Camscanner alternative Indian app: Indian camscanner app

Camscanner was a widely used Chinese app, so the user base was large. Camscanner alternative Indian app and apps from other countries were also available, but not many people were using them.

Everyone knows that after the ban on Chinese apps, the demand for alternative apps has increased a lot.  In that, we have seen most of the users show interest in Indian-made apps only.

So, the ban on Chinese apps came as an opportunity for Indian developers.

Actually, Indian developers have been making apps but didn’t get healthy recognition for their work.

We are also behaving according to our habits. We have not tried to find Indian alternative apps before the ban. Let it be

Now let’s take a look at Camscanner alternative Indian app.

List of Indian Camscanner app for android / iOS:

  • Air Scanner – Indian scanner app
  • Self scan – Indian Camscanner app
  • Bharat scanner – scanner app Made in India
  • Kaagaz scanner – Indian app like Camscanner
  • Zoho scanner – Made in India scanner app
  • Doc Scanner – Indian Document scanner app
  • Dockstack – best Indian Camscanner app for iOS / iPhone

1. Air Scanner:

Camscanner alternative indian app
Image source – Air scanner

Air scanner is an Indian document scanner app developed by two Undergraduate students from IIT Bombay. While pursuing a B-tech degree, Rohit Choudhary and Kavin agrwal were inspired to build applications after the government banned Chinese apps. They both have together Co-founded Hind AI labs.

Air scanner app loaded with features like scanning, sharing, and organizing documents.

It is an AI-based Reading Assistant and scanner app. So, it works fine for scanning documents.

Also, Ai based feature enables you to understand the meaning of words in it. This app has a dictionary feature that allows you to know the meaning of words by making a single tap on it.

Overall, it’s one of the best Indian scanner apps for android. 

Features of Air scanner Indian scanner app:

1. Capture multiple images with high precision and advanced edge detection.

2. AI dictionary

3. AI Narrator – Understand text on a page and reads it

4. Organize, share and save

5. Ads free

2. Bharat scanner, PDF scan made in India:

Camscanner alternative indian app
Image source – Bharat scanner

As an alternative to Camscanner, Bharat Scanner is a suitable made in India alternative app. This app has been developed by an Indian company called Kickhead Software’s Pvt. Ltd.

A team of BITS Pilani from IIT Bangalore alumni made this bharatscanner app like Camscanner.

In this app, you can enhance the color of images or add filters to images. Also, if you want your document in black & white format, you can easily do it.

Additionally, the app has better security as it stores your data on an Indian server. Therefore, whatever you store will be stored on Indian server, so there is no chance of outside transfer.

Features of bharatscanner best Camscanner alternative Indian app:

1. You can choose or pick any Document from your local browser or camera, or gallery

2. Easily Save & share documents

3. You can add pages to documents

4. Crop images / create PDFs

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3. Self scan:

Camscanner alternative indian app
Image source – Self scan

After the ban on Chinese apps, the West Bengal government developed a self-scan app  like Camscanner.

Self Scan is an app developed by the IT & electronics Department of the West Bengal Government. The West Bengal government responded by creating an alternative app to the Camscanner in its own style on the Chinese apps ban.

The Self Scan app manages the document scan as well as data security so your information stays secure.

Features of Self scan Indian Document scanner app:

1. Capable for Scanning multiple pages

2. It has OCR facility

3. Better security – As it keeps data on user device only

4. Ads free 

5. Auto edge detection

4. Kaagaz scanner:

Camscanner alternative indian app
Image source – Kaagaz app

Kaagaz, an Indian document scanner app, is an excellent alternative to the Camscanner app. The ‘Kaagaz’ app was created by Snehanshu Gandhi, Gaurav shrishrimal, and Tamanjit Bindra.

Following the ban on Chinese apps, the trio took the opportunity to create a ‘Kaagaz’ app inspired by the government’s Vocal for Local program.

