Boat Airdopes 101 Made in India: Newly launched wireless earbuds; Price and features

Last updated on July 16th, 2021 at 08:08 am

Indian consumer electronics brand boat has launched new wireless earbuds made in India – Airdopes 101.

The boat is India’s no. one earwear audio brand, as per IDC.

Boat Company has been making continuous progress in the audio segment. They used to manufacture all headphones in China, but from the year 2020, Boat Company looking for other countries for manufacturing their devices.

Boat Company made exclusive products in China but realized the importance of manufacturing in India due to the China-induced disruption in the supply chain because of Covid19 effects.

On the other hand, the growing negative mindset of Indian consumers regarding Chinese made products.

That’s why company officials told in many interviews that we will also start manufacturing in other countries like Vietnam, Singapore and India apart from china.

Last year the company launched made in India headphones like Boat bassheads 152.

Now boat launched another made in India wireless earbuds, Airdopes 101.  Therefore, Boat 101 Airdopes has been added to the Made in India Headphones series of Boat brand.

Let’s take all information about boat airdopes 101 like launch date, price, and specification.

Buy Boat airdopes 101 made in India:

Boat airdopes 101

From amazon


Drives: powerful dynamic 13mm drivers

1. Boat airdopes 101 made in India launch date:

Boat airdopes 101 launch date- 12 July, 12 pm on Flipkart and Amazon India shows its “currently unavailable”. It will be available on three platforms Flipkart, Amazon India and Boat-lifestyle.

Therefore, you can also buy boat airdopes on the official website of a boat.

2. Boat airdopes 101 Specification:

  • Connectivity range: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Connectivity technology: IWPTM effortlessly pairs with devices
  • Design and quality: Premium and quality built.
  • Battery life: 15 hours after complete charging
  • Fit comfort: perfect comfort and snug fit.
  • Charging: around 2 hours
  • Sound and bass: excellent sound and premium bass
  • Charger type: C type charger

3. Boat airdopes price:

The price of boat airdopes is Rs 1499 on the official site. You can also see the price of Boat airdopes at Rs 1499 on other online platforms.

4. Boat Indian consumer electronics brand expanding made in India products:

Boat Airdopes 101 Made in India
Image source – Boat

As I said above, Boat Company is focusing on manufacturing in India to some extent.

Indian companies now realize that manufacturing in India is essential right now, and consumers in India now place a lot of emphasis on Made in India products.

In 2020, Boat raised $100 million funds from Warburg Pincus to develop an R&D center and manufacturing unit.

Recently, Boat had launched some of its Made in India headphones like Boat Rockers 255 Pro, Boat Bass head 152, etc.

In addition, it has launched the Boat Airdopes 101 Made in India Wireless earbuds.

 4.1 As per boat-lifestyle; features of Boat airdopes 101 made in India:

“Behold the beauty of a truly wireless listening experience with Airdopes 101 Made in India earbuds. Your connected life is just now away with boAt IWP™ Technology pairs with your device as soon as you open its case. Revel in the joy of quality music with its powerful 13mm drivers that ensure you listen to your favourite tracks with thumping bass and crystal-clear clarity. Its massive playback of 15 hours lets nothing come in between your jam. Effortlessly switch songs and receive calls with its instant response Touch Controls. Want to know something without making an effort to type it? Make your voice assistant do it for you by activating it through a single touch. All this and more are waiting for your attention. Where are you?”, According to boat official.

Overall, Indian companies like Boat, Mivi etc., are interested in making products in India.

We all can feel the difference in the way companies think. The companies that were importing everything from China are focusing on making everything in India.

Indian manufacturing growth is actually depend on such type approach from Indian companies. lets hope companies will grow more with such positive approach.

Now its our turn to support them instead of talking just negative.

5. Final thought on Boat Airdopes 101 made in India:

I hope that Boat airdopes 101 made in India earbuds will not let your expectation down.

Companies like Boat now have some made in India products, and that’s a good thing for us.

Many consumers are talking negatively about Indian brands. But keep in mind that Indian brands are also making many changes in their manufacturing. Also, they are genuinely trying to make products as per your needs.

Making any product is not easy, but just pointing fingers at others is too easy.

So support our made in India products from Indian companies.

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