

Some people got into the habit of using apps too much and wasting the whole time. Some creators even put videos of any kind and are not useful on that TikTok.

Thus, it helped people to break their habit. If they break the habit, they are expected to do the rest of the things.

7. list of Chinese apps banned in India 2022

Following are the 54 Chinese apps banned in India:

  1. APUS Security HD (Pad Version)
  2. Badlanders
  3. CuteU Pro
  4. AppLock
  5. Barcode Scanner QR Code Scan
  6. Beauty Camera Selfie Camera
  7. Beauty Camera: Sweet Selfie HD
  8. CamCard for SalesForce Ent
  9. Conquer Online Il
  10. Conquer Online MMORPG Game
  11. Dual Space 64Bit Support
  12. CuteU: Match With The World
  13. Dual Space 32Bit Support
  14. EVE Echoes
  15. Dual Space Lite Multiple Accounts & Clone App
  16. Dual Space Pro 32Bit Support
  17. Dual Space Pro Multiple Accounts & App Cloner
  18. DualSpace Lite 32Bit Support
  19. Astracraft
  20. Equalizer & Bass Booster Music Volume EQ
  21. Equalizer Bass Booster & Volume EQ & Virtualizer
  22. Equalizer Pro Volume Booster & Bass Booster
  23. Onmyoji Arena
  24. FancvU Video Chat & Meetup
  25. FancyU pro Instant Meetup through Video chat!
  26. FunChat Meet People Around You
  27. Garena Free Fire Illuminate
  28. Isoland 2: Ashes of Time Lite
  29. Lica Cam selfie camera app
  30. Live Weather & Radar Alerts
  31. MP3 Cutter Ringtone Maker & Audio Cutter
  32. MoonChat: Enjoy Video Chats
  33. Real Lite -video to live
  34. Music Player MP3 Player
  35. Nice video baidu
  36. Music Plus MP3 Player
  37. Music Player- Music.Mp3 Player
  38. Notes- Color Notepad, Notebook
  39. Extraordinary Ones
  40. Tencent Xriver
  41. Parallel Space Lite 32 Support
  42. Music Player Equalizer & MP3
  43. Real: Go Live. Make Friends
  44. Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
  45. Small World-Enjoy groupchat and video chat
  46. Stick Fight: The Game Mobile
  47. Onmyoji Chess
  48. Twilight Pioneers
  49. UU Game Booster-network solution for high ping
  50. Video Player Media All Format
  51. Viva Video Editor Snack Video Maker with Music
  52. Wink: Connect Now
  53. Volume Booster Loud Speaker & Sound Booster
  54. Voice Recorder & Voice Changer

8. Conclusion:

When people heard “Chinese apps banned in India“, many Indians reacted positively and negatively.

Everyone shared their thoughts, and most of them supported the decision. But some self-proclaimed scholars were unhappy.

Everything else aside, when it comes to the security of our soldiers, citizens, and the country, we all need to stay together.

Every time you all say that India should increase its apps, products, and manufacturing. But when such decisions are taken, you do not stand by the country.

Then tell me, you don’t like taking any decision; you don’t like making some changes, then how can we develop India?

Not all products and apps become made in India in one day. India will develop tomorrow only if we start small today.

This topic is not only limited to apps but also people are spreading a lot of negativity about Indian products.

Most important factor is positive thinking: 

Indian companies now understood their mistakes and understand how important it is to do manufacturing in India.

So Indian companies are slowly manufacturing in India to correct their mistakes, but we are only reluctant to support them by thinking negatively.

If an Indian brand wants to start something good, why do you just think negatively?

I therefore support the interests of the country’s welfare. After all, you are wise and prudent so you can make your own decisions.

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