About Us

Last updated on September 19th, 2022 at 05:21 pm

Hi friends,

My name is vaibhav warke the founder of myindiasupport.

Actually I am an engineer by profession but I love writing and sharing the true and detailed information mainly about India. So, I am a blogger by passion.

Everyone wants to make money and I am one of them but making money through blogging is not my main goal.

The main Aim of my blogging is to provide information about Indian products, make in India updates as well as new government schemes. Similarly, resolving people’s doubts about Indian products, foreign brands & other brands is very important to me.

Before starting blogging, I have seen many times that people have a lot of doubts about Indian products and other products. Many times you have seen on the internet that thousands of questions are being asked about whether the product is made in China or India.

I thought that writing on it would reduce the doubts of the people and that would be good for India. So I decided to write about it and expect people to read it and implement it in their lives.

Not only that, i also write about applications, inventions, new researches, developments & Indian histories.  


Why you should listen to me?

Apart from my affection and love for India, I have nothing special. But I never give priority to misinforming people.

If you look in my blog, before writing a review article of any products, I always write an article that will give all the information about its brands (country, manufacturing and other).

If I never get the information of a company or organization properly, I contact the companies directly to get the real information and then I write.

I also write other information regarding history, apps, inventions & developments with every single reference. 

I believe that faith is important in anything and I always try to maintain it. 

So you can hear me because honesty is rear.


Myindiasupport is step to support India & Indian people by giving information

Not only Indian companies but also i provide information about foreign companies that provide financial and industrial assistance to India.

First priority – I write about those who help India directly or indirectly. Because the factors that benefit India are important to me. But that does mean i never write about other brands & their products. I also suggest other brands & its products.

Additionally, I try to write every information that people want regarding any subject.

Keep in mind but its your choice do or not to do following things  – Product buying priority should be like this, First : Indian brands Made in India product then Non-Chinese brands made in India and after that look for the rest options. After not having proper product in Indian category, you can choose by your own.

“Consumers rights are only given to consumers”. The consumer has the right to decide whether to buy the product or not.

So I give information to the consumers and try to get the product they want. That is why this blog does not spread hate about any country’s products or people.

Through this blog, I try to benefit my country a little bit and provide proper information about the products to the people.

So, after reading the information, users decide for themselves whether to buy products from that particular country or not. That’s why i suggest all type of brands & its products & people will decide further things.

That is, the consumer makes his own decisions because he has the right to do so. On the other hand, our job is to provide information, we do it, they decide for themselves.

I hope you enjoy our all information as much as I enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Your friend,

vaibhav warke