Alternative Indian app for shareit: best alternative Indian app like shareit

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:00 am

The demand for alternative Indian app for SHAREit has increased because Chinese apps have been banned by the government recently.

In fact, Indians did not pay much attention to Indian Apps till now but currently the demand for Indian Apps has increased in the market.

The SHAREit app had been the most widely used file transfer app ever. But since the Chinese apps were banned, the app developers in India have got a little chance.

As a result, many app creators have developed Indian file-sharing apps.

At the same time, some developers have also created fake apps due to increasing demand for Indian Alternative App like SHAREit.

Not only that, they are also promoted under the name of Indian apps, but we do not get any concrete information about those apps.

So let’s take a look at the Indian file transfer app made by Indians for our Indians.

List of Indian alternative app for SHAREit:

  • Bhejo 
  • Pole share
  • JioSwitch
  • SFT (swift file transfer)
  • SHAREall 
  • Smart share


1. Bhejo:

Bhejo is an Indian app developed by an Indian company called Indus. Rakesh Deshmukh is the Co-founder and CEO of Indus OS.

The company started in 2015 and built a user base more than of 10 million in just two to three years.

Now, Indus OS has achieved its goal of creating 100 million users by 2020.

Indus OS is the same company that created the Indic app and ‘first touch’ operating system.

Importantly, the Bhejo app is available in multiple languages, making it even easier for people to use.

The Hindi word ‘Bhejo’ used for the name of the app means ‘Send’.

Indian alternative app for SHAREit
Image source – Bhejo app

Features of Bhejo Indian file transfer app:

  1. It allows you to transfer files, videos and apps to any device.
  2. It has unique feature of quick connect through QR code scanning and using existing networks.
  3. Easy connection with other devices.
  4. Also you can do chatting on this app.
  5. You can send multiple files in one go.
  6. No internet needed as it can send files in offline mode.
  7. Multi-lingual app.

2. Pole share:

Pole share is Indian app developed by Quantum4u, Indian app Developer Company. The company has its head office in Haryana and Rajiv Kumar is the CEO of the company.

Indian alternative app for SHAREit
Pole share app

Features of Pole share alternative for share it:

  1. A global file sharing utility
  2. It allows you to instantly share files, movies, videos, apps, pictures with other smartphones.
  3. Share files without the internet.
  4. You can simply connect by putting a key code of receiver or scanning the QR code.
  5. Additionally, Pole share can share file with a web browser also.
  6. Pole share maintains transfer history and Also it can auto expire sharing links.
  7. It doesn’t Requires flash drives, USB cable, external hard drive or internet connection for the file transfer.


3. JioSwitch:

It is another best Indian file-sharing app created by Reliance Industries. Actually, Reliance industries is a part of Jio’s diversified app suite.

If you are searching for a SHAREit alternative Indian app for pc then JioSwitch will be a perfect option for you.

JIOSwitch app

Features of JioSwitch Made in India file transfer app:

  • Jio switch app can be used for all kinds of file sharing.
  • Fastest file transfer over 100 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • You can share files with Android as well as IOS platform.
  • It enables you to share data across smartphones wirelessly through hotspot.
  • Select and share all types of data.
  • No more ads.
  • In addition, it allows you to transfer the files to/from desktop/laptop/pc.

4. SFT Indian sharing app:

The SFT app was developed by Kumi Labs, an Indian app developer. Kumi Labs is especially known for its mobile applications and games.

Kunal Mahajan is the founder and CEO kumi Labs. 

Most importantly, the SFT app got many awards like best android app, Nasscom products conclave, etc.

Indian alternative app for SHAREit
Image source – SFT

Features of SFT File transfer app:

  1. Easy and user-friendly interface than SHAREit.
  2. Send files at a high speed of around 8 Mbps without using the data cable, internet, mobile data, etc.  
  3. It doesn’t show many ads like SHAREit that gives an annoying experience to users.
  4. Easily connect with other devices.
  5. Transfer any files with smartphones.

5. ShareALL app and Smart Share app:

Both apps are created by different developers and don’t have any connection with each other. So lets look at both app information.

I Did not found satisfied information on these apps. 

I have seen information about the ‘Share all’ app in many places, but if you look at the Play Store, there are many apps with the same name. Also, not much information is available about the developers of these apps.

‘Share all Indian app’ is said by many but no one has shown the photo & information of that app correctly. That is why it is definitely wrong for you to download any app.

It’s the same with the smart shares app, so it’s hard to say anything without proper information.

When I did some research, I came across an app called share all Apk developed by Quantum4u. They have developed the above Pole share app which you can download for your Smartphone.

That’s why I have given you the above apps which you can download from the Play Store.

Also, let me know if you have any more relevant information about these two apps but make sure it is correct.

But right now you don’t have to search much for Indian apps. I think you have the above four Indian apps for file transfer which you can use as a SHAREit alternative.


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6. List of Non-Chinese Alternative app like SHAREit:

After the Indian app, there are also some non-Chinese apps that you can use. If you have issues with some of the above apps, you can try the following apps. But I think Indian apps are enough, but for your information, I am giving the following options.

Following apps are best options after Indian app alternative for SHAREit:

  • Files by Google
  • Send Anywhere

8. Conclusion on Indian alternative app for SHAREit:

After reading this, I think you have got enough information about Indian App Alternative for Share It.

Many Indian startups have benefited from the government’s ban on Chinese apps and have also had the opportunity to bring their apps to market.

In fact, Indian app developers took advantage of this to some extent and made the Indian app available to us and this is a good thing.

Sometimes our own people are saying some negative things about Indian companies and this is wrong.

Starting a business startup is not so easy, it takes a lot of things like funds, structure, employees and it is not as easy as just talking.

Remember, of course, some things are started late in India, but if it starts now, we need to support it.

I know we all want products made in India by Indian companies but we can’t achieve that just by saying negative things.

Do share your thought in the comment section.

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