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Last updated on July 14th, 2021 at 04:45 pm

Oxygen levels need to be known in the current corona disease environment. Are you also looking for the best pulse Oximeter made in India?

Of course you will be looking, because keeping an Oximeter in the house right now will always be safe for your family at any time.

I have seen that many people are searching for the best pulse Oximeter in India. That is why I have given below some Indian pulse Oximeters and some non-Chinese pulse Oximeters.

Before I suggest the Oximeter, I have given its information and its purpose. Because many of you are also looking for the best Oximeter made in india for home use.

So considering all your needs and requirements, I have selected the right pulse Oximeter below and you can buy it without any hesitation.

Recommended best pulse oximeter to buy in india:

Hesley Pulse Oximeter FingertipClick here to buy from amazon

1. Things to look before buying Oximeter: Guide for buying right Oximeter

Accuracy of pulse Oximeter:

Accuracy is most important factor for selecting Oximeter. We can check it by comparing two Oximeter results but if you’re buying initially then check reviews regarding it. The accuracy factor is always very important before you are going to use it at home or in the hospital.

Types of pulse Oximeter and purposes:

There are main three types: Handheld Oximeter, fingertip Oximeter and fetal pulse.

Among these three types, handheld and Fetal pulse Oximeter mostly used in Hospitals and clinics. On the other hand, Fingertip pulse Oximeter used for home or family and clinical purpose.

Display and reading of pulse Oximeter:

Pulse Oximeter display should be in such way that user can see the reading easily. Therefore, reading must be clear and visible so it will be easy to use.

Certifications and standards of pulse Oximeter:

Choose an Oximeter certified by a medical organization. You should check the certification and get a pulse Oximeter, it will always be good.


There is no need to go for a very high price. Many companies provide pulse Oximeters at the right price.

Durability and quality:

Water resistance, quality and durability are equally important factors when choosing an Oximeter.

So, this is all about choosing right Oximeter.  Further, we will see some Oximeter from different brands.

The Oximeter given below has been selected by me after looking at the right price and all the necessary things, so you can select any one as per your convenience.

2. Pulse Oximeter made in india to buy: Indian Oximeter brand

2.1 MEDITIVE Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter-Pulse oximeter made in india

(Amazon site)

Suggestion: Its one of the best pulse Oximeter brand. Good accuracy and durable made in india pulse Oximeter.

2.2 BPL Oximeter – Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter –

(Amazon site)

Suggestion: Best Indian made pulse Oximeter to buy.

2.3 OXYSAT – Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter with SpO2 –

Pulse oximeter made in india

(Amazon site)

Suggestion – Another Indian made pulse Oximeter from best Indian Oximeter brand.

2.4 FITUP LIFE Fast & Accurate Pulse Oximeter Fingertip – 

(Amazon site)

2.5 Healthgenie HGPOXM Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter –Pulse oximeter made in india

(Amazon site)

2.6 DR VAKU® Swadesi Pulse Oximeter Fingertip – 

Pulse oximeter made in india

(Amazon site)

3. Non – Chinese Pulse Oximeter made in india  to buy:

3.1 Dr Trust Signature Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter – Pulse oximeter made in india

Click here to buy from amazon


3.2 Hesley Pulse Oximeter Fingertip, Oxygen Saturation Monitor –

Click here to buy from amazon.

Suggestion: Hesley is the best option to choose among these all made in india oximeter.

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4. Conclusion about made in india Oximeter:

Lately, people have become very interested in ‘Made in India’ products and this is a good thing. Hence, we see people demanding Made in India oximeter too.

I think this is good but we should not avoid our Indian brands which use some Chinese parts. The reason behind this is that if you don’t support some Indian brands that make products using some Chinese material, how will they grow?

If you buy Indian products, Indian companies will invest with the money they get and make Made in India products from that.

In the end, I can only say that you can take your decision. I have expressed my opinion.

Be sure to share your thoughts with me in the comments or you can ask if you have any doubts.

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