It is a suitable replacement after the Camscanner ban. That’s why many people have downloaded and used this app.

It offers multiple scans of images, an easy interface, and an ad free experience. Also, the Kaagaz app allows you to scan a document without any trouble.

Currently, the Kaagaz app has around 50 L downloads and a 4.5 rating in the play store.

Features of Kaagaz scanner Indian alternative to Camscanner app:

1. This app is Safe & secure as Document are completely encrypted and stored on Indian secure server

2. Hassle free with No annoying Ads and No Water mark

3. Available in 8 Indian languages

4. Scan, Share and organize

5. Along with scanning, app can also enhance Images.

6. Auto edge detection

5. Zoho doc scanner:

Image source – Zoho doc scanner

Zoho doc scanner is an Indian Camscanner app made by Zoho Corporation, a Chennai-based Technology Company.

Mainly, Zoho Company develops web business tools. So Zoho doc scanner is not a new app as it had launched in 2019. But when the government banned Chinese apps, including Camscanner, its alternative app’s search increased, and this app came to the front line.

Apart from other scanner apps, Zoho is a powerful scanning app with extra advanced features.

Zoho scans the document, but you also get many vital features like digital signs, translation in different languages, automatic backup, etc.

It comes with two plans: Basic and premium plans.

The premium plan is for Rs 100 per month and Rs 1,000 per year in India, while the plan was kept free for the first year.

The app has around 100000 Downloads on the play store and is rated 4.5 out of 5.

Feature of made in India Zoho doc scanner app:

1. It can do Auto edge detection and Also has an OCR feature

2. By using the Annotation feature, you can make Easy work like you do on paper

3. The E-sign feature gives you more power and lets you add email addresses, Signatures, and dates

4. Translate: 12 Indian and 17 international languages

5. Embedded with Auto upload feature

6. Safe & secure as the app have Strong privacy & policy and Limits to third party access. 

6. Doc scanner:

Image source – Doc scanner

Doc scanner, an Indian document scanner app made by Lufick Company. The company was established in 2016 as a mobile app Development Company.

It’s another best Indian made in India scanner app like Camscanner. It offers you 50+ tools to edit, scan and manage documents.

This app has more than 10 lakh downloads on Play Store and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Features doc scanner Indian app like Camscanner:

1. Auto edge detection: Detects page edges automatically

2. Let you fax documents

3. Easy share, organize, and save

4. Hassle-free migration of scanned files

5. Upload doc’s to the cloud like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc

6. OCR Text recognition

7. Docstack For iOS:

Image – Docstack

Delhi IIT students developed Docstack (Keep scan) app. Mainly, it’s created for iPhone users, and for now, it’s only available on the iOS app store.

You can download the Docstack app for free. Also, it has a premium plan included with features like unlimited document storage and an additional security level of Touch ID or Face ID.

In the free version, you can only store documents up to 30.

After Camscanner was banned, Docstack replaced it, especially for iOS users.

Final thought on Indian Camscanner alternative:

We have seen many issues or bad vibes of disease and India-china tension on the border since 2020.

After the India-China Galvan valley clash, many things have changed. Following the clash, the government decided to ban Chinese apps due to data security and privacy concerns.

Due to this ban on Chinese apps, people started looking for alternatives, particularly the demand for Indian apps.

In fact, the ban on Chinese apps prompted Indian developers to find alternatives to Chinese apps which the government bans.

I personally think they truly grabbed this opportunity and instantly made apps for Indian users. 

Well it’s all about alternative Indian app for Camscanner and their developer details.

Would you mind sharing your thought in the comment box and letting me know your doubt or concern in the comment section if you have any?

Frequently asked a question:

Is Camscanner a Chinese app?

Camscanner is a Chinese app developed by Intsig information, a China-based Company.

In 2020, the Government of India banned Chinese apps for data security and privacy concern. The ban on those apps also included a Chinese document scanner app called Camscanner.

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