Best made in India trimmers buy under 2000 in 2021

Last updated on February 25th, 2021 at 02:04 pm

Want to choose a better buying option between best made in India trimmers under 2000? So don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

If you are more confused about branding whether its Chinese or Indian trimmer click here to know more.

Most importantly, my main aim of blogging is to clarify branding confusion.

Most of the sites did not mention product origin and manufacturing country to consumers.

As a result of it, buyer feels bad as they do not satisfied with that particular country brand.  

1. Following are the best made in India trimmers:

1) LetsShave

2) Syska

3) Havells

# LetsShave best made in India trimmers (Chandigarh, India):

Most important Points while purchasing:

Main thing about letsShave trimmer that it gives fast charging with high battery capacity for more use.

Strongly build and highly precise trimmer up to 0.5 mm.

Higher performance than other Chinese trimmers like nova, Kemei, Vega, Kubra, pick Ur needs, etc.

Ultimate Control over contours of your face, head, body and Comfortable trim.

Additionally, a 2-year warranty which is the best deal than other trimmers.

Waterproof 100 % and flexible use without cord.

best made in India trimmers


Battery: lithium-ion battery, 140 min using time without cord.

Charge time:120 min (after 2 hr charge you can use it for 140 minutes).

Attachment Combs: 2-detachable trimming combs (38 length settings between 1 – 10 mm and 11- 20 mm).

Use experience: Easy to use and provide two LED bulbs red and green for indicating low/high charging.

Accessories: Beard trimmer, length setting comb, Power adapter, cleaning brush, cleaning brush and Instruction manual.

Warranty: 2 years from the purchasing date.

Amazon site

Note: Buy LetsShave made in India trimmer because it’s all time best choice as compared all trimmers. Its one of the best made in india trimmers to choose under 2000.

# Syska (Pune, India): SYSKA HB100

Most important Points while purchasing:

Fast charging with enough battery capacity gives better time to trim without a cord.

Average Build quality and enough usage time after 90 min charge.

Also, clipper has a safety lock for travel and storage comfort.

Most importantly, Corrosion free blades and light bulbs indicates high/low charging of trimmer.

Waterproof : No; only head washable.

Syska trimmer has lower performance as compared let’sShave.

best made in India trimmers


Battery: Approx. 90 min.

Charge time: 90 min (1.5 hr charge at least for one and a half hr use).

Attachment combs: 20 lock settings precision (0.5 mm-12 mm), 4-detachable trimming combs (4- 12 mm).

Use experience: Easy to use and provide two LED bulbs red and green to indicate low/high charging.

Accessories:1 Clipper, 4 Stubble Comb, Cleaning Brush, USB Charging Base, Charging Adapter.

Warranty: 1-year manufacturing warranty from purchasing date.

Amazon site

Note: It’s not the best deal under made in India trimmers while looking at the price and overall functions.

# Havells (Noida, India) : Havells BT9009

Most important Points while purchasing:

It comes with the high battery backup that allows you 15+ trims.

Zoom wheel comb attachment enhance the quality of trimming.

It has auto lock zoom wheel. 

best made in India trimmers



Battery: 50 min using time without cord.

Charge time: 90 min (1.5 hr charge).

Attachment combs:  19 built-in precise lengths (0.5 mm-10 mm).

Use experience: Cord and cordless use for hassle free trimming with Led charge indicator.

Accessories: Beard trimmer, length setting comb, USB Charging cable, lubricating oil, cleaning brush and manual.

Warranty: 2-year manufacturing warranty from purchasing date.

(Amazon site)

Note: Its best trimer from Indian brand. It works fine for your beard or moustache trimming.

Suggestion: Buy letsShave trimmers because it gives value for money. also, a perfect choice as compared to all brands like kemie, nova, Havell, syska, etc. Syska is also second best choice among best made in India trimmers.

Also, You can compare all brands but letsShave will remain as the best choice.

2. Conclusion on Best made in India trimmers :

Who will get more benefit, if we buy Indian company trimmer that’s made in china?.

This is a very big topic so I will not give a deep answer but I will give such a definite answer from which you will understand many things.

In this case no doubt both India and china will get benefit. But Indian company brand value will increase more if you buy Indian brand trimmer that’s made in china instead of Chinese trimmer. 

If you support Indian companies, these same companies will compete with Chinese companies as Indian brands tomorrow.

One thing to keep in mind is that ‘Made in China’ means manufactures or assemblies in China but the rest of the things like design, development and specification are done by the Indian company.

So, if you see ‘Made in China’ on product, don’t give all the credit to China.

I leave it up to you to decide whether buy or not to buy such product. But you should not take Chinese products instead of Indian brand ‘made in china’ products.

Who will get more benefit, if we buy Chinese company trimmer that’s made in india or china?

Yes both India and china will get benefit but at what cost?

Buying Chinese products means you are giving five main profit to china:

1. Your increasing brand value of Chinese company 

2. Indirectly you support to Chinese products

3. Your raising competition of Indian brands

4. China get Sale and tax benefits 

5. You don’t helping Indian brands to grow

You have xiaomi a Chinese company as an example in front of you. 

I am not saying that even if there is no quality, take the trimmer or product of the Indian company. If the product of Indian company is not available in that category, then take it from Foreign company but not Chinese.

So, here are the top 3 Non-Chinese trimmers under 2000.

There is still a lot to be said in this, but this is a separate topic.

You are able to decide yours but I will try to buy a local or an Indian product on my own.

I am always dedicated to give information about Indian brands on my blog. Consequently, it will help Indian people to find genuine made in India brands.

Additionally, I offer Non-Chinese products to create more buying options for you in place of Chinese brands.

If you have something to say or want to ask, be sure to comment.


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    • Thanks for making this comment Sir. Yes definitely you are right and I also know it. but I think you didn’t read my conclusion in this article, which is the most important part.
      First of all above brands are Indian origin brands and yes they make trimmer in china or imported parts from china. As you said the product is made in prc means you don’t want Chinese parts at all.
      So if you don’t want to buy such indian products then please don’t buy Chinese one also.
      More often indian people avoid indian products that are ‘made in prc’ or ‘made in china’ instead they buy Chinese products. IS this fair?
      You can go for non-Chinese one but don’t do this.
      If you support indian brands they will turn from made in china to made in india. Companies like havells will soon start its production of male grooming devices As they are interested in making products in india. but no we are not interested in supporting Indian brands.
      We purchase products of china companies and make them the top most selling brand in India. For Chinese products we never see background parts where they come from.
      Why do people only blame Indian companies and organizations?
      Its our responsibility to support Indian brands and not to blame only.


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