Amkette Company belongs to which country? Is Amkette Indian Company?

Amkette company belongs to which country? Amkette is name of company but don’t just assume company origin by looking at the name. We always have concerns about the country origin of brands. Sometimes we can’t identify whether these companies are Indian or Chinese. That’s why you are here to know the answer to a question, Is Amkette an Indian company? 

Amkette is one of the old and leading brands in India. Despite being an old brand, we don’t have much information about it. But in recent times everyone wants to know about brand information while purchasing any product.

It is happening because our desire towards buying Indian products has been increasing continuously. No doubt it’s one of the good things but we need to have awareness regarding the brand origin, products, and manufacturing.

I have seen many consumers that are curious or confused while finding Indian products. In the same way, you also have some questions about Amkette for which you are here.

Following things are mostly asked such as; Amkette is from which country, Amkette owner, Amkette products, Amkette made in India or China.

Overall, I will try to cover all the information that you simply need. Although, after reading the whole article if you remained with some more doubts then feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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1. Amkette is from which country? | Amkette company belongs to which country?

Amkette is an Indian company that started in 1986 as a computer storage device manufacturer and now it’s one of the biggest technology companies in India. Amkette is headquartered in New Delhi and their software team is in Bangalore. Rajiv Bapna is the founder Amkette brand.

Amkette company belongs to which country

Rajiv bapna, who has a degree in electronics engineering, was the first to start manufacturing domestic floppy diskettes in India. Initially, the company was the only manufacturer of computer hardware but now the company has expanded it to consumer electronics bussiness.

So, it’s one of the largest technology companies in India. At present, the company has earned a very good name in this field as the company is always ready to cater customers demands and needs.

Amkette’s focus has always been on innovation and marketing to meet the customer’s maximum requirements by providing products with quality and features.

Although EvoTv is the company’s flagship product, the company has recently focused on making other products such as wireless devices, electronics, speakers, and smart devices.

The company has a heavy investment in R&D for hardware and Software. Additionally, Amkette entered the wireless segment in 2010 and started making wireless products from there. In 2014, they launched wireless headphones, adding features that provide an advanced listening experience and comfort for the listener.

Speaking of Amkette manufacturing, the company’s manufacturing facility is in China and the rest of the software work is done by their team in India.

So one line answer to your question is, Amkette company belongs to India (origin country) and its not Chinese company.

Amkette Details:

 Amkette company is from which country or belongs to? India
 Established date  1986
 Amkette headquarters Delhi
 Founder of Amkette Rajiv Bapna

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2. Where does Amkette manufacture its products? Is Amkette made in china?

Although Amkette is an Indian company, since they do not have a complete manufacturing setup in India, you can see that many of their products are already being made in China. Not only Amkette but many companies at that time preferred to make products especially in China because it was suitable for business from all sides. This is because India has recently created a conducive environment for many businesses, but this was not the case before.

We already talk a lot about companies making products in China, but there were some valid reasons behind it. Here I am only going to state the facts so please note that I am not in favor of the companies or anyone else.

In the last few years, there has been an emphasis on manufacturing in India, but before that, there were no schemes for manufacturing development. At the same time, there was a lack of raw materials, infrastructure, government support, supply chain, funding, and many more.

In the Indian market, there is a lot of price competition for any product. That’s why these companies were manufacturing from China to maintain product costing and margins. Since China is already making products at low cost, many companies in the world were more willing to outsource manufacturing there. But time have changed and many companies are doing manufacturing in their own country. Some are still doing it in China but at present many companies in India or in the world have reduced their dependence on china.

Everybody wants Indian companies to do manufacturing in India. But we must understand that not everything can happen overnight or in one day.

Let’s hope companies will take advantage of the new developing India. I think it’s enough for you to understand about Amkette company and its manufacturing status.

3. A final thought on Amkette – Indian company:

We want everything and we always expect more from others but we never thought about doing something from our side.

The reason I say this is because we are always commenting on companies manufacturing in China. But do you have any idea, how much you support the Indian companies that make the products in India?

I think instead of talking about products that are not ‘Made in India’, try to buy the available “Made in India” products. Also support more Indian companies and encourage them to manufacture in India.

If we together change for country development then future will be more beautiful. Let’s hope Indian companies will realize the importance of manufacturing in India.

So, I believe that India will be a manufacturing hub for a world in the future.

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