Bacca Bucci which country brand? Bacca bucci shoes company details & Bacca bucci origin country

Bacca Bucci which country brand? It’s obvious to have such a question because Bacca Bucci is a unique name in the market. Especially the Bacca Bucci brand name in the Indian market seems like a foreign brand, but that is not true.

That’s why consumers mostly troubles in identifying brand origins. Many of us have misconceptions about brand origins & origin country of products.

In the same way, people don’t have a clear idea about Bacca Bucci origin country. Without accurate information, don’t go to any conclusion.

Recently, plenty of new brands are entering the Indian market. Our Indian companies are trying to initiate some space in manufacturing of products & competing with other brands.

I will try to cover all quires in this article. Although, If you want to ask anything let me know in comment section.

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Lets start with our main topic,


1 . Bacca bucci which country brand? Where is Company of Bacca Bucci?

Bacca Bucci is an Indian footwear brand especially known for its quality shoes. Its delhi-based founded in 2013. Anuj nevatia and Natwar Agrawal are the co-founders of bacca bucci. They both laid the foundation of bacca bucci & raise this brand to another level.

Bacca Bucci which country brand
Image- Bacca bucci

As you know, Bacca Bucci is well known for its Stylish & quality shoes, so this brand has achieved good sales on the online platform since its inception.

Bacca bucci journey:

Natwar & Anuj studied in the same school & they well known each other from school. But how Bacca Bucci brand was born? Natwar, a co-founder of bacca Bucci, was doing college in Delhi.

He was searching for shoes & couldn’t get the shoes he wanted; this is where he got the idea of launching a brand.

So he realized the condition of the online market & decided to come up with a brand that could fill the gap.

Hence, Anuj & Natwar invented the brand bacca bucci in 2013 as they were doing further education in Delhi. While launching bacca bucci more than financially, they had challenges related to procurements.

Bacca Bucci started from scratch & now touching new heights footwear field. In one of the interviews of anuj nevatia, as per anuj, they had faced many challenges. In the initial days, they managed stock by themselves in a rented place & also did packaging & submitted it to their distribution partner because of funds limitations. you can read whole interview on,

Now company expanded its current business to six states like Maharashtra, UP, Delhi, etc. They served more than 5000 million customers.

It’s running on B2C & D2C business models. Further, it will expand to more states in the coming time with its business model.

So Bacca Bucci brand belongs to India & Its Gazipur (Delhi) based Indian footwear company.

 Bacca bucci origin country India
 Bacca bucci established in year  2013
 Owner of Bacca bucci  Anuj nevatia & Natwar Agrawal
 CEO of Bacca bucci Natwar Agrawal

2. Where are Bacca Bucci shoes made? Is Bacca Bucci manufacturing shoes in India?

Bacca Bucci Company made most of its shoes in-house ( Bacca Bucci Fashions Private Limited). Gazipur-based Bacca Bucci fashions private limited are the manufacturers of shoes & fashion accessories. Company has strong manufacturing capabilities as they have cutting edge manufacturing unit that can create advance products.

Initially, they gathered enough publicity by marketing & selling products through some online platforms. Later, a company tied up with the biggest online platforms like Flipkart, myntra & amazon.

Most importantly, major products of Bacca bucci has been exported in countries like US & Europe.

If you have bought or when you buy, you will see a country of origin, India, On most of the products of bacca bucci. It indicates the products are made in India, manufactured in India, or assembled in India.

Most of us have confused regarding the country of origin & origin country of any brand.

That’s why consumers frequently asked the next question,

2.1 Bacca Bucci brand origin country? 

First, understand the concept of country of origin –
It indicates a product’s journey means where it’s made, produced, or processed. Clearly, It shows where the manufacturing & assembling of the product took place. We need to understand this first.

Let us understand the origin of a brand – origin of any brand means it shows where the brand was founded & established. Therefore don’t get confused in these two terms.

3. Conclusion on bacca bucci:

We have a new Indian rising brands like bacca bucci, but we don’t know much about it.

The brands like bacca bucci overshadowed in the Indian market by foreign brands. But even in such a situation, these brands are surviving, and not only that, they are growing more by making good profits. 

We as consumers never research any brand & we are falling short in supporting Indian brands. There is no point in pointing fingers only at Indian brands that do not manufacture in India. We have to change our mindset while looking at Indian brands.

Focus on what we can do for our brand & not only on disabilities. I just putted my view, so your view can be different. I’m not from any company & not biased on anything just want to put right thing in front of you. You can choose that you want.

Do share your though in comment section.

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